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Personal Profile Presentation

Transcript: IMPACT WHEEL HOBBIES sleeping running swimming dancing volleyball reading bordenball Motivators "do it right and you won't have to do it again" my mom my sister How Am I Smart Multiple Intelligence Intrapersonal I know about my own strengths and weaknesses. Logical I am good at math and other number activities. I am also good at problem solving. Naturalistic I enjoy the world of plants and enjoy learning about them. Learning Style Visual I learn best by reading or seeing pictures EQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient) 105/200 I'm average Right/Left Brain Analysis Left Brained organized intellectual responsible Personality Tests Meyer/Briggs Personality Test INTJ Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging 22% 38% 12% 56% True Colors This means that I am: purposeful respectful, appropriate supportive of policies and rules detail oriented, chronological loyal, devoted Career Cruising Occupation List According to Career Cruising, my occupation list is: Ecologist Chimney Sweep Bioinformatics Specialist Workplace Values My top three workplace values are: Fincancial Reward Status/Recognition Personal Relationships Skills and Work Habits Abilities My top three are: Spatial Perception ability to think visually about geometric forms and comprehend the two demensional representation of 3-D objects General Learning Ability ability to "catch on" or understand instructions Clerical Perception ability to perceive pertinent detail in verbal materials to observe differences Top Three Workplace Skills and Traits: Managing my time effectively Handling stress Problem Solving Highest Ranked Essential Skill: Use of Computers Highest Ranked Work Habit: Organization Personal Profile My true color is: Gold My top three intelligences are: Top Three Workplace Skills and Traits: Problem Solving Managing Time Effectively Handling Stress

Personal Profile Presentation

Transcript: My personality type is like characteristics like being funny and adventurous. Two of my personal interests are playing soccer and reading. Cooking is interesting because it is my favourite thing to do and it's what i am passionate about and you can make different things each time. Multiple Intelligences Multiple Intelligences is where you have a lot of intelligences at once. By Claudia Cross Some skills would be honesty, respectful, time management, following instructions, leadership, communication and problem solving. Transferable skills is where you can transfer from one situation to another. Being funny really describes me because that's who i am and i like to joke around a lot. I like when someone laughs because then i know i am funny. Learning Styles One on my values would be is working alone because i like to be by myself. It gives me time to think about everything alone because it's more calming and no one is bugging me. Secondly an other one of my values is security because i like to feel safe where ever i am. It feels nice to know your save and nothing can happen to you. Some of my interests are cooking and dance. Occupations of Interest & Why You can be responsible or smart at the same time. Values GLC2Oa When your writing a test you would have to use a lot of skills like being calm, smart, responsible, knowledge and independence. I like when you can say i handed my assignment in on time and you weren't lying to the teacher. Influences Transferable Skills I like working with animals because i like helping them if there hurt or in pain. I could see my self working with them because i like to check animals out and i work well with them. True Colours Myers-Briggs Personality Type My learning style would be audio because when I listen to others talk to me. Interests Things that are true mean a lot to me because it is better then lying to someone or lying in your life. Playing soccer influences me because my friends and family keep telling me positive things to do better the next time. Some of my interests when i am older is working with animals. Thirdly an other values is being healthy. I would like to be healthy so you can have a longer life. I am glad be healthy because it's better then being sick. I like being adventurous because you to do things our of your comfort zone. You should challenge your sometimes to have fun. Reading influences me because teachers can help make you better and learn more. Personal Profile Presentation In the end I think all of these things help us in the future and helping us get a job. They all influence us and teach us things in life. Dance is my other favourtie thing to do because it is fun and energetic. It makes me happy when i do it.

