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Personal Branding

Transcript: Personal Branding Anton Johansson Strategi, affärsutveckling, kommunikation Hur min diss av Twingly ledde till att jag porrsurfade en hel sommar på arbetstid till att jag står här och föreläser idag 16-åringen som fick 2-5 jobberbjudanden i månaden, via MSN How to get followers, fans & friends 1. Be awesome (or at least someone) 2. Nätverka FTW 3. Engagemang är enda skillnaden När entreprenörskap är gratis Clay Shirky “I’m old enough to know a lot of things from life experience. I know that newspapers is where you get your political news and how you look for a job. I know that music comes from stores. I know that complicated things like software and encyclopedia have to be created by professionals. And in the last 15 years, I’ve had to unlearn every one of those things and a million other because they stopped being true.” Morris Packer Hur skulle du beskriva utvecklingen just nu? "En era som gjort att jag lärt känna mer människor under 2009 än vad jag lärt känna på 10 år” "Om det förra decenniet ofta handlade om Moore’s lag (om den expotentiella utvecklingen i processorkraft), handlar utvecklingen just nu om den mångdubbla (rent otroliga!) hastighet med vilken sociala strukturer utvecklas" "Man får inte kontakter, man skaffar dem" "Man får inte jobb, man skapar dem" "Man får inte erfarenhet, man skaffar sig den" - Kunskap kan jag köpa för $5/h i Indien, kreativitet & engagemang kan jag betala hur mycket som helst för. "Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody is watching." "What the mind can conceive, it can achieve. - Anton Johansson Källa: Forrester Men erfarenhet då?! "Okay, first, there is a universal human attraction to faces. It's why magazines usually feature faces on the cover. Publishers know that people are drawn to human faces, especially famous or attractive ones. It's why People Magazine thrives. It's also why movies and television shows fill much of their screen time with nothing but giant talking heads. Faces are interesting and objects are not." - Anton Johansson 0768 - 99 88 73 - Anton Johansson Källa: Anton Johansson Fredrik Härén

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