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Transcript: TOPIC OUTLINE Hospitality - Meaning of Hospitality - The Filipino Hospitality - Hospitality and Sharing in the Culture of the Philippines - A National Neighborhood Watch - A Generosity that Breaks Boundaries Freedom and Love of Country - What is “LOVE OF COUNTRY” really means - The greatest gift filipino people can give to your country - Filipinos and Freedom Loving Self discipline - The five pillars of discipline - What is self dicipline - Building self discipline - Types of dicipline MARY GRACE LAñADA "Kagandahang loob sa mga bisita, Bukas ang tahanan sa mga panauhin" In any Filipino home, being an efficient host is an important part of everyday life. Actually, hosting on a wide scale has always been a big part of Filipino tradition, where food, drink and entire homes are provided to guests regularly. THANK YOU FOR LISTENING When accommodating guests, Filipinos will always make sure that any glasses and plates remain adequately filled and nobody leaves the house hungry. A guest’s dissatisfaction is out of the question, and all Filipino people will go to great lengths to ensure that this is prevented. It is custom to pack what are known as ‘to-go’ boxes with food for guests to take home after the meal. On top of this, it is not uncommon that after a dinner party, the hosts will offer a bed to anybody who wishes to stay the night. Hospitality, Filipinos are known for this trait and most foreign visitors of our country can prove this. Despite the economic crisis, this trait never becomes less for most Filipino. Some traits become rare and hardly feel, but this hospitality remains with time. • refers to the set of consequences delivered to students following a violation. Does it destroy individual freedom? Give your own opinion about the picture you see Industry, and . RULES AND REGULATIONS • The most controversial type of child discipline which involves the spanking or paddling of a student by a teacher and witnessed by another adult. they can sacrifice everything in freedom's name their life, family, education,career, ambition and their future. What is discipline? Filipinos are famous for their kind and gracious manner towards visitors, affording and expressing welcome and warmheartedness towards them. Self-discipline is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your emotional state. • The best situations for physical discipline are ones in which the child is grossly misbehaving, often in a way that puts her or others in immediate and serious danger. What can you say? By journeying into any Filipino community, it is more than evident that sharing in Filipino culture is a crucial element of getting by. While it is true that a large majority of people living in the Philippines are living below the poverty line FORMER SENATOR BENIGNO AQUINO " the filipino is worth dying for" he suffered terribly and offered his blood for justice and freedom in our country. he lived, stood up, tough and died for his unconditional principles CONSISTENCY DISCIPLINE Persistence Our own history as a developing nation is repete with inspiring stories of the legendary lives of exemplary Filipinos who stood up, and even died , for freedom and love of the country. In filipino cannotes the following: PREVENTATIVE • This form of discipline is designed to remove the offending child from a situation that might be made worse by his presence Filipinos are freedom loving people Discipline is a key component to effective classroom management (Dr. Will, 2011) "malugod,magiliw, at mabuting pagtanggap sa panauhin" Five Pillar of Self Discipline • Isolation punishment is given for a specified time of one to three days, depending on the situation. MOTIVATION Following through Discipline a generosity breaks boundaries CORPORAL PUNISHMENT TIME OUT : Acceptance, The understanding that one could complete this particular sentence starting or ending with ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’ is an amazing exercise in citizenship, in identity, in optimism, in truth. It is also, consistent with tourism campaigns everywhere else, a great opportunity for a people to come together and agree on something.( DISCIPLINE from the Latin Word means DISIPLINA, means "instructions" or "teaching" What Is Self-Discipline? Building Self Discipline Building Self Discipline Types of Discipline Preventative Discipline Supportive Discipline Corrective Discipline Time-Out Rules and Responsibilities Discipline of Isolation Corporal Punishment Physical Discipline Following Through with Discipline Consistency in Discipline Hosptality and Sharing In The Culture of the Philippines No, it is a barrier in moral decision making. Self-discipline is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger you become. The less you train it, the weaker you become. • is to provide proactive interventions to potential disruptive behaviors by clearly explaining to students what behaviors are and are not appropriate. Willpower,

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