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Verizon Pitchbook

Transcript: "Because when I'm navigating in remote areas, I like to know I can switch destinations without worrying the network won't allow me to do that." Our Company Video & Advertising 150M Hours of video streamed monthly X X X Network 99% U.S wireless coverage Customers tell us why they picked Verizon today. Brett graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville in 1990. For over 20 years, Brett has focused on Sales and Sales Management. He has a wide range experience from Direct Sales to Sales Executive to Ownership positions JT Thome , COO Security 200+ Data centers in 24 countries WHAT WE DO S 2GB $35/mo. XXL 24GB+2GB $110/mo Solutions Specialist Dodge City c. 620 789 7973 30 30GB+2GB $135/mo Line access fees S.M.T., Basic, & H.P.C. $20/mo. Tablet & Hotspots $10/mo. Connected devices $5/mo. Overall performance rank Top Competitors The reason to switch was easy. When asked “Why Verizon?” he replied with, “it’s the network, plain and simple. Network reliability rank Dane Scism, CEO ABOUT US - Chris 12 12GB+2GB $80/mo COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Network speed rank - Alex "That's powerful" He and his wife purchased Cellular Sales in 1993, when the company sold Cellular One products and consisted of one shopping center location with retail space and office, and a handful of mall kiosks in East Tennessee.. M 4GB $50/mo Elisa Moya OUR TEAM Founded in 1983. "Verizon 4G LTE: America’s Fastest, Most Reliable 4G Network" Internet of things 4K+ Developers hosted on ThingSpace X X X L 8GB+2GB $70/mo XL 16GB+2GB $90/mo Broadband 100% Fiber Optic Network All include unlimited: Talk & Text. OUR PLANS "The digital world promises consumers a better, more connected life, and we’re the ones delivering it. We make it possible for people to stay in touch and businesses to connect with their customers. We’re also bringing technology and hands-on learning opportunities directly to kids who need it most. Our goal is to inspire tomorrow’s creators to use technology to build brighter futures for themselves, their families and the world." - Verizon Wireless mission statement New Verizon Plans: Chief Operating Officer for Cellular Sales since November 2010. He is responsible for all store operations, technology, supply chain and logistics, as well as the national call center. Brett Patterson, Executive VP TESTIMONIALS X X X

