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Transcript: All-Okinawa Eisa Festival / Orion Beer Festival Of all the eisa events held in Okinawa, this is the biggest annual festival where young eisa groups from around the island gather and perform their dances. Local youth groups start rehearsing for this festival in early summer, and on the day of the festival all Okinawans act as one and share the island spirit regardless of age. The Orion Beer Festival is held nearby on the same grounds, where people can enjoy a long summer night with great beer. Okinawa is famous for its colorful culture and festivals Okinawa is also well known for its martial art of Karate as seen in the original "Karate Kid" Okinawan Culture with its unique festivites make it one of the most want-to visit places on the earth Festivals Brief History Pāntu A traditional religious festivity handed down through the ages to the residents of the Shimajiri district of Miyako Island to ward off bad spirits and pray for good health. Painting the whole body with mud and dressed in leaves and wearing curved wooden masks, young villagers disguised as pāntu, indigenous gods, walk in the community to bless people with mud, especially newborn babies and families with houses newly constructed during the past year. The mud used for this festivity comes from a sacred local well and is considered to bring good luck when applied to people or houses. Why You Should Visit Okinawa Okinawa is located in the southwestern collection of islands of Japan Okinawa was formerly called the Ryukyu Kingdom Okinawa's main population is Japanese, but they have their own unique culture separate from all the other regions. Okinawa Lyle Quintanilla Local Culture/People What is Okinawa Famous For? Festivals Cont. Naha Haarii Known as the biggest haarii in Okinawa, the Naha Haarii is the main feature of Japan's Golden Week. Haarii races are held on the first and the third day of the festival. Visitors have the opportunity to take a ride on a dragon boat on the second day. This event hosts over 200,000 spectators every year including a large number of tourists from mainland Japan and overseas. Festivals Cont. Okinawa is a beautiful and secluded place where one can go to get away from the city life and enjoy the ocean breeze and the many festivities that Okinawa has to offer Okinawa has great food, a nice scenery, great people, and a very active community. One can enjoy the simplicity of life in Okinawa. Okinawa is of one the roots of Japanese culture and has the many traditions and a unique twist on the festivals Okinawa's unique culture was formed by the dynamic mix of characteristics from various countries through trade with China, Japan, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries in the Ryukyu era. Since ancient times different cultures from other regions in Japan took root here. Examples include attractive craftwork, performing arts, health conscious diet, unique way of living supporting longevity, and karate which is said to have started in Okinawa.

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Transcript: OKINAWA, JAPAN Okinawa Census -- Okinawa's Flag As stated in the last slide, Okinawa is a Prefecture of Japan, it is bordered by both the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Both form the natural boundaries of the 160 islands that make up the Okinawan chain of islands. Internally on the island the smaller cities and towns are also broken down by borders creating even smaller prefectures. as notated on the maps. Okinawa relative Location -- Sorry to say, your Tour of Okinawa has come to a conclusion. Okinawa maps -- This Population Pyramid is from 2011, it is interesting to see how the mid-teens to mid 60's is called the productive age. from this chart you can see how everyone contributes in the society and when they reach the age of 65 they have earned their time to rest from all the hard work. there seams to be a steady climb until the age of 45 where there is a drop off and then picks back up until the retirement age of 65. Okinawa Population chart --,_Japan.png Okinawa took a great hit to its population in 1945 with the death of over 250 thousand people during WWII. Once the island was liberated by the U.S and was renovated to accommodated the military forces with multiple bases, The population started to grow steady with the need for workers and help with the military. The economics growth came due to the soldiers that lived there and the families that trailed behind making the island home. With the island's military tool protecting the Eastern Asia area,the population has expanded to close to 1.5 millions overloading the island and leaving the locals to plea for their land back that the bases have engulfed. The future of Okinawa is under construction, talks are in work to give back some of the military base land back to the Okinawan government. Centrifugal Forces Finding Okinawa and its Relative location, The Push Factor The island of Okinawa is a Prefecture that encompasses 160 or so islands, is often referred to as the "Keystone of the Pacific" or the Ryukyu Islands translated means "String of Pearls". The island is located about 900 miles from Tokyo, Manila, Seoul and Hong Kong, and about 1,200 miles west of Guam. It is 67 miles long and varies from 2-17 miles wide.1. Bordered by the East China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Okinawa can be found on the map at 26°30′N 127°56′E Okinawa pictures -- Provided by google images and personal photos Okinawa's Boundaries Here is a quick video of some of the culture and the people, places and different faces around the city of Naha the Capital of Okinawa. Okinawa videos -- Provided by YouTube The island inhabitants are very multicultural. Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Americans make up the primary inhabitants of the island. With all these assorted cultures on the island making it a Relocation Culture bringing both western ideals and cultures with them influencing the local life and people of the island which could also be considered Expansion due to the fact that the natives welcome the western culture while still holding strong to theirs ideals. Okinawa and its prefecture as stated before is made up of 160 island. with these islands the boundaries are made up by the surrounding waters of the East China Sea and the Pacific ocean. Colonialism in Okinawa With the combination of so many cultures, there is bound to be something that may divide some. Here in Okinawa there is a strong Military presents between the Americans and the Japanese and with this comes protest from locals over the use of land, ownership of the land and safety of the public. Locals take to the streets in protest of the U.S taking over bases, soldiers breaking the law and aircraft that have crashed in the local area. Some locals do not participate in the protests and feel that the bases bring economic value to the island. Some of the major factors that may effect the push of Okinawa may be the tropical climate, with a high humidity factor and high temps and the tropical storms. Okinawa's typhoon season is a long one, about the same as our hurricane season and with that it may turn some away along with the temperatures and climate, then comes the wild life. There are many different types of insects and animals on the island that may take the appeal away as well. On the human side of the factor, the island is very over populated with multiple cultures and religions that may offend some. Along with the human factor comes military factor, the instability of the area with Korea and China, these are always factors that sit in the back of the mind. Both the United States and Japanese Military forces have had there hand in maintaining power over the island, Okinawa is prime real estate for the military


