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An Artist

Transcript: Skills & Ablibities Includes- Full time employee Health care 401K Long+Short term disability Career-Pathways A open Artistic writing S E help people helpful understanding Authors name: Matt Ferguson Name of site: Career Builder URL: Related Occupations 10% Lincoln center of performing arts $198,000 Job Descrition uses hands Arts & Communnication Study techniques to apply artistic endeavors. Earnings/Salaries Social There is no demand that every person who dreams of being an artist of being an artist, because as the world grows, there will be more and more technology,so there will be more graphics, and more computerized designs than hand-drawn, or man-made designs in the future. Which, will increase or decrease in jobs for artist. Using different colors and texture plates. Creative emotional Origiam Artistic Occupation summery Musical enjoys work reading Ceramics Studio Arts Painting & Drawing Enjoy, and be origianl & creative Artist PA Duke Ellington School of the in Washington DC The art Institute of Located in NYC Vancover Film in Vancover,Canada,and British Columbia. $500,000 Median friendly kind patient influence people self-confident outgoing Artist $14,000 (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Fine Arts Education and training English Language Physychology Communication, media philosophy Manuel dexterity Visual color discrimination interested in money&Polotics leadership persuasive $279,000 Part-Time jobs to gain experiance High-School Cirriculums socialable ambitious adcventurous Must be friendly, and work with people Reflection United $14,000 Tools - brushes, and paint Outlook for employment Jieun Youn Mrs.Dunleavy Career Awarness (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr References Includes - Competitive Salaries Medical+Dental+Life Insurance Short/Long term disability 3-4 weeks vacation Holidy & Sick+ Personal Pay day Retirement plans:403 B & Pension Reimbursement transit check Cirriculums & Job Opportunities Active Learning Active Listening Critical Thinking Judgement Decision Making Complex problem solving Social perceptivenes uses artistic materials programming assistant, art-handler,embroidery-specialist Collaborate with writers who creat ideas,stories of captions with artists' work. Education/Training Disinfected table tops, and wash dirt painted surfaces. Carreer Builder- Graphic Designer $500,000 Bachelors Degree in art. Additional course-work in law Forensnic art Physychology Counsling College degree in art history Holland Code responsible warm coopertive Model substances - Clay, Wax Enterprising Job Opportunities Create scupltures ,sketches,3 dementional artwork. 90% Post-Secondary Schools 5+7= Title of site: Occupation outlook handbook Date of last update: June 15, 2011 Name of organization: BLS/ Bureu of Labor statistics URL: Materials - water colors, pens,ink,charcoal,oil, or computer software. Acter,make-up artist,directer,fashion designer,sculpter I think that i will keep artist on my list because I really enjoy art, and the holland code macthes the artist's personality as well. I learned that being an artist will be harder than i thought, but it is worth a try for me.

an artist

Transcript: manga studio is an industry-leading animation and cartoon design software that provides the foundation for all professional design tools computer landscape with up to 3TB of storage.there’s an all-flash option that’s now up to 2.5 times faster than the previous version. Connectivity Because computer CG require high picture quality and display, so I recommend using Apple's iMac Retina artist might also need Photoshop Two Thunderbolt 2 ports Four USB 3 ports And with ultrafast three-stream Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology, character 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display 3.3GHz Processor 2TB Storage is 2,999.00(CD) and graphics tablet 299.99(CD) Manga Studio 47.99(CD) Configuration Performance money the 27‑inch iMac is equipped with a sixth-generation Intel Core processor and the latest AMD high-performance graphics. software Accessories ER CI YUAN WAN SUI so 2999+299+47.99=3345.99 Configuration Graphics iMac. An all-new sixth-generation Intel Core processor in the 27-inch iMac — at up to 4.0GHz — and 1867MHz memory. Yet Turbo Boost 2.0 gives you even more when you’re using processor-intensive applications like Logic Pro or Final Cut Pro. Configuration Fusion Drive Computer painting on paper is different from the general drawing. It is carried out by means of creation and the computer skills. Computer and use many kinds of painting, such as animation, comics, illustration, advertising, web design, costume design, architectural renderings FIG various schematic presentation charts and so on. The latest AMD high-performance graphics give the 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display up to 3.7 teraflops of graphics compute power. 3D graphics that exhibit raw power in its most polished form. Configuration Retina Display We have Magic Keyboard Magic Mouse 2 Magic Trackpad 2 Because an artist so we also need a graphics tablet what is an artist an artist

Presentation as an Artist

Transcript: Contact Me Artist Statement My interest in painting people stemmed originally from my common interest in the people around me. As I have progressed throughout my career, my reason for painting people has evolved from this general interest to very specific reasons. I began to realize that I was only interested in painting certain individuals; people I had some sort of connection with. One of my highest priorities is spending quality time with people; the people I paint are ones that I want to spend time with, but am not able to for various reasons. These people often have played a part in helping me develop my value system and are also representative of different facets or times of my life. Most of them have positively impacted my life: they help me recognize the need to overcome my negative self-talk and fear that comes from perfectionism. As I paint portraits, I think about how my subjects have influenced me and impacted my value system; I am able to spend time quality time on them just in a different way. I build my own panels and stretch my own canvases. I work almost exclusively in oils. For works on paper, I build up my oils in thin layers. For works on canvas or panel I vary between two processes: I will either paint in thin glazed layers like I do on paper, or I will lay down my paint thick, sand it down and then build it up in glazed layers again. Artists Who Inspire Me About Me Hope Gangloff My Process Aside from a summer in Shanghai, China, I have lived in Utah my whole life. I love sushi, Good and Plenty candy, and anything involving the outdoors. I studied Art at Utah State University and graduated from Brigham Young University with a BA in Illustration and K-12 Art Education License. Although the bulk of my work is oil portraiture I also enjoy exploring other genres and mediums such as watercolor, gouache, and digital painting. Alice Neel Karlee Dorman

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