Pitchbook Capitalization Table

Transcript: Capitalization Tables Overview Overview Capitalization Tables Ownership History Liquidation Preferences Preferred Stock Participating vs. Non-Participating Review What is a Cap Table? Display the ownership stakes in a company all in one place Or Display the history of stocks issued by a company Thank you for your time. Are there any questions? Ownership Table Ownership Table Ownership Table Q3 vs Q4 YoY You can quickly see What types of stocks each has as well as How Much of that stock and percent of Ownership While most Cap Tables you encounter will be more complex than this example, the information will be the same: Stakeholders on the x-axis Series of stock issued along the y-axis Depending on the company and even departments within a company other pertinent columns may be included Complexity Complexity The universality of the program means Cap Tables can be easily provided to third parties Learning basic Excel formulas can save you time and effort in analyzing Cap Table data Excel Excel Use the legal name of each shareholder Even if everyone knows the good-natured CEO as "Jack" still record his legal name (in this case John) that is used on the stock, bonds, or options Do not clutter a cap table with extra notes Tips Tips Say you have several series of stock issued and bylaws state that for a certain vote you need 3/4 of Series A & B holders to approve. You may be tempted to merge these into one column for future use Be cautious! Tangling the information is easy, but if you ever need to UN-tangle it, that is much harder! Simplification Simplification History Table A Cap Table can also be used to display the features of a particular stock series and how it compares to all the other issues of stock for the company Cap Table History Example Example Stock Information Stock Information Almost all of the important terms found in the stock information revolve around how Dividends will be allocated Dividends are a portion of a company's earning that it distributes to shareholders Does not have to be in cash Property, greater stock options Dividends Dividends Dividend Rights Dividend Rights As the yellow line highlights, Series G stocks will benefit from company dividends Yes! Yes! Recall that on our first Cap Table our three founders all had common stock while the investors held Series A & B stock (both Preferred Stocks) It is fundamental to understand the difference between preferred stock and common stock Liquidation Rights Liquidation Rights When venture capitalist put up capital in a business they are almost always compensated in Preferred Stock If the company is ever liquidated (i.e., bankrupt, sold, or even merged): preferred stock holders receive dividends BEFORE common stock holders Preferred Stock Preferred Stock Example Example In our example, underlined in red, Series G is Pari Passu Latin for "equal footing" It is possible for there to even be a heirarchy among preferred stocks as to who gets their dividends first. In this example, since a Series G holder is on "equal footing" he or she would get dividend payments at the same rate as any other preferred stock Pari Passu Pari Passu Preferred stocks have two classes: Non-participating: Only receive the intial preferred dividends Participating: Receives the initial preferred dividends Those shares then ALSO count as common stock and the holder gets a share of the remaining dividends as well Non-Participating vs. Participating Non-Participating vs. Participating Examples Examples Non-Participating Non-Participating Steve invests $100 million for half of StartupABC He receives his shares as Non-participating preferred shares, 1x liquidation preference What happens if ABCStartup does pretty well and is sold for $600 million, or three times its initial value? Sell Price Sell Price Steve receives: $300 million (half of the new valuation) Actual Dividends Common stock holders receive: a split the remaining $300 million based on # of shares each has Participating Participating Sabrina invests $100 million for half of StartupXYZ She receives her shares as Participating preferred shares, with a 1X liquidation preferrence What happens if XYZStartup does not do so well and is sold for $150 million, losing 50 million in the process? Sell Price Sell Price Sabrina receives: $125 million. Actual Dividends Common stock holders receive: $25 million With a 1X liquidation preferrence Sabrina ensured her $100 million initial investment from any liquidation event before common stock holders As her shares are participating so she now owns half the common stock AFTER she has taken her initial slice Sabrina takes half of the remaing $50 million and ends up with $125 million while all other common stock holder split the remaining $25 million How? How? Preferred stock gives VCs an added level of security in their investment. Their liability is significantly decreased when they know they will be paid out first Commonly their liquidation preference will be 1X, or equal to their Cap

PitchBook Capstone Project

Transcript: Home Cooked Food A Click Away Support local economy Eat vegan/glutan free Proof of Concept Entity Formation Order delivery or pickup using our mobile app. 2022 Series B 10M 2018 Features 2015 Series A 2M Series B 10M Series B 10M Series C 25M Seattle, WA * 2018 Series A 2M Concept Phase Any Questions? Concept Phase 50K 2018 Exit 2020 2022 Core Product Home Cooked Explore Menus Vegan/Glutten free Order Online PitchBook Capstone Project January 2016 Order home-cooked food online 2018 Exit Series A 2M Launch in Seattle and San Francisco Expand to 100 Cities by years end Concept Phase 50K Feastro Online f Timeline Series C 25M Series C 25M Exit Bootstrapping 2016 2022 For Delivery 2015 Growth Phase Series B 10M Thank You! Consumer Needs Market Research Product Develpment Business Model Series B 10M Series A 2M For Pickup 2020 Series C 25M Scaling the Team Focus on Increasing Revenues Expansion Plans 2020 Increasing Profitability Improve business model Concept Phase 50K 2022 2015 Series C 25M Exit Feastro Mobile 2016 Inorganic growth International Expansion Concept Phase 50K Concept Phase 50K 2015 2015 Start in Seattle... then duplicate the process 2018 2016 Services Startup Phase feastro Series A 2M For Home Kitchens Home Kitchen Needs Services 2020 Expanding Beyond Seattle Market to Users 2016 Hiring a Strong Team Focus on Business Model 2018 Exit Phase 2022 Series C 25M 2016 2016 View menu, place orders and pay instantly. Exit 2016 Expansion Series B 10M 2018 Expansion Technology Customers Efficiency Marketing Market Needs Expanding to hundreds of more cities 2015 Ability to Create A Kitchen Map View Startup Phase Series A 2M Expand to 1000 cities Open First Community Kitchen Auto location Easily Contact New Kitchens 2022 Services Concept Phase 50K 2020 Charles Rivera, Co-founder Exit 2020


