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Phone Presentation Template For A Tax Office

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Tax Presentation

Transcript: Conclusion Problem Solving Computation of Tax Payable Thank You 1.The estimated tax for YA2013 is RM 1,928,800.(85%) Furnish not later than 30th October 2012 monthly installment started from 10th January monthly installment for 2012 = RM 2,268,180 monthly installment for 2013 = RM 160,730 file tax return by 30th June 2013 Legal entity belongs to shareholders who are entitled to the income of the company in the form of dividends or other distributions Tax Estimated for YA 2013 Soft Premier Sendirian Berhad estimated tax payable must not < 85% revised tax payable for preceding YA Quick Feed company's financial account must be audited by approval auditors. Amount of estimated tax for next period. Penalized for underestimated tax payable Review for paid-up capital a) Computation of statutory income b) Current year business loss c) Withholding tax payment d) Section 110 credit e) Company details Self assessment system yield a lot of benefits to companies and also disadvantages To be safe and secure from involve in the incorrect return, companies should act wisely and follow the tax act. 2. the difference between revised estimate and actual tax payable > 30% upon submission of the return. Solution upon received CP 204 IF company paid-up capital < RM 2.5 million. 1st RM 500,000 chargeable income will only subject to 20% tax rate. effect from YA 2001 submit tax return form (form c) - 7 months from the end of each basis period. furnish estimated of income tax payable (CP204) - 30days before the commencement of the basis period. Effect from YA 2006 Profit before adjustment RM 11,215,250 Profit after adjustment RM 9076.71 Tax Liability RM 2,268,180 Tax Estimated for YA 2013 RM 1,928,800 Worksheets Required to facilitate IRB inspection Recommendation Company IRB will issue notice of payment (CP 205) and monthly installment payment slips (CP 207) due on 10th of every month started on the 2nd month of the basis period Companies should: 1. Review and revise every transactions 2. Ensure correctness of the estimated tax payable furnished. 3. Decrease their paid-up capital 4. Ensure the monthly installment on time Introduction 205438 205481 205174 207209 207269 3. Paid-up capital of company = RM 2.8 million Company Taxation Malaysia Company Act 1965 Problems: Companies Self Assessment System Present to you by: Goh Ing Ming Eric Lee Lai Yu Wei To Yen Peng Choo Ching Yee

TAX presentation

Transcript: Introduction To tax (from the Latin taxo) is to impose a financial charge or other levy upon a taxpayer (an individual or legal entity) by a state or the functional equivalent of a state such that failure to pay is punishable by law. Taxes are also imposed by many subnational entities. Taxes consist of direct tax or indirect tax, and may be paid in money or as its labour equivalent (often but not always unpaid labour).* In modern taxation systems, taxes are levied in money; characteristic of traditional or pre-capitalist states and their functional equivalents. The method of taxation and the government expenditure of taxes raised is often highly debated in politics and economics. When taxes are not fully paid, civil penalties (such as fines or forfeiture) or criminal penalties (such as incarceration) may be imposed on the non-paying entity or individual. TOP Kinds of taxes Income tax Capital gain tax Corporate tax Social security contributions Taxes on payroll or workforce Taxes on propery Propery Tax Inheritance tax Expatriation tax Transfer tax Wealth (net worth) tax Value added tax Sales taxes, etc. OECD data Fascination facts STRANGEST TAXES In Ancient Egypt, cooking oil was taxed, and on top of that, people had to buy their taxed cooking oil from the Pharaoh’s monopoly, and were prohibited from reusing previously purchased oil. During the 1st century AD, Roman emperor Vaspasian placed a tax on urine. At the time, urine was collected and used as a source of ammonia in such tasks as tanning hides and laundering garments. Therefore, those who obtained valuable urine from collectors were charged a tax. During the Middle Ages, European governments placed a tax on soap. Medieval Europe soap taxIt remained in effect for a very long time. Great Britain didn’t repeal its soap tax until 1835. Playing cards were taxed as early as the 16th century, but in 1710, the English England playing card tax government dramatically raised taxes on playing cards and dice. This led to widespread forgeries of playing cards to avoid paying taxes. The tax was not removed until 1960. In 1696, England implemented a window tax, taxing houses based on the number of windows they had. That led to many houses having very few windows in order to avoid paying the tax. Eventually this became a health problem and ultimately led to the tax’s repeal in 1851. England introduced a tax on hats in 1784. To avoid the tax, hat-makers stopped calling their creations "hats", leading to a tax on any headgear by 1804. The tax was repealed in 1811. In 1789, England introduced a tax on candles. People were forbidden from making their own candles unless they obtained a license and then paid taxes on the candles they produced. The tax was repealed in 1831, leading to a more widespread popularity of candles. Nowadays in the world Maine has special tax on blueberries, a valuable state resource. Despite marijuana being illegal on a federal level and in most states, many states impose taxes on the sale of marijuana. In Texas, Christmas tree decoration services are subject to a tax only if the Texas Christmas decoration tax decorator provides the decorations and ornaments. In addition, there is a tax on holiday-themed pictures that are meant to be placed on windows. Wisconsin is one of the few states that levies a tax on internet access. When dial-up was a popular method of getting online, there was double taxation occurring because phone calls were also taxed. Japan imposed a tax on whiskey which is based on the percentage of alcohol by volume, so Japanese whiskey manufacturers began diluting their product with water to avoid the tax. European whiskey manufacturers were prohibited from doing so; therefore, Japanese whiskey had an advantage in Japan CONCLUSION The tax applying was known from the start of civilization; Many kinds of taxes depends on each society and traditional features of nation; England was known as a country with so many amusing taxes in 18-19th century. There are many unusual kind of taxes in the whole world and we still don't know all of them. THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION! UNUSUAL, STRANGE AND FUNNY TAXES Made by: Laine Baha, 2012 You were watching a presentation... Nowadays about taxes (of course) :) Salt was a very popular thing to tax because consuming it is necessary to humans. The Salt tax British placed a tax on salt, and the salt tax gained worldwide attention when Ghandi staged nonviolent protests against it. Trough the world and history * "In this world nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes." Benjamin Franklin Do not try marijuana! :) Tax

