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Transcript: EVENT C B. Major Knag finds that his daughter Hilde is sending him constant messages, directing his every move. "The Sixth Sense" Ending discussion questions Sophie and Alberto enter Hilde's world as spirits, and observe Hilde and Major Knag's reunion. Although they are only characters in a story, they are now free from the major's grasp. INTRO: Sophie and Alberto escape from the major's control into Hilde's world. The major lands in Copenhagen to find that his daughter was directing his movements and possibly observing him. Chapter 34 1. What is it about mortality that makes us human? What would being immortal change about the human condition? 2. What would we have to discover/know to fully realize that we are real or fiction? 3. If there was something outside of human understanding that controlled our everyday actions and thoughts, what would be the best way to escape from its grasp, if any method exists? COUNTERPOINT "…two or more melodies sounding together…" Conclusion peyjmon ahmad, eugene cheng sara hansen, varun yuhanna EVENT A a. “They turned off into a large wheatfield. Sophie looked back and saw that they had left a broad trail of flattened stalks...'Tomorrow they'll say a freak wind blew over the field,' said Alberto" (489). discussion questions a. "Suddenly the UN observer began to feel himself observed. It was as if someone was in remote control of everything he did. He felt like a doll in the hands of a child" (491). How does the main character in "The Sixth Sense" relate to Sophie and Alberto in Hilde's world? Which is actually reality: Sophie's world or Hilde's world? Have you ever felt the presence of a spiritual force? A. Sophie and Alberto enter Hilde's world as eternally living spirits that, for the most part, cannot interact with ordinary objects and people. b. "'Sprit is more solid than ice...spirits can pass through steel doors. No tanks or bombers can crush anything that is of spirit'" (494-495). EVENT B b. “But my control over your movements is more ingenious than that. I can see you wherever you are, Dad" (497). Is there such thing as free will, or is it just an illusion? If there is a force or entity controlling you and/or everyone, what's the purpose of it? What are some things in life that knowingly control your decisions? If you had a choice, would you rather be immortal, but unable to have human experiences like love and fear, or mortal? Have you ever had to make one decision that changed you fundamentally as a human being? What does it mean to live? Major Knag arrives in Copenhagen and receives an envelope from Hilde greeting him. He then finds a succession of little notes and letters wherever he goes, as if she was watching over him, controlling his every move. City of Angels Trailer C. Sophie laments the fact that she can never be "real" like Hilde, but being a spirit has its own advantages. discussion questions e. "'It's only the major who left [the story] behind. He has written the final word of his book, my dear, and he will never find us again'" (503). Getaway Trailer journal questions Sophie and Alberto arrive at Bjerkely before the major gets home and see Hilde waiting for her father. She seems to have a very slight indication of their presence around her. The major reunites with his family and hints at a final philosophical lesson. Sophie and Alberto ponder on life. c. "She thought she heard a faint breath of something, exactly as in her dream about Sophie" (500). period 5 After the garden party, Sophie and Alberto escape into Hilde's existence to find that they are spirits. They also find other spirits who live as remnants of fairy tales and stories. Although no one in Hilde's world can sense their presence, they can slightly alter the world around them. d. "'But there are two sides to everything...she who wins the lot of life must also draw the lot of death'" (502).


Transcript: Prologue a novel "Believe. Believe in your dreams. Believe in the impossible. Believe, and you shall fly. All you have to do is believe, and your dreams will become true." - anonymous Day 1 I was there, then I was here. I was everywhere. If you dream, if you believe, you will encounter it, sometime or another. This is my story. This is my Counter. Miz It has brown dirt. Foresty. Not that many animals. No birds singing. It's barren and dead plants rustle slightly in the wind. The wild life is few- strangely the trees are the only ones alive-thriving, actually. A cloudy, gray sky that somehow swirls upwards like an upside down tornado made with clouds but it's not moving. It's eerie. That's the only word to describe this place. eerie. I don't know. It's strange. eerie. I'm dazed. I think Teo is to. This place is dazed. It seems. It's confusing. eerie. There's more to this place than it looks. We're walking. Nowhere. Somewhere. It's raining. Only drizzling. I don't think I'm dazed anymore. Maybe I am. It must be the trees. I've been tried, like I'm in the poppy field in "The Wizard of Oz". It must be the trees. They're not normal. I cut onto one with my pocket knife. It has no sap. There's some sort of jewel. Quartz, I think. Black quartz. there are traces of blood in it, but its not liquid. It's hard, like the jewel itself. I didn't tell Teo. I think he hit his head. He's muttering and stumbling. I don't know what it all means. Mabye I hit my head and I'm going crazy. Confusing. Mizallia (Miz) Journaling from Quartz 9/28/1991 unknown Miz Day 4 Counter 9/30/1991 unknown Day 2 9/29/1991 unknown


Transcript: Council of Trent Dude LUKE SIMMONS THE COUNTER-REFORMATION? Probably a really smart dude Also Council of Trent Dude A period from 1545-1563 Called the Catholic Revival or Counter-Reformation Pope Paul III starts it Time of chaos and violence in the chruch Held the Council of Trent Ended with the end of the 30 year war Catholics work to reform their chruch What was the Counter-Reformation? What Was the Counter-Reformation? Objectives The Catholic View. Why it wasn't a counter-reformation The Protestant View. Why it was a counter-reformation The correct view in my opinion. Which one seems most logical Objectives The Catholic View The Catholic View According to the catholics the counter-reformation should be called a catholic revival. Catholics say that the work of Christ never stops and that there should be not date to their “Counter Reformation.” It was only a time of more revival than usual. They say that their reformation never will stop. The “counter reformation” did counter the reformation but that was not their only goal. The Council of Trent (1545) was a council at the start of the Counter-Reformation. Many people say it was in response to the protestant reformation. Catholics say it was already in the works and while it did responed to the protestant reformation that was not the only goal. For example they created a list of forbiden books. What About The Council of Trent? Council of Trent The Protestants had a completely different view. According to them the “counter reformation” was an attack against them Because protestants had their own reformation, and right after that the catholics started condemning what the said, in public and in councils Without the counter reformation the protestants would have continued to spread throughout europe rapidly The counter reformation at every chance would tear down the protestants. Protestant View Protestant View In my opinion the catholics had everything to lose if they called it a counter reformation. The Protestants in my opinion had much less to lose because they were just starting and they hadn't built up a reputation to lose. The Correct View My Opinion WOW A Quiz When was the council of trent? What was the catholic view What was the protestant When did the counter reformation end? 1545 It was a catholic revival It was an attack against protestants and was a counter reformation 1563 Answers “Counter-Reformation.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 29 Apr. 2018, “The Counter-Reformation.” CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: The Counter-Reformation,, Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopaedia. “Counter-Reformation.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 27 Dec. 2017, “Reformation.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 26 Apr. 2018, Biblography Biblography

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