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Transcript: Who We Are: Sarah Rajwar 1B A Discussion of Diversity in Identity In October of last year, a draft memo from the Trump administration was leaked in the New York Times that suggested changing the legal definition of sex to exclude gender identity. Backlash #Won'tBeErased Backlash Before long there were multiple rallies in opposition to the memo, and social media was flooded with the trans community making their voices heard with the hashtag #Won'tBeErased. Knowledge Issue: Is identity something that should be or can be proven to others? Should it have to be to be accepted? Diving In What Does This Mean For Knowledge? Human Sciences & Indigenous Knowledge Systems Intuition & Emotion How can the innately personal knowledge of identity through emotion and introspection conflict with shared ideas of what defines you? KC1 Knowledge Claim A: Communities form around people with similar identities due to a sense of comradery in shared experiences. In this case, the barbershop is culturally significant for many in the African American community, and for some the sense of comradery felt towards other African Americans can transcend even stark political disagreement. Identity is often defined by experiences shared by others. Psychologically speaking, identity usually refers to which social groups one belongs to, implying their identity is inherently shared. CC1 Counter Claim A: Identity is still multifaceted and thus subjective, and it is difficult to ever truly convert into shared knowledge. In this instance, despite most of the situation dealing with social pressure against "Chad" due to him being a cultural outsider, it should also be noted that the narrator himself didn't speak up after the white guy because of his "gay voice". Despite being part of the main community here, he still feels the need to hide other parts of his identity that might alienate him. In a larger sense, identities are so complex that even within a community someone can be deemed too similar to an out-group or too different from the in-group, and is discriminated against. KC2 Knowledge Claim B: Within a marginalized community there will be those who try to claim a shared identity for the wrong reasons, which threatens other, “truer” members of that group in their fight to be accepted by society at large. There is fear of the idea of "transtrenders" in the trans community, and certain experiences are often considered requirements in judging if a potential member of the community is "trans enough". It is true that, especially in marginalized communities who are constantly invalidated and discriminated against by society, people choosing to join the community without truly understanding what that identity means can be harmful to the larger knowledge people have about that community. CC2 Counter Claim B: This “gate keeping” not only benefits the oppressive majority that the group is fighting against, but is hypocritical in that it often attacks “false” members for the same things that community has been attacked for by their oppressors. In this case, Bex-Taylor Klaus intended this post originally to be about body positivity and overcoming dysphoria. However, their views on dysphoria became the center of the argument and it was very invalidating and painful for them. Overall, many attest to experiencing gender euphoria rather than dysphoria, or have other reasons for not medically transitioning. Ignoring the diverse experiences of the trans community not only harms knowledge within the community but encourages misconceptions outside of it. I have had some confusion in my own life regarding identity. Sexuality and confusion growing up in a family with mixed cultures. It's not always easy to know what I am allowed to speak on, where exactly I fall, so I have spent a great deal of energy trying to learn different experiences and perspectives in an effort to understand my own. Led me to develop an emotional attachment to these issues, and affected my political leanings, thus further influencing my opinion. Overall, my experiences have contributed to biases, but they also mean these issues are personally significant for my life. Personal Connection Identity is personal knowledge at its heart, yet communities are based so much on shared identity that it is difficult to form a clear picture of who is "in" and who is not. In the end, identity is too subjective and complicated to ever truly standardize, like a great deal of personal knowledge, but it can be best translated with the understanding that one person's experiences might not match another's. Acknowledging these limitations and choosing empathy can improve our social knowledge as a whole. In Conclusion...