Personal Profile Presentation

Transcript: School Achievements: Basketball Champ - gr.7 Gold medal Volleyball Champ - gr.7 Gold medal Basketball Champ - gr.8 Silver medal Volleyball Champ - gr.8 Silver medal My second occupation choice would be a social worker because would get to help people that aren't in very good situations and help them into a better situation and I would also get to travel around the city and see new places. Interests Qualities: Reasons: Determination: With this skill you always want do your best and get things done. Persistence : With this skill there is always a continuous effort being made. Respect :With this skill you have a sense of someone talents and abilities. My Keirsey Temperament is: Guardian By : Hillary Egharevba People Person - I enjoy caring for and helping others, persuading people, working as apart of a team, and leading and supervising others. Antidotes foe stress: Inclusion in news and activities Appreciation New membership Personality - Your unique personal style ( combination of character and temperament.) Teamwork Skills Personality Inventory Household responsibilities: Sweeping Cooking Laundry Cleaning of the washroom Mopping Photos These top four intelligences are in my daily all the time. I listen to music 24/7 when i wake up even when i want to go to bed, my visual aspect comes in as second because I always draw and sketch sometimes I don't realize it but I really like it. My third intelligence is intrapersonal I really like being around people and making them happy and having a good time, and my last one is intrapersonal even though I like to be with other I don't like telling people personal things and it takes me a while to open up and get to talk to someone about personal thing. I also really enjoy being by myself sometimes to reflect on my self and my actions. Two of my personal Characteristics: 1. My shyness 2.comedian side From each 8 sections my top four top intelligences (in order) were; Musical Visual Interpersonal Intrapersonal Thing That are Important to Me My Family Education Friends Future Volleyball/Basketball These results do relate to me i do like to work as a team but i also like to take control of things and do things in a specific way. Awards/Certificates: Student of the Month - gr. 4-7 Most Athletic - gr.7 Grad Certificate An influence that helped shape each of these interests: 1. My older cousin 2.My mom Know Yourself Summary Stressors: Abandonment Insubordination Lack of belonging Some transferable skills I have are my communication and helping skills. My skills help me talk to others and relate with them as well which i think helps you also better other skills like leadership and problem solving. like: 130 comment: 60 share: 20 Most of my credentials were of things that I like to do, I did them because they made me feel happy and I was helping others as well. My household responsibility I also do well even though I don't like doing them at times I know that I am getting basic training for when I grow up. The three personality types that best describe me are: 1. Social type 2. Organizer type 3. detailed type Core Needs: Membership or belonging Responsibility or duty Transferable Skills There are four types of temperament: 1. Artist 2. Guardian 3. Idealist 4. Rational Credentials A guardian value stability, security and a sense of community. Two of my personal achievements: 1.My abstinence of drugs and alcohol 2. My grades so far I am an Auditory learner. I picked these skills to represent me as a good team member because, they are the most important ones to having good group dynamics. With these skills it will be easy for my group to, set clear goals with out complications, have high standards so everyone gives their best, having a sense of direction, having the support of the group, staying focused, comfortable to ask questions, following directions and many more, and if i had to pick others i would look for similar qualities. Things I Like to Do Read Draw Watch Movies Sleep Play basketball/volleyball. Three occupations that might suit someone with these interest would be Social Worker Teacher Organization Cooperator Multiple Intelligence - A theory that each person has 8 different kinds of intelligence: Verbal/Linguistic, logical/Mathematical, visual/spatial, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical/Rhythmic, and Naturalist. Volunteer Activities: Babysitter - 2010 to Present Church Barbeque - 2013 to Present Breakfast Club - Sept 2015 to Jan 2016 Cancer Organization - Feb 2016 Keirsey Temperament like: 200 comment:90 share: 50 Hobbies: Basketball Volleyball Drawing Cooking Auditory learners are people that usually listen to carefully and pay attention more with music when they study. when I study I always play music because it keeps me in the zone and I get comfortable, and most times when Im starting a new lesson in a class I always pay attention and listen to the teacher because when it comes to test I remember what they say instead of studying for 3 hours I

Personal Profile Presentation

Transcript: Personality Inventory Kinesthetic Linguistic Interpersonal Intrapersonal O~openness to experience/intelllect C~ conscientious E~extroversion A~agreeableness N~neuroticism Lawyer: love to argue, good paying job Marine Biologist: love to be outside and the ocean interests me Registered Nurse: like to help people, social, like sciences Landscaper: love to be outside, never the same, social, like to work with my hands My parents My Grandparents Mr. Connolly Mary Spencer Daniel Alfredsson My friends Skills #STAR Honor Role 2012/13: semester 1&2 Grade 8 graduate French Immersion Award (grade 8) History Award (grade 8) By: @_livnation Interests Personal Profile Presentation Sports Running Traveling Reading Friends Influences Under the surface Keirsey Temperament E~ extroversion S~ sensing T~ thinking P~ perceiving Occupation of Interests Learning Styles Credentials Play sports Cook Do Laundry Clean Literate Fight (street) Chirp Personality Dimensions My temprament is Artisan Promoter and the 10 characteristics that it said I have are: natural ability to excell athlectic persuasive and winning like to talk to strangers like to have fun like to be where the action is works well with hands like to get their way impulsive competitive O~somewhat conventional C~well organized and reliable E~extremely outgoing, sociable, and energetic A~find it easy to express irritation with others N~generally relaxed

Personal profile presentation

Transcript: Stress Personal profile presentation Meghan lee Glc209 What are you strong in? I am strong in thinking, visualizing, talking, creating, communicating, speaking, learning, encouraging. What skills do I need to work on? I need to work on writing, reading, visualizing, analyzing School skills- Honorer role Hobbies- Running, going to the gym, playing piano, and singing Awards, Badges, Certificates- Teams, Clubs, Groups- Hamilton Olympic club (running club) Special skills- Running, playing piano Volunteer Activities- old age home Credentials I am a people person because i enjoy caring and helping others, persuading people, working as part of a team, and leading supervising others. Some examples of being a people person are... helping other people being the leader in the group like a job dealing with people co-operating with others interacting with people Interest Sorter Activity Transferable skills Stress to me can be a negative because it effects my life. My support group is my family and friends because they help me when I feel down about myself. learning styles I like team work because i like working with someone , having someone else ideas, and doing less work. I dislike group work because sometimes someone does the whole project, also some people just don't care. I if i had to pick my own group, i would like my members to have the following qualites hard working - likes working hard and getting good grades. Respectful- respecting your ideas A thinker- thinking about what is right Teamwork

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