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Pacman Gif Presentation Template

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Transcript: RANDOM STUFF dANcInG bANana Pacman: The real hero Changes: Physical and Natural The Largest meander in Tees surround a town called Yarm. So Why Should YOU win the X-Factor? Lively vegetation surround the landform, this can mean that people have farms/gardening business there. The river meander bends in a U shape with the sharpest bend on the north west part of it. Impact on surroundings: Population of wildlife could potentially decrease because of fishing. Climate change due to fossil fuels from transportation No , It Can’t Sing! Human Uses Image Taken from Google which was updated in may 2012 What might happen in the future? The rate of flooding may decrease because of the defences built around the meander. The cuts could massively alter the shape of the river and the direction of water flow. Background Information: River tees: Length :137km Source: cross fell Mouth: north sea Creates the boundary between the counties Yorkshire and Durham Largest meander bends around the town Yarm BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Template by Missing Link Images from Sponsored by Talk Talk A Bridge has been built to enable transport across the river. Who is Pacman? He is the yellowest character in video gaming history, and the simplest. He's just a circle with a slice of pie cut out.

GIF Presentation

Transcript: GIF: Quality Education Introduction Introduction Goal My role in this project has been that of a designer. Throughout the unit, I have been a designer who has created a product to raise awareness on a certain topic. Goal My goal for this project was to create something to raise awareness on an SDG of our choice. The Sustainable Development Goal I have chosen is number four: Quality Education. Audience Our main audience for this project was the UN's social media team. Our design will be pitched to the group of experts working on the social media side of the Sustainable Development Goals. Audience Context The situation that inspired this design was a school project. We were instructed to carry out research on the 17 SDGs, and then create a product that would promote them. Context Product Product The product I have designed in order to spread awareness on the SDG is a GIF Research Research To begin with, we did research on the SDGs to have some general knowledge on the topic. Design Approach Design Approach Smart Research Smart Research Gif Research Gif Research Drafts/ Ideation Process Drafts/ Ideation At this point, I started drawing ideas of what my gif could look like. To do this, I made three seperate stoyboards 1 Concept 1 2 Concept 2 3 Concept 3 Chosen design The design I ended up choosing was a combination of the first and second storyboard Chosen design Design Final Product Final Product Process Conclusion Conclusion 213 frames later, we have a finished product ready to be pitched to the UN's social media team. I am very proud of what i have made, and see this being something the UN may decide to use. Images Dowloadable at: Images

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