Transcript: SNOWBO Lim May Lin Phua Zhi Ying Quah Zhui Lin Rini Mariani Tanoto Date 1 Do you experience the same problem? Problem Issue in Malaysia SNOWBO SNOWBO Snowball Robo-advisor Solutions Solutions - Assist in tracking of income & expenses (online & physical cash method) - combination of information online shopping platform bank accounts e-wallet Solutions 1. educate users on importance & advantages of savings: emergencies, retirement, average life expectancy, volatility of social security, education & more 2. Budgeting of monthly expenses 3. Setting financial goals Solutions Goals are based on SMART CONCEPT: - provide users a target - focus efforts to achieve - click/set goal options specifically SPECIFIC MEASURABLE ACHIEVABLE REALISTIC TIMELY Solutions Provide suggestions on personal financing strategies Robo-advisor: - data collected from questionnaires will provide recommendations & future investment plan - risk profiling, financial situation evaluation & determine risk tolerance Uniqueness Uniqueness In Malaysia's Market: BNM My Tabung TouchStyle MoneyLover Uniqueness of SNOWBO - Free & premium features - User-friendly - Basic features - Simple graphics - Easily used with one time-click options - Attractive user interface & finance tips Uniqueness 1. Online expense 3. E-Wallets 5. Cash expenses - Tracking of expenses 2. Online shopping platforms 4. Bank accounts Uniqueness Combination - Educate users on advantages of savings. - Allows users to achieve financial freedom with provided guidance tips & messages. - Comparison Actual vs Budget expense - Warning messages or prompt messages to notify users on overspending & keep on track to achieve goals. Uniqueness Point Reward System: - Collaboration & Advertisement of online shopping platforms. - Users redeem vouchers with certain amount of points earned from scanning receipts & reaching certain amount of savings. "News" Feature Fixed deposit rates, investment news, the importance of retirement funds, insurance Taxation and other relevant information from LHDN, KWSP Self-assessment tutorial video & information E-Statement Sum up income, expenses, savings Investment allocation Personalized Goals and Risk Profile Retirement Goals, Marriage Goals, Child Goals and Education Goals Low risk, moderate risk, high risk Based on users' priorities Auto debit to savings/investment Gamification Feature Revenue Model Revenue Model Revenue Model Freemium 3 months Free Trial Freemium Premium + Subscription RM 5 / month after 3 months free trial Subscription Data Selling May sell it to financial institution, credit card companies, banks, or other businesses Under users' consent Data Seling Affiliation In-app advertising Affiliation --> <-- Commission --> <-- Partnership Discount Vouchers Business Opportunity Business Opportunity With SNOWBO D E M A N D High Smartphone Penetration Rate Total population in Malaysia (in million) Number of Smartphone users in Malaysia (in million) 59% Below 35 years old Smartphone Penetration Rate Younger Generation > Older Generation Millennial Generation Y Tech Savvy 41% Above 35 years old Age 35 and above - Stable income 13,429,300 Targeted Users Age 20- Age 49 Approximately 42 % of the whole population Malaysia Covid-19 Highest e-wallet usage in Southeast Asia Adoption Rate Digital-Wallet E-Commerce Online Shopping Activities Wong (2020) - Users are able to gauge their expenses Spend within budget - Save up & achieve financial goals with robo-advisor Incentive for Fintech Startups ICT Companies with “Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia” status. Granted by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). Enjoy up to 100% income tax exemption for 5 years. May be extended for another 5 years. Capital Capital Required by SNOWBO General Cost of Mobile Application General cost of developing a mobile application in the Malaysia market starts from RM10,000 and above. GetrightDigital (2020) Cost of General Robo-Advisor Cost of General Robo-advisor, an amount of about $100,000 which equals to RM430,000 is needed for initial investment. Capital Required by SNOWBO R M 4 5 0, 0 0 0 Interest to Invest in SNOWBO? Website: Email: Whatsapp: 012-345 6789 (SNOWBO) THANK YOU ROLL IT Let's GOAL IT & Q&A Session

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