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Presentation About My Life Background

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About My Cultural Background

Transcript: Aarushi Arora 10/4/19 About My Cultural Background My Country Topic 1 My country is India. India is a very fun, and loving place with many festivals. There is lots of cool clothing, schooling and we honor our gods a lot. Subtopic 1 Subtopic 1 There are many, many festivals to honor the gods and the woman. That is why India is such a fun country. India is very strict as well for schooling. India has many different varieties of clothing as well. There are lehenga, sari, suits and much more. Section 2 Subtopic 2 Topic 2 Language and Clothing The Indian language is very unique. We speak a language called Hindi and it is very hard to write (even I don't know how to write it). The Indian clothing is very unique and beautiful as well. They are kind of heavy but everyone looks beautiful in them. They are not uncomfortable at all. Their are many different types of clothing such as suits, lenghas, sari and much more. For boys there is a kurta. Subtopic 2 Subtopic 1 These are the many letters in the Hindi alphabet. Hindi is VERY complex (for me). The one on the right is the man wearing a kurtaa. The girl on the left is the one wearing the lengha. I personally think these are very beautiful. I love to wear them. Subtopic 2 Topic 3 Festivals The Indian religion has so many festivals. They are all really fun and we make sure to honor the girls sometimes, sometimes the boys and always god no matter what. We just had a week of fasting, to show god and the girls respect. Also on the 27th we will have a festival called Diwali, it is a five day festival honoring the gods. Subtopic 3 Subtopic 1 This is one festival. it is the festival lights. It is when we light up our whole house with candles. It is coming on the 27th and it is a five day festival. We also put mehndi on our hands. This is another festival called Holi. This festival is a festival full of colors and it makes your day bright and happy! Subtopic 2 Topic 4 My Gods and religion We have many different gods that we honor. They have different roles to play in our lives. Some gods are for education, some are for happiness and so on. We honor our religion just as much. Their might be certain things we cannot do at certain times, but that is fine with us. The one o the left is for education, Saraswati Mata. The one on the right is Ganesh Ji, the one for happiness. Subtopic 1 Our religion is very fascinating and full of religious beliefs. Subtopic 2 Subtopic 2 Food Topic 1 The Hindu religion has many types of foods to eat. Our everyday food is called roti. It is a type of Indian bread and we eat it with sabji and rice. Subtopic 1 Subtopic 1 This is our everyday meal (with a treat on the right side) This is a site about Diwali This is a site about the Holi festival This text is all about Hinduism. Links about my Culture Links

About my cutural background

Transcript: About my cultural background Melanie Tocora Colombia flag is yellow,blue and red. Everyone there is so friendly and proud. Colombian people are obsessed with coffee. Colombia is a very celebratory country. Colombia is also a very welcoming country My Country My Country Fun Facts The yellow means the gold and riches,blue is our rivers and lakes and red is the blood our soldiers poured Colombia has an international coffee park. Colombia is very artistic and creative. Fun Facts Images Images In Colombia we speak spanish. Every one there except for tourist speak clear or understandable spanish. Spanish is the native language. Spanish is an easy language to learn if you put your mind to it. Language Language Images Images Colombia dances many types but a traditional dance is the cumbia ,but Colombia dances the salsa. The slsa is a quick and clean dance it is usually danced in partner. The cumbia is a fun playful dance it is also in partner work. The dance The dance Did you know the salsa is from Puerto Rico but Colombia bettered it. The cumbia is danced in big flow skirts for extra value With the salsa you are having much fun no matter how bad your dance skills are Fun Facts Fun Facts Images Images In Colombia people listen mostly to Salsa and Cumbia, but know more young people listen to regeton. Cumbia is a upbeat and fun to dance to. Salsa is also upbeat but also fast and a specific rhythm. Regeton is like the Latin hip hop it can be slow fast but is usually about love. The music The music Fun Facts Images Some regeton singers from colombia are Karol G, Shakira and Maluma. A very famous colombian salsa band is El Grupo Niche,. A famous cumbia singer is Andres Cabas. Fun Facts Images Colombia produces many fruits but it's top two are the Cherimoya and the Granadilla. The cherimoya looks like a beat up apple but taste like mango, strawberries, and bananas The granadilla is like passion fruit but much sweater and less acid. the traditional fruits the traditional fruit Fun Facts Images the cherimoya's seeds are poisonous if crushed. If you eat granadilla it helps with reducing anxiety. The cherimoya helps people with diabetes recover the granadilla helps you loose wait and also helps you sleep Fun Facts Cherimoya Images Granadilla

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