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Black & Orange

Transcript: Black & Orange Coffee Team 7 Bre Lovelace, Garrett Meek, Rigo Rodriguez, Jordan Canedo, Jingjing Yan Mission M Black and Orange coffee fulfills your need for ethical and sustainable energy wherever you are. Mission What is Black & Orange? Black & Orange Black & Orange is a coffee brand that provides ethical & sustainable energy for everyone. Reference Market R WHAT: Black and Orange desires to provide to their customers with an ethical and sustainable approach to energy, with the purpose of supplying consumers with energy. Reference Market WHO: Business to consumer. E-commerce. HOW: Traditional methods of providing energy to consumers include; coffee, soda, juices, energy bars, vitamins and supplements. Target Customer Target Consumer People that desire products that increase their energy, drink coffee, prefer to buy ethical and sustainable products, and shop online. Client Detail Customer Analysis About 64% of US adults drink coffee which brings the market to 133,841,980 people. C Customer Analysis B O Statistics 66% of Americans eco-friendly brands. The market must be consumers who shop online which is estimated to be 69% of people. Strategy As Black & Orange aims to create a personal and emotional connection between their coffee and consumer. B Branding Product Ethical & Sustainable Coffee Eco-Friendly Packaging High Quality Product Strategy Pricing Cost of coffee: $3/pound $6 per package Costs of packaging: $0.78 Estimated retail is $14.99 shipped. Pricing Strategy Channel At launch Black & Orange will be 100% online using in house distribution methods, however we believe that a major factor in Black & Orange’s success will be to expand beyond online. Channel Strategy The Future of Black & Orange T May 21/ September 21 October 21 January 22 March 22 Timeline Design Website Launch Black & Orange MailChimp Campaign Donations for 1% of the planet Natural Grocers/Whole Food Pricing Budget Social Media Manager - $38,000 Website - $2,000 Mail Chimp - $2,520 Donations - $1,225

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Transcript: Accenture's relationship with PETRONAS Carigali started since 2009. We're currently engaged in PED, DD and Drilling, and moving to PEX in the near future.... Efficient budget management and increased cost recovery Reduce unnecessary work on reviews 300 wells drilled annually USD 2 billion spend per year Over 20 Drilling Rigs Supported by 20 contractors per rig USD120 mil in 2010 in unrecoverable cost Conduct leadership engagement sessions and provide training on processes and tools Engineers and Stakeholders have minimal visibility of project activities expenditure in Appraisal and Development segments of upstream value chain Key Figures Drilling Standardise and streamline division wide cost control and APC, WPB, CPB, AFE and VOWD processes Challenge #2 Carigali divisions Cost Controllers, engineers and stakeholders are unclear of cost control processes throughout the entire project The Challenge Line of Accountability (LOA) Alignment Project Improve accuracy of well cost performance and minimize disputes Client's Situation # Teamwork is the ability to work cohesively as a group toward a common vision, even when that vision becomes extremely blurry.... Cost Control Benefits in ELEVATE Sample Reports Challenge #1 Clear accountabilities and greater integration The Situation Potential cost not recoverable from both Partner and host government projects Our Solution Contractor specific tracking sheets are introduced to align reporting and forecasting requirements across all contractors. Is the supply sufficient to meet the demand? Project controls adequate to risk level Gc Define Terms of Reference for all Reviews and Gates with clear owners in PETRONAS Carigali. The Challenge Key Benefits We work with all Divisions and Departments to: How do these complex reports fit in to the mobile display? PETRONAS Project Management System Inefficient budget management due to the lack of visibility of cost The Situation Manpower Planning Automate data consolidation and generation of management reports to enhance division wide cost control process governance Development Division has no visibility on the current and future manpower gaps between demand from projects and supply from line Project delievered on time and on budget Business impact 2. Enhanced and effective control over budget utilisation Consistent Project Control 3. Simple and interactive way to perform detailed analysis How do we improve the visibility to drive faster and informed decision to address manpower gaps? Co How do we improve cost control while maintaining the efficiency of drilling operations? Manpower Planning Project Governance & Control the team PETRONAS E&P Reorganisation Drilling Engineers have no on-time visibility on cost and forecast charged to the rig/platform for effective control Customise PPMS roadmap to cater for different project types and complexities PED & DD Cost Transparency and Control Project By using latest web technology – jQuery and HTML5 to retrofit and reformat the reports specifically for mobile devices Timely payment and lower cost of working capital Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities across Divisions No ownership and inconsistent application of responsibilities PPMS is a stage gate framework that helps to control a project in its lifecycle to ensure consistent risk management and governance. Drilling Cost Transparency & Control Project (DCTCP) The Solution Why web app instead of native iOS or Android App? Our Customised Solution: ELEVATE The Challenges Dr The Solution 1. Visibility of division wide project performance All project types are currently required to sit through all the reviews and obtain approvals / endorsements before proceeding to the next gate. Mp Mobilising our Soultions The Outcome Standardised data gathering/submission process + reporting tools to provide visibility for better analysis and decision making LOA Alignment Why Mobile BI? Build once, accessible by any mobile devices No additional software and hardware cost Installation is not required. User can always access the latest system online Consistent look and feel as desktop BI reports