Transcript: Narrative Dear Masanori and Kyouko (writer's children) You can't see your father but I am always with you. Listen to your mother and don't make your mother worried. When you grow up, choose the way which you want to go. You can't envy other people's father. Your father will be a god and always see you two. You should get along with each other, study hard and help your mother. I can't be your horse (they often played horse) anymore but you should get along with very well. Your father is about to ride a big airplane and go to attack enemies. Your father is a strong man. So as not to lose your father, try hard in everything and please avenge your father to enemies. From your father The battle of Okinawa was unexpectedly long and violent, the death of Japanese people were about 188,000 of which 94,000 were Okinawan citizens. The number of Okinawan dead was about one quarter of the population of Okinawa. American soldiers death was about 2,600. Map [The boy when he was 14 years old] When I was young, Japanese military taught us that U.S. soldiers were devils. If caught by them, women were raped and killed and men were killed horribly. "Never live to experience shame as a prisoner." Japanese military taught citizens repeatedly and the one who died for the emperor and Japan was a very honorable. I was hiding in a natural cave during the battle,but finally U.S. soldiers found us and came to our cave and said "Detekoi. Nanimoshinai" (Get out from the cave. We won't hurt you.) One man said, " If we go to them, we will be killed by the Americans". The person next to me was holding a hand grenade. Somebody took a lead and called "Long live the emperor" three times and pulled the trigger of the grenade. Explosions were all around and my family and I quickly kept head down and we somehow survived. When it got quiet, there were many dead people who were covered with blood. That was a real hell. KAMIKAZE KAMIKAZE soldiers before the attack / Body attack to ships [KAMIKAZE is suicide pilots who crash to enemy ships] By American bombardment, there were many holes on the ground. China Okinawa The attack by American military They used flame guns and fired inside caves which Japanese solders and Okinawan people hided. Korea The boy carried his sister but she was already dead. 10.10 air rade The main city was burned National clothe For man's clothe. It was possible to wear year around and similar to military uniform. This clothe was used for as school uniform and formal wear. Japan Okinawa is where the most violent ground battle of WW2 took place. Summary of the event Bodies of japanese soldiers MONPE For woman's clothe. This was made of cottons. MONPE was once for agriculturalist so it was relatively strong and easy to move. Will of a KAMIKAZE soldier Okinawa island The main characteristic of the battle of Okinawa is more noncombatant Okinawan citizen were killed than soldiers. Many people did group suicide. During WW2, Japan was inferior to U.S. and other allies and japanese military needed more time to reprepare their force for fighting back against them. So the japanese military chose Okinawa for drawing U.S. military as long as possible and they planned to get ready for the big battle on the main island in Japan. clothe during WW2

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Transcript: After WWII Okinawa would stay in the control of the US. Under US rule Okinawans were encouraged to learn the Ryukyu language and practice the religion and traditions. In 1972 Okinawa reverted to Japanese control as the Okinawa prefecture. Some disputes still occur between the federal government and prefectural government with the issue of central power or localized power. Population Well, just because... Current Conflicts The last battle of WWII took place in Okinawa, lasting 3 months. The "Iron Typhoon" claimed the lives of 150,000 Okinawans. Places like the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park have been erected to remember the losses. The Okinawan People Okinawa became the main trading port for contemporary Asian powers In 1609 the Japanese warlord Satsuma invaded Okinawa to gain the islands' trade powers Okinawa maintained the tributary relationship with China but would remain a vassal state of Japan until WWII The Okinawans were originally called the "Ryukyu" people The earliest prehistoric sites date back to 30,000 BCE Scholars believe that the Ryukyuans have strong affinities with Indonesian and Melanesian cultures History Cont'd World War II in Okinawa The Culture of Okinawa Dying language Japanese not Okinawan American influence History of Okinawa There are just under 1.4 million people living in the Okinawa prefecture 90% of these people reside on the main island of Okinawa As a counter to other foreign powers laying claim on Okinawa, Japan officially annexed Okinawa in 1871 Under the Meiji government of Japan the Ryukyuan language and traditions were outlawed During this time an estimated 200,000 Okinawans escaped to other Asian countries, Hawaii, and some South American countries Why did I choose the Okinawan people? History Cont'd History Cont'd The Ryukyu Archipeleago The Ryukyu people remained divided and fought amongst eachother until 1416 when they were united During what is called the the Golden Age of the Ryukyu Kingdom they adopted architecture and dress similar to China Students would be sent to Beijing, China to study Consists of 170 islands stretching from Kyushu, Japan to Taiwan. The climate is subtropical and humid. The islands are subject to typhoons. The Okinawa prefecture includes Okinawa, Miyako, Yaeyama or Ishigaki, and other smaller islands and has been under the rule of Japan since 1972. Eisa Shisa Senzou Sukai

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