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Powerpoint Weekly Calendar Template

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Weekly Calendar

Transcript: 2014 FIFA World Cup Final Draw WHAT: The final draw determines the grouping and order of teams. WHERE: Brazil WHEN: December 6 Good for: Acura "FIFA" and "World Cup" have generated over 995K social mentions in the last week. The majority of mentions are from the 36 and over age group. S#x Acts Teenage girl uses sex acts to improve her social status. 60% rating on Rotten Tomatoes Opens on 12/6 in limited theaters Correlates with future of relationships, power woman, sex as social currency Based on true events and behaviors of teenagers now Official selection of Gothenburg Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival and Edinburgh Film Festival Terra Madre Day WHAT: Annual celebration of local food WHERE: Worldwide WHEN: December 10 Good for: LIG In the last 7 days, "Terra Madre" has been tweeted about over 1K times. Music TV Live Broadcast of the Sound of Music WHEN: 12/05/13 WHAT: Live three hour broadcast of the classic musical starring Carrie Underwood. Good for: Sony, LIG "Sound of Music" has generated over 83K social mentions in the last 30 days with the majority from the 21-35 age range. The Wolf of Wall Street Adaptation of Jordan Belfort's memoir surrounding his indulgent ride as a crooked banker in the 90s. Opens 12/25 Leo is in the running for best actor nominees in 2014 Oscars Great for activations: "what does the wolf say?" or a mockup preview of this movie with a positive spin on it #wolfofwallstreet has 1,608 tweets in the last 9 days, over 2.1k in the last 30 days Release of What Does the Fox Say? book WHERE: Nationwide WHEN: December 10 Good for: LIG and Gerber There have been over 6.9K social mentions of "The Fox" and 'book" in the last 30 days. Movies Movies Saving Mr. Banks Based on the untold backstory of how Disney's "Mary Poppins" made it to the screen 92% rating on Rotten Tomatoes Opens on 12/13 Great for activations around previously untold backstories of Disney movies, "Jake," and more in-depth view of the Gerber baby #SavingMrBanks has 5,945 tweets in the last 13 days and over 11k in the last 30 days Music Movies Event Event When: December 29-31 Where: South Lake Tahoe, CA What: top musical performers + snow Who: Tiesto, Kaskade and Cut Copy Not too late for: Acura RLX (has hot chocolate canisters in car) or LIG (mittins/gloves, hats, scarves) Past 28 days: 403 tweets for #snowglobe2013 Weekly Calendar Dec. 6 - 12 Boogie in the Bungalow 2013 When: December 14, 2013 Where: Hamburg, PA What: 4th annual indoor faux camping ground with food, craft and musical acts. Sponsored by Jibberjazz which typically hosts all-aged events, this is a suggested 18+ event Event

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