- Orange and Black

Transcript: The History of Halloween Cambodia - P'chum Ben 1) Why is honoring of ancestors and death so prevalant across different cultures and contexts? 2) Why does the timing of the festivals coincide with the last harvest of the year? 3)Why is the offering of food such a common connection with these festivals? 4)Why is dressing up in one's finest clothes or in costume a common theme of these festivals? 5) All three festivals has the essential foundation of family. Why is family such an intrinsic part of these festivals? Do you celebrate Halloween in China? What is the tradition for this holiday? When is it celebrated? Is it a popular holiday among the people? Halloween Across the Globe Keywords JAPAN - the Obon or the Festival of the lanterns Halloween Across the Globe 1. Japan - the Obon or the festival of the lanterns 2. Cambodia - the P'chum Ben at the Pagoda 3. Mexico - El dia del muerto or Day of the Dead How do they all relate? The origin of Halloween can be found in the ancient Celtic festival of the dead, Samhain (pronounced SOW-in). Celebrated October 31st as the day when the normally strict boundaries between the worlds of the living and the dead became mutable, and the ghosts of those who had passed away came back to earth. The Church attempted to subsume the festival under the celebration of martyrs and saints held on November 1st, All Saints Day. Mexico - Dia de los Muertos - Orange and Black - Costumes - Jack-o-lanterns - Spooky - Ghosts - Celtics - Samhein - Harvest season - All-saints day Read about your assigned country and how they celebrate. Answer questions: Who, what, when, where, how - give detail and description. Present to the rest of the class. Video Comprehension Answers Key Words

Black and Orange Pottery (Greece)

Transcript: Meaning Overview First potter used a wheel Often broken into separate parts Dried parts to a leather harness and applied slip (liquified clay) Color was of the slip, but sometimes pigments Red-figure technique 530 B.C.E., but later replaced by the black technique Black and Orange Pottery Empire & States Used for perfueme and oil What is Black and Orange Pottery? By Gregory Davis & Nana Kyem Used by atheletes to carry water. Each atlete had a person one for their wrist Why/How was it used? Used to store oil Pyxis References in the Art Aryballos Used to store toilitries and/or Jewlery Vessels for storing perfume, water, wine, and oil Transporting food and wine (amphora) Pouring libations (lekythos) Drinking vessel for water/wine (kantharos or kylix) Drawing water (lydria) Techniques of black and red pottery by the Athens in 6-4 B.C.E Included simple designs and used pottery for household purposes Some Greek pottery dates back to 700 B.C.E Process and Techniques People who produced and used them Mythology Hellenic civilization (true character) Symbolizes Humanism Depicts literature and interaction Purposes Period, Time. "Athenian Vase Painting: Black- and Red-Figure Techniques | Thematic Essay | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art." The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Home. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. < Cartwright, Mark. "Greek Pottery." Ancient Encyclopedia History. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. < "Black-on-Orange Ceramic Production in the Aztec Empire's Heartland | Mary G. Hodge | M. James Blackman | Leah D. Minc | Hector Neff | Academic Room." Academic Knowledge Management Platform | Educational Websites | OER | MOOC. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. <>. "Black-on-Orange Ceramic Production in the Aztec Empire's Heartland | Mary G. Hodge | M. James Blackman | Leah D. Minc | Hector Neff | Academic Room." Academic Knowledge Management Platform | Educational Websites | OER | MOOC. N.p., n.d. Web. 2 Oct. 2013. <>. Black and Orange Pottery Styles of Pots Works Cited Potters Artists Storytellers Wine Sellers Jewelers Athletes Krater made by Ergotimos and painted by Kleitas focused on animals and humans, showcasing mythology Exekias was a vase that had Ajax and Achilles playing a board game during the Trojan War, which demonstrated peace and dignity Lekythos Who used/produced it? Corinth (first produced) Laconia & Southern Italy (Euboean settlers) Attica (150 years) Athens Sparta Boeotia Buboea Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures Hydria

