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Transcript: Which are the most asked sources? They cover similar communities There is the same gender skew in local press reporting as in national newspapers ( 1:2) Circulation: 58.000 people Most frequent story category: human interests stories Source selection is biased Monday-Saturday Newspapers: In West Midlands, with an ethnic minority population of 18%, less than 4% of all quoted sources are members of ethnic minority communities. Only one-third of all sources were women. Study: the proportion of women sources by women journalists is only slightly higher than the number used by male journalists. 3th: Period after the end of the election Excluded of the study: News summaries Editorials Opinion pieces Letters to the editor Monday-Saturday INTRODUCTION Woman editor Leicester Mercury News agenda for local press is different to that of nationals Evening newspaper Do journalists care more about male voices or female ones? Local: low number of stories about politics Trinity Mirror Group Human interest stories attract largest volume sources and the story type in which members of the public are most likely to be asked their opinion or to be quoted Gatekeeping function of media in determining contents and perspective of news stories. Coventry Evening Telegraph Topics in local press interest just two major players in the game of politics: journalists and politicians Second favoured category: women: employment and economy men: general crime First 20 stories each newspaper code: Monday-Saturday Monitoring period: CONCLUSION 30 issues of the 3 newspapers monitored 538 articles analyzed 925 individual sources coded In this way, women and ethnic minorities are not represented Evening newspaper AVUI: more men writing in politic section and culture section, society section is mixed Canarias 7: politics: written by women and men culture and society: no findings Getafe Capital: politics, society, culture: written by women The absolute number of women and men sources still favours men A CASE STUDY: RATIONALE AND METHODS OPEN SOURCE? FINDING AND ANALYSIS They have similar circulation/population size Story type Gender of source/s Status of source/s It’s difficult to understand why women and men continue to privilege elite male voices. 55 per cent of articles were written by men and 44 per cent by women Despite there is a higher proportion of women journalist working in local newsrooms, who speaks in the local press, is similar to the national picture: white men. HOW TO MAKE SOURCE A CASE STUDY: RATIONALE AND METHODS Local press should work harder to reflect the views and interests of local communities. 1st: Run-up 2005 British general election Open Source? 2nd: Period of the election campaign Are they elites or minorities? A CASE STUDY: RATIONALE AND METHODS Hearing voices in the local press Birmingham Post OPEN SOURCE? FINDING AND ANALYSIS Circulation: 13.000 people Reasons of the election: Do local press sources differ from national ones? Circulation: 84.400 people In Spain, near the half of the sources are other mass media, followed by institutional sources and politics They share a broad regional geographic boundary Public sphere is seen to have a passive role Germany * Study figured out that most of the editorial articles were written by men * For example: In the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" ("FAZ") only two of 39 editorial articles were written by women (5 per cent) * Added together there were 199 editorial articles and only 35 were written by women Trinity Mirror Group Sources from local press are used to be white men from the elite THANKS FOR THE ATTENTION …Just think about it Northcliffe Group Members of public: less than a quarter of all sources

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Transcript: available developers 24/7 environment-friendly describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials permits users to study, change, and improve the software very often developed in a public, collaborative manner Free software may not necessarily be condidered as an open source. African ethical ideology, "humanity for others" a computer operating system based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution recursive acronym for GNU's NOT UNIX distributed as free and open source software with some proprietary software available Ubuntu is the work of many developers. Ubuntu is sponsored by U.K.-based Canonical, Ltd which is owned by South African businessman Mark Shuttleworth. project sponsored by Oracle primary contributor of the software other contributors include Novell, Linux, RedFlag, and IBM commonly known as OOo or OpenOffice inherited many features from StarOffice can read and write most of the file formats in MS Office site ( offers online support also allows you to be a developer allows download of the software Write: word processor Calc: spreadsheet Impress: presentation Draw: picture editor Base: database Gimp: Powerful Photo Editor GNU Image Manipulation Program Cloud Computing allows consumers and businesses to use computers without installation technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications sold on demand, typically by the minute or by the hour elastic: user-defined service provider-managed service documents spreadhsheets presentations online collaboration FireFox


