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Transcript: • Managed candidate and client accounts (700+ candidates) (50+ clients) • Conducted off-site and on-site client meetings and consultations • Maintained correspondence and provided council for candidates • Reconciled flowcharts and resolved discrepancies for 7+ million dollars of clients investment • Daily correspondence with major networks in Latin America (ex: Fox, Discovery, & Turner) • Conducted audits and formulated reports for networks and clients of monthly invoices • Analyzed “reach curves” and demographic analysis for various Latin American Regions YOU What You Can Expect Treasurer Duties • Leads the preparation of annual budget • Responsible for adherence and interpretation of annual budget • Keeps accurate account of chapter’s financial records • Heavy coordination with VP’s and committee heads • Determine financial goals • Ensure fundraising is fulfilling its goal • Enforce collecting of chapter dues • Membership reporting and fee control to Heritage Center • Year end audit and clean up • Update chapter roster with the Heritage Center • File IRS Form 990 with IRS and forward a copy to the Heritage Center Take Charge THANK METWEST Determinded FUNDRAISING Sophisticated Who I Am Reliable Analytical Who I Do it For WORKING EXPRENECE & Corporate Sponsors Seeking Foundation Funds Started office with only 7-10 Volunteers Recruited over 100 volunteers Raised over 10K toward campaign in 2 months All Operations were paid for by donors Where everyones a Head Hunter Team Centric My Focus • Updated and managed personnel records and financial reports. • Audited and verified payroll, accounts payable, and quarterly statements • Drafted new employee packages and company memorandum • Reviewed time sheets and calculated commission payments Passionate Dedicate 10% to 12% of the Budget to Savings Prefered Vendors List (Rate their service & cost) Financial Calander ( Deadlines) *Constantly Communicated Purchase Request ( Give Cost Cause and Comparisons ) *3 C's Generating Financial Statements R&D Team shifting focus to generate Cost Savings Inspiring Utilization of Discount Opportunities (Groupon, LivingSocial,, Commercial Lender OPEN SEASON

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Transcript: Top 3 Presentation Tools By: Creeshenee Hoar About Prezi Prezi Prezi is a web-based tool for creating presentations, hence the reason for the name 'Prezi'. Prezi is similar to PowerPoint, but one difference between the two is that Prezi offers to zoom in and zoom out on different slides that Powerpoint doesn't. Another difference between these two presentation formats is that PowerPoint is a linear program, whereas Prezi is non-linear. Many presentation users enjoy Prezi more because of the function to zoom in and out of slides to reveal critical details of their presentations. Pro's & Con's Pro's and Con's Con's: -Templates are effective but creating new slides can be more difficult than other platforms. -Some of the templates aren't the easiest to edit. -Some formats of Prezi require users to pay. -Spell check doesn't always work. Pro's: -Prezi is an excellent, accessible, intuitive, dynamic interaction program -Prezi can be connected through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Zoom. -Prezi allows users to pick their own template or to create their own. -Transforms PowerPoint style presentations into more dynamic and entertaining presentations by adding movements between objects, by being able to zoom, or rotate the screen. URL: About PowerPoint PowerPoint PowerPoint is a presentation platform that allows users to create presentations from a template or from scratch. Users of PowerPoint can add images, art, and videos to any slide of the presentation that they would like. PowerPoint users can add transitions, animations, and cinematic motion to one slide or multiple depending on the template they select. Many users of PowerPoint enjoy the platform because of it being connected to OneDrive, which is a platform that stores all of your files in one place. Pro's & Con's Pro's & Con's Pro's: -Provides many design options. -Very easy to use for new users. -PowerPoint is very organized with use and with designing presentations. -Inexpensive to use. Con's: -More options for transitions and animations to make presentations more lively and interactive. -Video's take a lot of time to upload to the slide. -PowerPoint slides take some time while sending presentation through email. -Customer support of Microsoft is not great. URL: Canva Canva Canva is an online design and publishing tool with a goal to empower everyone in the world to design anything and publish anywhere. Canva users can create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content. Canva was made specifically for people who cannot pay a large amount to create designs and other presentations. Another cool fact about this platform is that it is originally based in Australia! Pro's & Con's Pro's & Con's Con's: -Limitation on designs and templates. -Export settings are limited, especially to PowerPoint. -Users are unable to move one design to another. -Limited free trial, then $12.99/mo. Pro's: -Anyone can be a designer with Canva. -Very user friendly. -Many templates and different designs available to Canva users. -All templates are customizable to the user. -Available for teams or groups of people to edit. URL: Favorite Tool: Prezi Prezi is my favorite tool because it allows me to pick a fun, illustrative design, that PowerPoint usually lacks. I feel like Prezi is a more fun and interactive presentation platform than the others. I would be more likely to use this platform as a teacher because of the interaction throughout presenting. I think students would be less likely to become uninterested or to lose focus while using this platform to present. About Tools Applying Tools Applying Tools to Teaching I would apply all 3 of these tools, Canva, Prezi, and PowerPoint, in a number of ways to my classroom. For Canva, i would use this platform more specifically for group work because it offers other people to edit the presentation, which is amazing for group work when students are absent. For Prezi, i would use this most myself, as the teacher, when presenting lessons. I plan to teach younger grades and i think this platform is interactive and fun for kids that are in those younger grades. For PowerPoint, i would use this platform if i were to teach higher grades. I think that PowerPoint is not very user-friendly and students would need to be older to use this platform. I see myself using PowerPoint for large projects such as book reports and social studies assignments. Benefits of Tools Benefits of Tools Introducing these 3 tools, Canva, Prezi, and PowerPoint, to my students will only benefit them in becoming familiar with how to use presentation platforms. I think that these 3 tools have diverse and similar uses that will promote my students to use presenting and design skills. Whether i choose to teach younger or older grades, these 3 platforms will help them achieve presentation skills.


Transcript: 4. Platform Opportunity Result Get/ Display File PLAY! How? 1. API Use Case: Oakley 2. Building a custom mobile app with the Box API Box: Simple and securely delivers the users, content, and collaboration TES needs to build their app. PICK! TES Sales can access the latest marketing material from anywhere, including... Box Mobile Applications O2 Media: award winning full-service integrated media and production company specializing in launching brand names out into the world Goal: Agile solution to deliver products and services content that is secure for a custom built B2B application O2 Media Functions and add them together 2. Building an application using the API View Folder Collaboration 4. Platform Opportunity Build an application FAST by relying on Box for content delivery We've got you covered Box platform: Offers an Events API and reporting tools to meet their needs Delete a Folder 2. Develop for mobile Box Embed Splunk: Specializes in capturing real-time data in a searchable repository Goal: Aggregate all of their internal tools including reporting information and salesforce into their customized dashboard Box Sync Opportunity #1 Authenticate Tasks Groups How it works Why it matters API Files TSL: Specializes in providing teachers with the exact tools they need. Goal: To create an application that provides teachers with a library of lesson plans Functions Opportunity #2 1. Start with the Box API 3. How the API works Create your own content experience Comments File Storage Opportunity #3 Result PLUG! Splunk 2. So how does this API work? Search Result A function. Build even FASTER using the SDKs to integrate with the APIs Copy a folder 1. API Use Case: 3. Customize the design Box API Users Folders Create Shared link Box Platform: Delivers the secure content and collaboration tools they need to launch an award winning and cutzomized sales application API Result Box Web Application Box Platform Box Platform Box Platform

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