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Transcript: RANDOM STUFF dANcInG bANana Pacman: The real hero Changes: Physical and Natural The Largest meander in Tees surround a town called Yarm. So Why Should YOU win the X-Factor? Lively vegetation surround the landform, this can mean that people have farms/gardening business there. The river meander bends in a U shape with the sharpest bend on the north west part of it. Impact on surroundings: Population of wildlife could potentially decrease because of fishing. Climate change due to fossil fuels from transportation No , It Can’t Sing! Human Uses Image Taken from Google which was updated in may 2012 What might happen in the future? The rate of flooding may decrease because of the defences built around the meander. The cuts could massively alter the shape of the river and the direction of water flow. Background Information: River tees: Length :137km Source: cross fell Mouth: north sea Creates the boundary between the counties Yorkshire and Durham Largest meander bends around the town Yarm BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Template by Missing Link Images from Sponsored by Talk Talk A Bridge has been built to enable transport across the river. Who is Pacman? He is the yellowest character in video gaming history, and the simplest. He's just a circle with a slice of pie cut out.


Transcript: ⦁ Henry Cavendish was referred to as the "richest of all the learned and the most learned of the rich". He is most famous for the discovery of the chemical composition of ______. ⦁ Chihuahua, the smallest breed of dog in the world, shares its name with the largest state in the country ____. ⦁ A ___ is used to maintain time in the famous Big Ben clock tower in such a way that adding or removing every ____ from the pendulum accelerates or slows down the time-period by 0.4 seconds. ⦁ A city was named after the US president James Monroe and is the only non-US capital city to be named after a US president. Which country is it capital of? ⦁ The "London Good Delivery Bars" are but bricks and although they are 6 times as heavy as normal house bricks shooting of no heist movie is complete without them. What are they made of? ⦁ This place in Peru is an important place for astronomical study as it has the world's largest ground telescope. With more than 300-day clear sky, no light pollution, high height it is the best place for the installation of the ALMA. What is this place known as? ⦁ He was born three days before the Ides of July. He became a military general conquering Gaul, France, and also invaded Britain twice. Although he was the Roman Dictator, he never had a crown. He was also a prolific writer and a brilliant orator. ⦁ This Danish company's name translates to "play well" and has become so famous over the years that amusement parks and movies have been made based on their products. In Feb 2015 ____ replaced Ferrari as Brand Finance's World's Most Powerful Brand". What do these images have in common? ⦁ This wonder of ancient world was built King Nebuchadnezzar II may not have existed but still it is suggested to made up of terraces made up of highly glazed and colorful tiles. The place where they are situated literally means the Gate of Gods. Where were they situated? ⦁ In ancient times, X and his contemporary Parmenides of Elea were both credited with having been the first to teach that the Earth was spherical, the first to divide the globe into five climactic zones, and the first to identify the morning star and the evening star as the same celestial object. Who is X? ⦁ An actor X, who is also famous for his voice over work as one of the super villains in the animations and video games based on the games written by Bob Kane and Bill Finger appeared in the 2001 film Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back as the super villain Cocknocker a role which parodied both himself and the roles he had played in the past. Name the character played by X which he is most famous for? ⦁ It is the only city in the world, where the “M” of the famous McDonalds logo is not written in yellow – but with white. City authorities insisted on this, because the city’s artists claim that yellow environment is tasteless. What is the name of this city? ⦁ Shamanism has been popular in Peru for over 3000 years and has the second largest population of shamans after India. Since most of the people in Peru don’t have access to doctors or western medicinal facilities, many people choose shaman's healing art. Most shamans use hallucinogenic drugs in their treatments. What are shamans called in India? ⦁ The cured leaves of Camellia sinensis, an evergreen shrub native to Asia is known to reduce the risk of heart attacks, cancers and strokes and its extracts are also used in the cosmetics as an anti-aging agent. What is this plant commonly called as? ⦁ A champagne glass is also called a _____ because of the resemblance of its shape with this musical instrument. ⦁ One of the "Three Fountains", he was one of the most influential Italian authors of all times, he had tremendous control over both the Comedy and the Tragedy, and is known as the father of the Italian language. Give his name.


Transcript: ....... ................. Approximate Q-learning Approximate Q learning is not suitable Basic Decisions A* attacker Improving by Compute rewards on decision making: A possible combination of Q learning and heuristic - Assign weight for region has a high food density - weight for distance between our ghost to enemy pacman - weight for number of food carried - decision depends on multiple weights Scenario-No food outside the alley: ... Ghost related policy .......... ...... Limited time 15 seconds precomputing+1 second for each move .. low risk scenario: when chased by ghost pacman avoid entering the alley high risk scenario: eat all food when no ghost around game strategy Before- only using heursitic to dodge the ghost ........................................... Though perform well chasing ghost(not limited by goal state) ................. guard the only entry of an alley to block the pacman .... Scenario-eat crazy ghost ........... Diffculty in feature value selection defender searches food when it is scared ........ Rules TLL_vs_staff_team_super_contest19Capture replay 10 14_0052 A* Approximate Q-learning ...................................... Before(left): won't eat scared ghost on its own .. ........................ TLL_vs_staff_team_super_RANDOM3778 replay COMP90054 After-not eating food nearby ghost Food&capsule eat policy After(right): catch the scared ghost to get more eating time Score Enhancement A* Enhancement alley detection & food classification attacker eats food outside the alley first wiping near-ghost food temporaily enemy pacman chasing and blocking mechanism defenders acts as attackers when scared Scenario-Chased by ghost: .... .... Ghost related policy After-heursitc+shielding success when 2 dots left/timeup,need to back home after carrying dots need to banlance between attacking and defending A* defender Enhancement Team:TLL Team member: Zhengyang Li 952972 Xueting Tan 948775 Wei Lin 885536 feature selection flexiable agent - can both defend or attack, not rigid strategy Before-eating all food ............... Basic Decisions Further development

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