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Preschool Powerpoint Template

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Transcript: What is preschool? Who comes to Preschool? if preschool is closed you'll have to find back up care sometimes high fees some schools' programs may not leave room for your child to explore and learn at her/her own pace may not get one-on-one attention Getting children ready for kindergarten. Social skills video of preschoolers playing According to Pre-K Now, the concept of early childhood education started with a European mother in the early 1800’s that educated children outside of their homes. The idea came to America during the Industrial Revolution with “infant schools” set up in churches, factories, and private homes to care for the young while parents were working. The state of Wisconsin created constitutional amendments to include committees dedicated to free education of children aged four to twenty in 1848 and then later, in 1873, started the first four year old kindergarten program. What approach is used Interesting facts about preschool ... Thanks for listening!! (: Preschool(: -Preschool is a half day program most of the time and is the same time as a regular school year. Advantages of Preschol -Of, intended to or intended for a child between infancy and school age It takes place in buildings, churches. Where Preschool is at When is preschool? Before 1960, the education of young children was primarily regarded as the responsibility of families within the home. In 2001, 52 percent of three- and four-year-olds were in a nursery school or preschool program History of preschool... 3-6 year olds By Noelle Show &Emily Saxton Disadvantges of preschool.. Development Why it is development because it is getting the children ready to start kindergarten.


Transcript: My Classroom Four and Five Year Olds Language Development In this age group children develop mostly in three area's cognitive, language and physical (Anonymous. 2013). In my classroom all three and other aspects of development will be nurtured. Developmental Delays Anonymous. (2013). 4- to 5-Year Olds: Developmental Milestones. Retrieve from: In my classroom the children should feel comfortable and ready to learn (Theresa. 2012). If there is a delay for example in speech, my curriculum will try to encourage the child to want to speak and answer questions. This may take time but I will speak clearly and slowly so everyone will understand. I will also spend a little extra time on a subject so everyone understands. This can also be fun for the older ones because they can make up words that will start with the sound of the letter. Language development is so important. Children will continue to develop their language skills through out their childhood but preschool helps them succeed in future classes. For this age they will start to speak more clearly (Anonymous. 2013). They will begin to use more complete sentences and be able to tell stories. My lesson plans and activity in the classroom will help develop all aspects of the children. Every morning we will have circle time. In this time we will play interactive games, read stories, and tell stories (Theresa. 2012). We will also sing songs. All of this will do with learning something like numbers, colors and letters (Theresa. 2012). Leah Paraskevas ECE205: Introduction to Child Development Instructor: Cassandra Melendez There are some children that have some developmental delays. If I suspect your child of this I will come to the parents and speak with you. Then I will take the appropriate steps. As teachers we are not able to diagnose anything but we have been trained to see signs. My curriculum and classroom is prepared to take all steps to see the child succeed. That is our first and main goal. If this means that we have to change something like our craft to accommodate we will. Though we will still do a craft we can change it for the ones that have a harder time with certain things. Cognitive Development I Want Success Physical Development Allen, K. E. & Marotz, L. R.(2013). Developmental profiles: Pre birth through adolescence (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. References At this age your child should be starting to understand three part commands and be able to start to pay more attention to stories (Anonymous 2013). They are also able to do more fine motor skills. With a little practice the children will be cutting and gluing and coloring perfectly. Then we will have some free time (if weather permits outside) to play and have snack. After that is craft time. This is when the children will be able to create something that has to do with the story we read during circle time. Theresa. (2012). Circle Time. Retrieve from: Children of this age are starting to or have mastered several things physically. They are able to do somersaults (Anonymous. 2013). Maybe even ride a tricycle (Allen, & Marotz, 2013). They are able to run better and jump better. My Classroom


Transcript: Things to consider... consistency meet children's needs Records children can help themselves Caring For Equipment provide a 5 minute warning Shelving Units be objective and factual budget concepts Effective Settings procedures Novelty- involves the use of unusual new actions. Concrete Objects- involves children moving items for one place to another. learning objective alphebet letters includes: provide valuable information puppets containers keep materials in their own centers health and safety considerations Accessible Factors of Scheduling Regulations of NAEYC age appropriate toys evaluation helps establish guidelines of responsible behavior with relation to... children Rules For Centers always wear proper safety gear families Use nice words only code of ethical conduct helps prevent conflicts Program Management Art Supplies Smocks keep track of behaviors numerber of children in a class devlopmental goals Carry for your toys communities colleagues Flexible Limits: Allows you to adapt to the needs of an individual or situation. motivation danger free Easy Supervision everyone cleans up outdoor items new skills available storage Transition Activities National Association for the Education of Young Children closure Easles Materials in an Area include eating,sleeping, and eliminating patterns take turns materials needed intruments no blocades Physical Safety Visual Signs- involves informing children of a change through the use of using signals they can see. Developing Lesson Plans maintenance ask permission before playing with others "Down to the Last Detail"

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