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Transcript: NAME HERE JOB TITLE HERE What is the problem? BACKGROUND 1 Percentages of U.S. Medical School Matriculants by Race and Ethnicity, 2015 and 2021 Figure 1. U.S. Medical School Matriculants by Race and Ethnicity, 2015 and 2021. 2 3 Black patients experience poorer communication quality and less decision-making power in healthcare contexts, especially in racially discordant situations Black and Hispanic/Latinx communities experience higher rates of numerous diseases and higher mortality relating to maternal complications, cancer, COVID-19, and more. Black physicians are more likely to report the relevance of race as a “central factor” for understanding disease risk, medication, patient views, and cultural beliefs. The recruitment and retention of a diverse physician population across stages of medical education, such as pipeline programs, is essential for combatting healthcare disparities How can we solve the problem? PLAN Click to edit text Click to edit text How can we solve the problem? DO STAMP DO Science Technology and Medicine Program (STAMP) Offers an in-school 13 unit lesson plan featuring topics and activities including but not limited to biological sciences, healthcare and professionalism. Will utilize science demonstrations, technology, medical equipment and more Trial session was conducted at P.S. 041 in July 2022 TECHNICAL COMPUTER Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 COMPUTER ARTISTIC ARTISTIC CONTACT ADDRESS STUDY PHONE NR. MOBILE INTERESTS INTERESTS Name your Interest Interest description: Interest description goes here. CONTACT ADDRESS ACT PHONE NR. MOBILE


Transcript: Goals: At least 60% will make wise choices At least 80% will feel more confident At least 100% will have fun being themselves Your Voice Your Choice Mission Statement: Motivating youth to succeed. Objective: Inform teens the true value of a dollar and teach youth how hard it is to earn an income. Also provide alternatives for after high school. If insecure if broken down You need some knowledge,knowledge you need it now You have these clothes but you don't know How much it's worth,worth from head to toe You ask me who I want to be You ask me where I want to go But truth be told I don't know So listen, Cause you can find who you are if you just look to your heart And say what you want to say Your voice Your choice Just come to API and see Cause right here and right now Is where you are supposed to be So, Show yourself some lovin' Make it alright Need some confidence in your life Your voice Your choice Just come to API and see Youth Voice Activities: Selfie Booth: "Who are you?" Cultural Style: Fashion Show Game of Life: Would You Rather __ or ___? Activities: Empowerment Circle Motivational Speaker (Keith Hawkins) Our Budget Objective: Bring awareness to youth about historical culture and discuss self identity issues. By API youth summit leaders Activities: Video on low vs. high esteem (skit, life decisions) Self reflection, write about what you think of yourself and others Polaroid Pictures: ("I love how I..." "I love my ability to...", "My favorite thing about myself is...", "The best part about my self is..." STAMP Objective: Empower youth and demonstrate that their voices do matter and hope that their voice will find new direction. API Youth Summit "Your Voice, Your Choice" Activities: Money Management Trivia Money Game College Bingo Selfie Me (Supporting Transitions Aspirations Mentorship Program) CYC: Community Youth Center Youth Leader Stipend Materials and Supplies Guest Speakers and Performers Gift Cards Celebration Dinner California State Building Space(donated) Self Esteem Thank you for taking your time to look over our presentation and listen to our thoughts and ideas. We appreciate your time and consideration for the BLING Grant. THANK YOU! Cash Out 101 Timeline Workshops Skills Learned Projects / Objective: Objectives: Teach youth how their self esteem affects life decisions and their view about themselves and show how we affect the self esteem of others


Transcript: The Battle of Long Island 6 Major Battles Battle of Yorktown 1. April 19, 1775 2. Lexington and Concord Massachusetts 3. America won the battle 4. Great Britain's commanders: Lieutenant General Hugh Percy, Major John Pitcairn, Major General Francis Smith. America's commanders: Colonel James Barrett, Colonel John Buttrick, Dr. Joseph Warren, John Parker, William Heat. 5. Great Britain soldiers: 1,500 American Soldiers: 3,800 6. 73 British Soldiers were killed and 174 were wounded. 7. 49 American Soldiers were killed and 39 were wounded. Lexinton And Concord 1. August 27, 1776 2. Long Island, New York 3. 20,000 British Soldiers 10,000 American Soldiers 4. British commanders: Lord Charles Cornwallis, Sir Henry Clinton, Sir William Howe American commanders: George Washington, Israel Putnam,and William Alexander 5. Great Britain captured 31 soldiers The American soldiers captured 1079 British soldiers 6. The British won this battle 1. December 26, 1776 2. Trenton, New Jersey 3. Johann Rall- British Commander George Washington- American Commander 4. American Soldiers- 2,400 men British Soldiers- 1,520 men British- 86 wounded and 22 were killed American soldiers- 5 wounded and 2 were killed 5. The Americans won the battle Battle of Trenton 1. January 03, 1777 2.Princeton, New Jersey 3. Captain William De La Place, Charles Mawhood- British commander George Washington- American commander 4. 1,200 British Soldiers 4,500 American Soldiers 5. 100 were killed and 70 were wounded- British 25 were killed and 40 were wounded- American 6. The Americans won The Battle of Bunker Hill 1. October 09, 1781 2. Americans won 3. Yorktown, Virginia 4. British-8980 men American- 206000 men 5. Lord Charles Cornwallis- British Commander George Washington- American Commander 6. 309 were killed and 326 were wounded- British Soldiers 77 killed and 180 were wounded- American Soldiers 1. June 16, 1775 2. Charles town, Massachusetts 3. The British won the battle 4. British Commander: Sir William Howe America's commanders: Dr.Joseph Warren, Israel Putnam, and William Prescott. 5. Facts- The American were low on ammunition so they were told "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." The British suffered the most casualties of any single fight during the Revolutionary warm. 6. 3,000 british soldiers and 2,400 men. Battle Of Princeton

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