"Orange" Presentation

Transcript: Help Me!! #otp After, they made it to the local drugstore they walked in to buy the snacks they wanted On the way the boy gets barked at by a dog This presentation was made to make you guys feel like your there seeing the Poem "oranges" in real life. I wanted to find the right picture to fit each slide, so that you guys could have the best experience. This Presentation was a fun thing to do and i'm looking forward to more presentation throughout the year. Overall I thought "oranges" was a great poem and i can't wait to see what the next topic is for our upcoming presentation. The boy only had 5 cents but the girl wanted a 10 cent chocolate so he didn't say anything to make her happy and made a risky move but prayed that the clerk would have a heart and let him pay the rest w/ one of the oranges he had packed Conclusion ANd FInal thoughts BArk Bark!! The boy and the clerk both look each other in the eye and they both know why!! AHHHH! As the boy prepares himself to go pickup his girlfriend he packs two oranges and 5 cents PLSss!!! When the girl answers the door they talk and decide to go to a local drugstore to gets some snacks The boy and the girl walking to the drugstore holding hands #YOLO As the boy and girl walk into the distance they hold hands while the girl eats her chocolate and the boy eats his "OrangeS" As he walks he makes it to his girlfriends house and rings the doorbell "Oranges" Presentation That orange really saved me this is The boy as he waits for someone to answer the door But tHe clerk lets it slide knowing that the poor boy didn't have enough "Oranges" By: Gary Soto Presentation By: Derek Guillen

Orange Presentation

Transcript: How to use active learning in a kindergarten classroom Interactive Technology And we also must..... rhymes and stories PBL is both a curriculum and process. Soon enough teachers have to leave learning in their student's hands. Uses facilitators to guide the students To inspire new ideas Harmin, M., & Toth, M. (1994). Inspiring active learning: a handbook for teachers. Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Say "this is for extra credit" or "for a homework pass" How to use Problem based learning in a Special Education Classroom Setting? group work asking the class about their favorites Work in groups Separate into groups and let them come up with ways that would be applicable. Provides meaningful activities for the learner Apply problems to real-life situations Create models out of concepts excited to be at school are learning all the basics hands on activities WORD PROBLEMS ARE NOT THE ANSWER Why do we need it? Background of Problem-Based Learning. (n.d.). CTLS. Retrieved December 2, 2013, from Help students remember References Based on problem solving Kindergarteners.. Himelo - Silver, C. E. ( 2013) . Creating a learning space in problem- based learning. Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem - Based Learning , 7 (1) doi: 10.771 / 1541 - 5015. 1334 All about engaging the student Active Learning How can we incorporate this in Older students? Grabinger. Rich environments for active learning in action: problem-based learning. 1997. Web. drawing and writing To keep students attention Presentation by Ryan Adkins, Raeanna Langford, and Katryn Roberts. Use manipulatives Knowledge is gained through self- directed learning Bonwell, C. C., & Eison, J. A. (1991). Active learning: creating excitement in the classroom. Washington, D.C.: School of Education and Human Development, George Washington University. Use what you've already taught Armbruster, Patel, Johnson, and Weiss. Active learning and student-centered Pedagogy Improve student Attitudes and Performance in Introductory Biology. 2009. Web An approach to structuring the curriculum while confronting students with problems from practice that provides a stimulus for learning. Problem-Based learning Activities involving movement

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