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Organizational Structure Presentation Template

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organizational structure

Transcript: professional independent journalists to comply Code of Conduct, Media Regulations, ensuring accuracy and credibility and integrity associated with the material published wider span of control centralised sales team selling across platforms and products capability in digital and development delivering innovative advertising on mobile and tablets to increase yield Thoughts? Key concepts Tran Nguyen Responsibility accounting Fairfax Media Limited 2013, Annual financial report, Pyrmont, NSW, viewed 20 March 2014, <‎> Fairfax Media Limited 2013, Investor Day Presentation, media release, 6 June, viewed 23 March 2014, <‎> Robbins, S.P, Millett B. and , Waters-Marsh, T. 2004, Organisational Behaviour, 4th ed., Pearson Education Australia, Sydney. 2013 Goal congruence Strength breaking down departmental barriers decentralising decision making to the level of team mobilisation - interdependent activities done by specialists Key management accounting concepts - a recap Article summary - Fairfax Media Identifying and applying management accounting issues Analysis - causes, costs and benefits cost saving $351m by FY2015 (cost- minimisation) achieved $60m in saving (September 2013) audience-focused (innovative strategy) Outline Team structure organizational structure: how job tasks are divided , grouped and coordinated. decentralisation: restructuring the organization into smaller sub-units (divisions and departments), each with specific operations and decision-making responsibilities) Organizational Structure & Decision Making April, 2013: organisational restructure 5 divisions Structural shifts to multi-platform to unlock the potential of digital businesses Operation of a national sales team across publications The story Reference Agency theory 2012 THANK YOU Strength simplicity flexible to maintain cost reduction (duplication of management) increase accountability for product/service performance Weakness wide span of control employees' performance without supervision communication between divisions?

Organizational structure

Transcript: Language Resource Center Multidisciplinary approach to management (Stukalina, 2010) - Technical support, equipment maintenance - Training teachers if possible to optimize the use of ICT. - Integrating knowledge and applicability to the English subject TECHNOLOGY TEACHER Managerial structure Formal model: hierarchical; emphasizes the importance of organizational unity and integrity with good coordination and efficient control THE PRINCIPAL Subjective model: focus on the individual perception. This focus is not so pronounced Administering resources and considering the internal circumstances of my educational context LRC MANAGERS: English Head English Teachers (Morning and Afternoon shift) Decision making; Budget, policies ( Changes in the curriculum) TEACHERS English teachers: - Supporting students - Planing activities and projects for the LRC -Reporting Head teachers -Fostering the use of ICT. - Proposing cross-curricular projects -Other subject teachers ( on a second stage) -Planing and proposing cross-curricular projects with the English subject. - Organizing Reporting the principal Guiding teachers -Evaluating teachers proposals STUDENTS (Social service) - Helping teachers in the delivering and receiving resources. - Verifying the equipment conditions after use. -Being example of good users Keeping the resourcess update and working Suleyman Goksoy. (2013). The role of the educational manager's in the management of change. Evaluating changes in schedules and curriculum to be informed to the school principal. Supporting organization and behaviour. Monitoring proper functioning "Individual is the one who will live, perform and carry out the changes continuously". After appropriate and permanent training and efficient communication, the roles, functions and relationships into the organizational structure of the LRC would be: COORDINATORS ( Morning and afternoon shift) Planing schedules and activities for the LRC Monitoring the accomplishment of objectives. Collegial model: includes decision making as a participative process aimed at making the educational institution a harmonious and creative organization. Evaluating the LRC relevance and mision. Administrative managment

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