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Powerpoint Magnifying Glass Template

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Magnifying Glass

Transcript: Magnifying Glass March 4, 2019 by: Purity.O.Ogbeide Demarcus Preston Ezequiel Nava Hi sisters ... ABOUT A Magnifying glass: Created by Roger Bacon in 1201-1300 Most magnifying glasses are double convex lenses. A magnified image is a called a virtual image. it is used to make an image bigger, it can also be used as a last resort to make a fire. This is the ancestor of a compound microscope. ( normally found in a lab) A compound microscope A Compound Microscope Uses multiple lenses to enlarge the image of a sample. A compound microscope is used for viewing samples at high magnification LENS Convex lenses A lens surface that bulges outwards is called a convex lens. Identified by their shape which is thick across the middle and thin around the edges which are curved outwards. Since the surface is curved, different rays of light refract to different degrees; the outermost rays will refract the most Objects That Use Convex Lenses Telescopes Binoculars Magnifying Glasses RAY DIAGRAM This is the ray diagram for a magnifying glass. Lens CREDITS Links:

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