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Transcript: Monica Weglarz New Jersey Institute of Technology for Company More About The School DEMOGRAPHICS Majors Programs Campus Setting College Name: New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark, New Jersey Architecture, Business, various types of Engineering, Computer Science (STEM majors) NJIT'S most renowned programs revolved around engineering along with its many internship opportunities. Urban Campus Life & Admissions/Classes Campus Life - over 130 student clubs and organizations - 19 Division I Teams - Dozens of community services projects - Student senate - Greek Life - Located in New Jersey's cultural and economic capital - Great performance spaces, professional sports, and food - 20 minute train ride from NYC Admissions/Classes Admissions & Classes Fee: $75 Requirements: completed application, high school transcript, official ACT/SAT, letter of recommendation, class rank Application Deadline: Early Action I - November 15 Early Action II - December 15 Rolling Admission - March 1 Percent of Students Admitted: 60.8% SAT/ACT Scores: 1218 SAT score, 26 ACT score High School Class Requirements: At least 16 secondary schools units (4 years of English, 4 years of math, 2 years of lab sciences, 6 units of electives) Enrollment: 11,325 Class Size: 20-29 students Admissions: Based upon test scores and transcripts Finances FINANCES Tuition: $13,602 per year Fees: $2,828 Housing Options: Double Room - $4,340 per semester Single Room - $4,820 per semester Greek Life - $,450 per semester Total Cost Total Cost $32,730 per year Financial Aid Financial Aid - NJIT administers $48 million in financial aid each year - Some of the programs include: scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study for anyone including: adult learners, graduate students, studying online, going overseas, coming from overseas, parents of a student, and anyone in the military or a veteran - 89% of students receive some sort of financial aid - 3.2 GPA is required to keep any and all forms of financial aid My Views MY VIEWS Yes, I believe that this school is still a good option for me because of its amazing location and internship opportunities. I have already gotten accepted here because it was my safety school and they gave me a fee waiver. They are not different from what I expected. The tuition costs are high just like I expected, sadly like they are for every college. Video


Transcript: Jogging in from the bullpen located in the outfield, I run past my teammates as they also take the field. I can only focus on the white shiny baseball waiting for me on the mound. The feelings of excitement and nervousness take over as I see coaches and players watching from the dugouts. I reach the mound, pick up the ball and throw my 8 warmup pitches. All those feelings are now gone. All eyes are on me. 8: Pitchers! Yells my coach as we all anxiously rush to the dugout knowing what is coming next. Pitchers batting practice, the rare moment all pitchers look forward to. Position players take our usual jobs of standing in the outfield and throwing back all the balls we hit. Nothing like switching roles for those exciting 5 minutes. Everyone laughs with amusement at the ugly sights at homeplate. Day 3 & 4 5: The sun is beating on my head. I feel a burn as the drops of sweat trickle into my eyes. Position players are doing their usual infield drills as I watch from a fans perspective. My calves and thighs become weaker as the running continues. 6: Fernandez you got innings 6 and 7 my coach says as I head down to the bullpen. I begin to stretch and throw again. My body that has since stiffened up from pre-game stretches is becoming warm again. 1: My cleats dig into the outfield grass as the sun shines down on the stadium. I hear crack after crack in my body as I stretch and run with my teammates. 2: Walking towards the clubhouse entrance I hear the whizzing of sprinklers all over the infield and pounding on the mound as it is prepared for the long scrimmage ahead. I try to avoid to getting wet as I go into a faster paced walk. Shared a Photo: Day 15 & 16 13: Nothing tastes better than cold water after an hour of conditioning. My legs are weak as I stand and chug cups of water. The dugout is silent with an exhausted team of ball players loving every sip. 3: The echo of gloves popping is heard all around the field. My arm feels weak and tender with my first few throws. 60 feet- my arm is loose. 90 feet- shuffle shuffle throw. My arm feels great. 4: I enter the long dark hallway behind homeplate that is under stadium seating. It leads into a room full of exhausted teammates eating breakfast before practice. "Why do we always have to get here so early" I think to myself as I put on my baseball pants, lace up my cleats and head out to help set up practice. Highlander Country 15: "A little louder" we all yell and signal to the press boxes above as our coach connects music to the speakers. The usual country music fills the stadium and our ears. Let practice begin. 16: The rain pours down as the infield dirt and outfield grass become a little softer. Practice is wrapped up as soon as possible and we proceed to roll out the tarp; a job for the whole team. All 30 guys grab a handle and lug the heavy tarp across the field. Days 7 & 8 like comment share like comment share 7: I throw about 15 to 20 pitches in the bullpen as I warm up to relieve my fellow teammate. I feel my cleat push off the rubber slab on the bullpen mound and hear the loud pop of the catcher's glove with every throw. Status Update: Day 11 & 12 14: 9: Groundball to second, throw to first, hes out. The players of our opposing split squad team jog off the field as I signal one more fastball to the catcher before I jog out and take the mound. 10: Why are there two coolers in the dugout? There is usually only one, I think to myself as I drink the water I poured from the bigger cooler. Hoping it is Gatorade in the smaller one, I hold my cup under the other spout. Sure enough, the sweet blue gatorade fills my cup. 11: The bat cracks as our coach hits groundballs to us pitchers. Pfps, or pitchers fielding practices, are something that we dont enjoy all that much. Not the most enjoyable thing to do for pitchers. 12: As I sit in the dugout with my sprained thumb unable to throw a baseball, I watch as the scrimmage unfolds before me. Although hurt, there is no place id rather than here, at the stadium on this gorgeous saturday morning watching the sport I love. NJIT BASEBALL like comment share Day 5 & 6 Day 1 & 2 Shared a Link: Day 13 & 14 Day 9 & 10


