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On Fire - Presentation

Transcript: ON FIRE – CHAPTERS 7-9 Chapter 7 How do we best serve this broken world? We need to create integrated solutions, ones that radically bring down emissions while tackling structural inequality and making life tangibly better for the majority. Much rests on the choices we all make in the next few years. This means that we need to stop making the same old mistakes. For people in the climate justice movement, being afraid of failure is rational. Stop Trying to Save the World all by Yourself "We don't have to demand perfection from each other. But we do have the right to expect progress. To demand evolution. So, let's make some new mistakes. Let's make new mistakes as we break through our silos and build the kind of beautifully diverse and justice-hungry movement that actually has a chance of winning – winning against the powerful interests that want us to keep failing" (Klein 70). How does this relate to our book? One of the questions surrounding climate change is: What can I do to stop climate change? According to Naomi Klein, the answer is nothing. We can't only implement change in our own lifestyle, neighbourhood, or town, we need to implement structural changes, such as laws and regulations that support phasing out fossil fuels. "We can only meet this tremendous challenge together, as part of a massive and organized global movement" (Klein 71). In our chapter, we are focusing on using governments to change public policy by offering better transportation, housing, food and education, as well as ensuring a Just Transition to good jobs. In order to fight climate change, we need everyone to participate by trying to change their own habits and questioning the consumption of governments and transnational corporations so that we can ensure that everyone is being held accountable. Chapter 8 A Radical Vatican? In June 2015, Pope Francis held a Vatican Press Conference on his recently published climate change encyclical, "Laudato si." The encyclical was a call for ecological conversion. The concept of "ecological conversion" is the idea of creating a global community that both cares for one another and the planet. Pope Francis said that indigenous communities “should be the principal dialogue partners” in the work of healing and caring for the earth. Chapter 9 Let Them Drown How the world ignore 3rd world countries and let them die Indigenous people are being ignored and their resources are being exploited & abused Being alienated and written as the 'other And why don't people just leave? The Climate Refugees How does this relate to our book? In our chapter we speak on how climate change has affected the most vulnerable (Indigenous Peoples of Canada) 'After all if you are a 'hillbilly', who cares about your hills? The Solution The Biggest Takeaway What can we emphasize in our book? Inclusion and solidarity within the fight Who will it effect the most? The idea of the 'other' in the climate change fight Radical ideas will not harm us - how to communicate it Let's Fix It! LET'S FIX IT! Let's come together and show the world what kind of people we are, what are our goals and warn them of the future, OUR FUTURE!

Ice people, fire people.

Transcript: - Won a Primetime Emmy for animation in 2007, nominated for 7 others, and winner of an Annie, also in 2007. - "One of the most involving TV series the animation world has seen in a long time." - Animation Insider - "The creators of this fresh and unique series, with fantastic storytelling, fascinating characters, and some pretty incredible story arcs, have struck cartoon gold." - ING. - "Definitive proof that animation is a genre capable of capturing both kids, and their parents." - Empire - Tone: Balance of dramatic and intense, with comedic and light. - Conflict: Internal/mental - External/physical - Relationships between characters: Uncle Iroh - experienced and wise. Zuko - young and hotheaded. - Series creators: Mike Di Martino and Bryan Konietzko - Approached by Nickelodeon executive in early 2000's; Eric Coleman - "legends, law, deep mythology...kid POV." - "We were meant to talk for seven minutes. We talked for over two hours. We broke every law of pitching." - Brian K - Series ran from 2005 to 2008, pilot aired 21st Feb on Nickelodeon - 62 episodes (23 minutes), 3 seasons - PG: Action, adventure. 5pm or later. - Intended audience - 8 to 14 Characters - What they Symbolise Series Specs Aang - Practice, persistence and a positive attitude can overcome any adversity. Katara - Hope and love can always be found, and should never be relinquished. Sokka - Intelligence is just as impressive as physical ability, every war needs its strategist. Toph - With the right mindset, a disability can be turned into an ability. Zuko - Understanding and accepting yourself and others is vital to achieve ones purpose and destiny in life. Iroh - Compassion leads to empathy which leads to an understanding and acceptance of others. Azula/Firelord - The pursuit of ultimate power is a selfish one, and can warp the mind, destroy the soul, and leave you completely isolated. Further.... The Show Ice people, fire people. Public and Critical Acclaim The scene - IT MADE ME CRY. Avatar: The Last Airbender FURTHER... Theme - A world divided by physical borders and diverse cultures will always result in conflict. Premise - A young boy from a peaceful past awakens from a hundred years frozen in ice to find a new war-torn world, and only he has the power to bring peace. Surface conflict - Aang, with the help of his friends, must fullfill his duty as the Avatar, by mastering all four elements and bringing balance to the world. Central conflict - The key to peace and prosperity is found through a union and acceptance of diverse ideas, action and people. - Just as importantly, it's pivotal to the show, as it provides the series overall message, and a metaphor for Zuko... - "It is important to draw wisdom from many places. If you take it from only one place, it becomes rigid and stale. Understanding others, the other elements, and the other nations, will help you become whole." - Uncle Iroh

On Fire

Transcript: On Fire by Nancy Holder the book takes place in a small town in California called Beacon Hills in 2011. Setting setting there are 3 main characters in this novel Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinksi, Allison Argent. the main characters main characters Scott McCall is a 16 year old teenage boy who has a to hid his sceret that he is a werewolf Allison Argent is a 17 year old teenage girl who family are secretly werewolf hunters. Stiles Stilinksi is a 16 year old teenage boy who has ADHD and is trying to help Scott control his werewolf side. about the main characters about the characters Picture Picture the plot of the book is that Scott McCall gets bit by a alpha and turns in to a werewolf and he need to control it before the alpha get him to kill someone or get killed by the werewolves hunters. Plot plot conflict conflict there two conflicts in the book person vs person and person vs nature . for person vs nature there a fire in the woods and scott is traped and needs to find a way out before he dies .person vs person the alpha is trying to get scott to kill and be apart of his pack Theme Theme there are three mager theme in this book is that love determenation hatred my overall opinion of the book my opinion my overall opinion of this book it was okay because there wasn't a lot of detail in the book and it didn't explain a lot of stuff in the book but the show was way better i would recommend this book to like supernatural creatures mystery and a bit of romance links links

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