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Transcript: Hold the contractor responsible for delivering a conforming product or service. Allow the contractor to determine what skills the employees need to provide quality and productivity. Focus on the skills necessary for the tasks assigned. NIICAP Validates Program Auditing Practices Anita Adams Corrosion Control Tech Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia ISO 9001-2008 AS-3 Employer Coating Application Training Audit Program Development GOAL! Provides framework & methods for assessing the contractor’s planning skilled personnel availability equipment availability Containment Control to manage hazardous waste removal within specification requirements and higher tier regulations. Determines Needs Based on Processes Jobsite Audit Marketing Tool Kit, so your company can enjoy the best use of the accreditation. Knowledge ISO 19011 Tyj Takeuchi Chief General Manager Repair Division Sumitomo Heavy Industries Marine & Engineering Co., Ltd. Corrective Actions Contractors Wants & Needs: Awarding of Accreditation NIICAP Provides: Close a communication Gap NIICAP Oversight Board Members - 75 % Owners Open Communication between staff & auditors Identified findings: 1- Contractor Proposes Corrective Actions 2- Lead Auditor Approves Changes 3- Contractor Applies Corrective Actions 4- Auditor Validates Changes Application & Pre-Audit Review Auditing Management Continuous Improvement Develop Curriculum What To Expect During an Audit Auditor requirements: CIP Level 3 Certified Project Engineering QA / QC Experience Organization Qualification Chief Auditor Recommends Accreditation ISO 17021 1- Application reviewed for completion. 2- Information transferred to Lead Auditor. 3- Lead auditor verifies information prior to arriving at the field/shop. Purpose: Verify paperwork meets requirements. Corrective Actions Verified Sumitomo Heavy Industries Enterprise Products TX DOT City of Austin - water towers Connor McManus Coatings Technologist Materials Engineering TransCanada Pipelines NACE International Institute Contractor Accreditation Program Procedures Bill Candelori Regional Vice President IUPAT/Finishing Trades Institute Transcanada Marathon Petroleum Exxon Mobil DOW Chemical Develop Testing Protocols Owners Wants & Needs: T.J. Mead Chairman Ex-Officio Liaison, Non-Voting NIICAP Auditing Standards Rating System 1 to 5 with clear definitions to improve consistency Includes Headquarters & Shop/Field Visit Purpose: Verify all submitted documents are being followed, and requirements are applicable Knowledgeable & Professional Auditors AS -1 Field Accreditation & AS-1 Shop Accreditation Ricardo Cabrera Advanced Engineering Associate / Non-metallics Specialist ExxonMobill Research & Eng Develop Training Structure "Keep it Simple" COMMUNICATION Capabilities Johnnie Miller, P.E. Coatings and Traffic Materials Branch Manager Construction Division Materials & Pavements TX DOT Personnel More flexibility in training and cost control. Greater focus on the skills necessary for the tasks assigned, mainly in specialty fields. Recognition of formalized, professionally conducted internal employer training programs. Ability to retain skilled employees after investing in training. Program that rewards exceptional performance and management. Larry Curry Protective Coatings Specialist Refining-Reliability & Engineering Marathon Petroleum NIICAP Board Verifies Process AS-2 Hazardous Waste Removal Constant & Open Communication with Lead Auditor Chief Auditor corroborates all information gathered by Lead Auditor One application and submission of documents can be used for any combination of accreditations Reward Consistency Michael Baase Transportation Engineer Technologist III Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Joe Davis Chairman VP Technical Services Tnemec Company, Inc. Companies Specifying or Seeing Accreditation as preferable: AS1 Core Audit Standard Five Star Recognition

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Transcript: United Nations organization is an international conglomerate depicted to fabricate the execution of international jurisprudence, economic development, human integrity, and communal advancement effortless for countries throughout the world. The supreme role of UN is to preserve peace and harmony for all of its member states. It intends to shield human rights and provide compassionate intervention when demanded. The principles of the UN are to save future generations from war, reaffirm human rights. It also aims to promote justice, freedom and social progress for the people of all of its member states. Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about civics, effective communication, globalization & multilateral diplomacy. MUN Conferences are very popular around the globe. Many renowned universities conduct these like Harvard. Even in Pakistan, many schools & universities actively organize such events on an annual basis like LUMS, BMI & NUST. The UN Why CYMUN? Capital University of Science and Technology, Islamabad is honored to organize it's first Model United Nations under the title of ‘Capital Universtiy Youth Model United Nations (CYMUN)’. More than 50 institutes will be invited across Rawalpindi & Islamabad to take part in this event. The concept behind CYMUN '16 urges the need of countries to stand with unity in order to resolve the global issues with diplomacy & negotiations to put an end to all disputes & controversies. CYMUN '16 MUN conferences Confidence Building. Public Speaking Skills. Literary Skills. Research Skills. Awareness about International Politics. Professionalism. Cooperation & Negotiation. Variety on Your CV is a Plus Point. MUN is Nationally & Internationally Recognized. You get to improve your fashion sense. Extend Your Social Circle. Overview The UN MUN conferences CYMUN '16 Committees Rules and procedures Tactics*

