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Transcript: Overview of L.C.A. Logic of the foundation SIU team focuses on validating information, detecting suspect activity and exposing illegal activities to local authorities. Investigations from LCA January 2012- LCA's founder, Chris DeRose went undercover and obtained footage of a puppy mill in Costa Rica. The Chihuahua puppys were kept in rat-infested cages soaked in urine. His footage helped the Costa Rica Guau, a local organization, shut the mill down The LCA helped catch one of the most notorious dog dealers in the country, C.C. Baird. They sent an undercover agent into Baird's kennel and got video evidence of him hoarding stray, sick dogs and stolen pets. They were severly mistreated and had many signs of abuse. This evidence help put the end to a innocent dogs nightmare. credibilty LCA has many celebrity supporters such as Pamela Anderson and Ceaser Milan, the dog whisper. In 2011, Pamela Anderson met with LCA at the Gentle Barn to spend Thanksgiving day with the turkeys. The Gentle Barn is a safe haven for abused animals and children. Ceaser Milan went with the founder of Last Chance for Animals, Chris DeRose, to Costa Rica when he helped shut down the puppy mill. Ceaser went undercover to the mill with Chris, which inspired him to start his own campaign, "Adopt, Don't Shop!" It educates people into not buying puppy's for puppy mills. Your donations will help Chris and his team keep rescuing abused animals and exposing the abusers to the public for who they really are. By getting involved in campaigns or even just a small donation, you can make a real difference for an animal that doesn't have the strength to survive. Who knows how many hurting animals your one donation can make. Please donate now and save a dying soul. Saving one animal might not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal. Please donate to L.C.A. and change the life of an animal in need. To make a donation, go to founded in 1984 by actor Chris DeRose. Use donations to better the lives of abused animals under cover footage of the "Little Boxwood Sportsman Club" cockfights from August 2005 Dedicated to stopping animal cruelty. L.C.A. Foundation Last Chance for Animals Expose abusers to authorities and raise awareness All the information in this presentation is from The information gathered is used in public awareness campaigns and in drafting legislation that would bring lasting changes for animals. Donations are used fund the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and keep them in the field Links to other animal friendly campaigns A member of the SIU team. Launch public awareness campaigns, conduct investigations and push animal friendly investigations

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