Transcript: Diversity LKD (Turkish Linux Users Association) Activity Organization Of The Open Source Communities AUDI A software whose license is free is a free software. Performance Postgresql Community makes money! Diversity of the people in the community reduces the workload of a contributor and increases the quality of the project. The software should grow with sufficient quality. REARRANGE CODE PARDUS 1.0 FORK 2004: The developers team was built at TUBITAK ULAKBIM. By: The number of the people in the community. Open Source Definition (cont.) Open Source Organizations in TURKEY Free Software It does not have to be priceless. Not have to be a Free Software. Not runs just on the Linux. There is a support for Open Source Software. Open Source is not just for the programmers. How Do The Communities Earn? What Is Needed? 1984: GNU project released by Stallmann. 1985: Establishment of the Free Software Foundation. How the project works and how the contribution process works. How Do The Communities Earn? Not always a bad thing. Structures of the communities may vary, but there are some commonalities in the communities. Create communication channels and announce them. How To Build An Open Source Project Contributors Assessment Of The Communities (cont.) Birth Of The Open Source Software Closed (Proprietary) Software Assessment Of The Communities Software is owned by a company or individual. Source code of the software is hidden. Users pay for the software. Restrictions on use, redistribution. What Is NEEDED? Size Why PARDUS Has Failed? Build powerful software with the help of the corporations. It is enough for a project with an Open Source license to be an Open Source project. THANK YOU. 1989: GPL (General Public License) is the most popular license. 1. Free Redistribution 2. Source Code 3. Derived Works 4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code The license may restrict source-code from being distributed in modified form only if the license allows the distribution of "patch files" with the source code for the purpose of modifying the program at build time. The license must explicitly permit distribution of software built from modified source code. The license may require derived works to carry a different name or version number from the original software. 5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups Open Source Definition 1998 Maintainers Kübra SARIOĞLU Customization of the Code: When companies need extra features for the project, developers of the communities are preferred and hired by the companies that use Open Source Software. It is a social movement. Early 1980s 6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor 7. Distribution of License 8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product 9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software 10. License Must Be Technology-Neutral There are many alternatives to make money. Communities are very important for a project to reach its full potential. History Of The Pardus Example: OpenToonz We don't know what the software is doing with our computers. Open Source is a very powerful, secure and important development methodology. Communities are the key points so that projects reach their goal and potential. There are very important factors to build and maintain an open source software. You can make money with Open Source ;) A software must comply with the following criteria to be an Open Source Software. However, it does not fit with the motto of the Open Source Development. By using these metrics, communities can improve themselves to build a better community and a better project. 11/2017 • Rearrange the code. • Set up development site where contributors can work. • Always write good documentations. Consultancy: Companies that want to use Open Source Software technologies can be advised by the community members to help them. Closed Software CONCLUSION Motivation: Make familiar commercial companies with the Free Software. Freedom 0: Freedom to run the program for any reason. Freedom 1: Freedom to study and change the code as your needs. Freedom 2: Freedom to redistribute the program. Freedom 3: Freedom to distribute your modified version of the program. Contributors should be encouraged to contribute and rewarded by their efforts. Paying attention to the contributors' needs is very important. Richard Stallman Explain the project and its vision clearly. What Open Source Is Not? 'Can do more in concert than individually'. Specify how people can contribute clearly. Group of the people share the common interests. How To Build An Open Source Community? Open Source Communities It is not enough to build the community... Providing Support: The installation, usage of the software can be complex. Open Source Community members can be hired by corporations to help people who use the software. To enhance the management of the AUDI Corrosion Centers with PostgreSQL. Some of the supporters of the Free Software wanted commercial software companies and corporations to adopt Free Software. Some steps and

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Transcript: BSD - Berkeley Software Distribution, 1988 GPL - GNU/General Public licence, 1989 Mozilla Apache MIT ... and dozens of others Enterprise Open Source Initiative 1998, B. Perens & E. Raymond, Netscape fame Tim O'Reilly and Richard Stallman Commercial friendly or not Virulent or not Examples Electronics OpenSPARC, openmoko phones,... Health and medicine open-source genomics, cancer research... Digital content, information Wikipedia 23M articles, 100k active contributors, 365M readers, 285 languages Project Gutenberg Public domain, open formats, since 1971, 40k books Languages and ecosystems Java, Python, PHP, Ruby,... Thousands of libraries, frameworks... IDE, application servers... Communities Apache, Tigris, OW2, Sourceforge, RedHat, Linux Foundation, Mozilla, Eclipse... Saving many man years !... Apache, 60% of all web servers Internet plumbing ! Mail, DNS, routers, proxy, DHCP, FTP, LDAP, NTP, SSH, Telnet... Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice / LibreOffice, GIMP, P2P, VLC... ERP (OpenBravo, OpenERP, Compiere...) CRM (SugarCRM, vTiger...) VM Xen, BI tools, VoIP Asterisk, EHR, Education Big Data, NoSQL,... Linux Linus Torvalds (Linus Unix) Since 1991 for Intel x86 initially now on dozens of hardware GPL Top 10 super computers, 90% of top 500 PCs, tablets, routers, TV, mobile phones (Android!), embedded 60% of all web servers Examples Open source for development Open Source - Definition Source Source code - software Source - the origin, recipe Open Free Freeware Shareware "Gratis" or "Libre" FLOSS Highly psychological / human I am good, meritocracy World power Part of community Do good to the world Against commercial But also Financed by public sector (Uni, INRIA, CERN...) Financed by large institution (France Telecom...) Good marketing for IT companies (Sun, IBM...) The attraction of free (for product companies) Licenses vs services Innovation Licences... Vincent Keunen Manex CEO, Lampiris CIO Desktop How does cancer know it's cancer? How is this possible?... Everything At Jay Bradner's lab, they found a molecule that might hold the answer, JQ1 -- and instead of patenting JQ1, they published their findings and mailed samples to 40 other labs to work on. An inspiring look at the open-source future of medical research. Conclusion: Open Source a real paradigm shift embrace it ! the world changes faster... Thank you ... questions ? Free Software Foundation 1985, R. Stallman, GNU fame Middleware OS

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