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Transcript: Trend and outlooks Trend and outlooks The Growing Number of Nurse Practition... The Growing Number of Nurse Practitioner Graduates IN FACT, THE BUREAU OF LABOUR PREDICT... IN FACT, THE BUREAU OF LABOUR PREDICTED THAT BY 2020, THE GROWTH OF THE NURSE PRACTITIONER GRADUATESWILL GROW BY 19% IN FACT, IT IS ALSO ESTIMATED TH... IN FACT, IT IS ALSO ESTIMATED THAT BY 2020, THE MEDIAN SALARY OF A NURSE PRACTITIONER WILL ALSO GROW BY 19% THE MEDIAN SALARY OF A NURSE PRACTITIONER IS $96,018(TODAY) NP's require a multitude of interpersonal skills, some include: - ability to mediate tense situations - willingness to operate in a team structure - ability to cope with changing environments - should be a person suited to middle management posotions Soft skills the NP needs Soft skills the NP needs The NP has a higher level of training and can conduct advanced procedures, some of them are listed below. - basic suturing - joint injections - ordering radiogrpahs - analyzing EKG results - persribing medications to patients Procedures NP's do Procedures NP's do A good NP has a strong background in the following: - anatomy and physiology - RN medical interventions - fast critical thinking abilities - able to work under multiple stress inducers Hard skills Hard skills The NP should possess these atributes in order to deliver the best care to their patients: - compassion - empathy - endurance - respect for the personal boundaries of others Important qualities Important qualities

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Transcript: Early Choson and Creation of the Yangban society Foundation Foundation - Yi Song-gye - King Taejo - July 1392 - “Dynastic Foundation Merit Subjects” - Joseon Dynasty " " Government organization Goverment organization - The King - The State Council (Uijongbu) - Six Ministries (Yukcho) - Eight Provinces The State Council The State Council - The highest - Giving opinions about important matters to the King - 3 high-state councilors, 4 junior councilors Six Ministries Six Ministries 1. Personnel 2. Taxation 3. Rites 4. Defence 5. Justice 6. Commerce 8 Provinces Eight Provinces - Kyonggi, Ch’ungch’ong, Kyongsang, Cholla, Hwanghae, Kangwon, Hamgil (today called Hamgyong), and P’yongan - Centrally appointed governor and six government departments - Provinces were divided into counties Neo-Confucianism/ Buddhism Neo-Confucianism/ Buddhism - Favoritism of Neo-Confucianism - Oppression of Buddhism Favoritism of Neo-Confucianism Neo-Confucianism - The state ideology - "Dogmatic, intolerant of divergent views, and insistent on the need to remodel society based on its principles" - Core principles Seowon Neo-Confucian academy Oppression of Buddhism Buddhism - Buddhism was regarded as "an undesirable alien faith" - Anti-Buddhist policy Social strata Social strata Yangban Chungin Yangmin Cheonmin Yangban ( ) Yangban - The highest social class - Civil officials (Munban) & Military officials (Muban) - Bureaucratic positions granted to yangbans who passed the civil service exams. Yangban Military exam pass certificate Chungin ( ) Chungin - Middle people - Upper middle class - Highly educated specialists: engineers, scientists, astronomers,... Yangmin ( ) Yangmin - Commoners - Mostly poor farmers - Some engaged in crafts or commerce Cheonmin ( ) Cheonmin - Vulgar commoners - The lowest caste of commoners - Hereditary - Based on "unclean" professions: butchers, shoemakers, metalworkers, magicians, jailkeepers, performers (kisaeng)... Nobi Nobi King Sejong King Sejong - Sejong the Great - 4th ruler of Choson Dynasty - 1418 - 1450 - Greatest monarch - Hangul - Korean alphabet Science & Technology Science & Technology - Under the reign of King Sejong was Korea's greatest period of scientific advancement Celestial globe Water clock Gangnido map Rain gauges Bonus Bonus

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