Phone Call Template

Transcript: 8. The next step 2. Up-Front Contract Angry when they realize that _________ is causing _________. This is an awkward call, we actually don't know each other... 7. Pain Funnel Questions I don't know if these things are happening to you? If they are, perhaps we should talk. Vulnerable because their ________ is causing them to lose ____________. We are in the dynamic email business...You may be 100% satisfied with your email strategy 4. Pain Bullets 3. Description Perhaps if I took 30 seconds to tell you why I called, you can decide if we should keep talking... Hi ______. This is _____. I'm a little embarrassed. I get so many voice mails I'm a bit surprised to reach you... Tell me more... Help me understand... Be more specific... Give me an example... How long has that been a concern (or happening)? Have you tried to fix that? Why didn't that fix work? Everything you told me (summarize) is what we do. I'm not sure if how we have helped other companies would work with yours. We wouldn't know that until we _____________. 1 Pattern Interrupt 5. Pain Generation Questions At risk because the lack of ______ often results in ________. Have you given up trying? Who else does this affect? What happens if you don't fix it? What is the impact on the company? On you? Don't rack your brain, we've never spoken... Did I get you at a bad time? 6. Trigger Questions Worried because they can't figure out how to stop _______ which is causing ______. Stuck because the lack of _______ makes it difficult to _______. We recently sent you an email regarding _______. I don't know if it was valuable info or not, I thought I would check in with you... Are you open to _________ (meeting, 2nd call, etc.)? Phone Call Template The companies we speak with tell us that they feel... This is ________ from ___________. It sounds like my name or company is not familiar... Logo

Office Phone Etiquette

Transcript: Script ID: Your name, Position, an Office Confirm ID of person you a trying to reach QUICK ask or summary of the purpose of the call ICE numbers / Extension List Paper and Pen Before the Phone Rings... SAMPLE SCRIPT Have a Plan Know chain of command; where do you stand? Office mission and values Office programs and/or point of contacts Know the purpose for the call Know your office phone number Best Practices Speak Clearly Smile - it shows in your voice Identify yourself Before placing a caller on hold, ask their permission and THANK THEM Do your best to pick up a phone no later than 3 rings Never interrupt Never engage in argument; always defuse signs of agression immediately No eating or chewing gum Have paper and a pen near by to take notes Office Phone Etiquette SCENARIO You are interning under a politically focused nonprofit called "LEAD". You are asked to contact community members in the area to ask for their support for the Data Disaggregation Bill, AB 1726. You want to ask them to sign your online letter of support to send to their Representatives. Your manager left for the day, but gave you a list of people to call. The only other person in the office is a the CEO of LEAD, who seems to be very busy. Do You Know What To Do When that Hotline Bling? Hi this is ____ from ____'s office. May I please speak to ____? Hi ____. I am an intern for ____ and I am calling to [ask/inform/etc.] you ________. Thank you for your time. Don't know something? Be honest Take down a number/email best time to reach them at Actually follow through and call them back! Transfer the call to your Supervisor Let them know you will transfer the call first!

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