Transcript: PSA Sapan Patel New Jersey Institute of Technology 17 YEARS. Overview About PSA History Board PSA Board Abdullah Ahmad President Treasurer Bilaal Chaudhry Vice President Lamia Saeed History History Found in 2019 Founded Members Started with 5 memebers and now contains over 50 Events They have done many fundraisers, for example cricket matches Focus/Stance My Research My Stance Stance I took the stance of someone who was new into this club and was looking to join and learn more information. I stayed pretty neutral throughout and did not interfere with what was going on. Meetings Meetings Meetings were very lively and they wanted to include everyone. It felt more like a group of friends hanging out rather than a club meeting. Everyone got to pitch in their own ideas and no one felt left out. One interesting thing that I found was that they have time during or after the meeting ends to pray. They must pray 5 times a day so this really helps them out The club usually meets before special events and they are usually sent out by email Useful Information Prayers: As I mentioned before they must pray 5 times a day. NJIT does have accommodations for this. They have two separate prayer rooms. The daily prayer room which is B90 and then the room for Jumma which is B35. Dietary Restrictions There are some dietary restrictions that they must follow and due to this there are some places that are available for students to dine at. A couple of them are the well known Halal Guys, Masala Cafe and Kebab House. Interview questions What does it mean to be Muslim How is NJIT accommodating with your dietary restrictions That you get to worship God and teach people what Islam is really about, follow God's rules to try to get to Heaven I asked one of the students in the club and he said it was not a problem because he usually always brings lunch from home and all the other food places outside of the campus are Halal. Questions that I asked students. Reflection Club meetings Club meetings When I attended the club meeting I thought it was going to be a regular boring meeting, but the environment when I went felt warm and safe. I felt like I had always been part of the club and felt that I was actually welcomed. I also thought that I was just going to go to the meeting and just watch but, I was included in the activities and conversations. The people I interviewed seemed to have a passion for their religion and they respect it and put it first over everything else. Before learning about their religion I did not realize that there are many things that they have to do and worry about that I do not so this was really eye opening Overall Overall Reflection Comparing this to my religion, there were some things that were similar, for example the dietary restrictions but a lot was different and I was glad that I picked this topic because in the end I learned a lot about another religion and met some great people along the way.


Transcript: Kerly Cedeno Seton Hall University Also i would like to study this career abroad but i have to sacrifice my family because I'm not gonna see them from a long time. I would like to study in England or in France. NO, i would not go to graduate school I want to go to Seton Hall University because my dream is to be detective, and work as a FBI too. Criminal Justice •Edna Mahan Correctional Facility for Woman, Intern •Hudson County Prosecutor's Office, Special Victims Unit •Law Office of John F. Wise, Legal Intern •New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice, Forensics Intern •New Jersey State Parole Board, Victim Service Unit Intern •New Jersey Transit Police, Intern •New York Police Department (NYPD), Intern •Michael Kors, Loss Prevention Intern •Passaic County Prosecutor's Office, Investigation Intern •Securitas, Management/Operations/Public Relations Intern •Seton Hall U. (Public Safety & Security), Emergency Mgmt. Intern •Somerset Probation, Probation Intern •South Orange Police Department, Records Room Intern •Superior Court of New Jersey (Essex Vicinage), Intern •Target, Asset Protection Intern •US Attorney's Office, Customs Inspector Intern •US Customs and Border Protection, Intern •US Department of Homeland Security, Intern There are a lot of majors and minors to choose from. Some majors are only available at some campuses. For instance, Criminal Justice is only available at the metro campus. Had it been offered at the florham campus I would have been going there instead. But also to get in you have to get a great SAT score. Internship I don't really care how much i'm gonna get paid because i like it. I know that i'm doing it for me. Major in Forensic Science NS 499 Senior Research Project PH 210 Physics I PH 220 Physics II CJ 111 Introduction to Criminal Justice CJ 155 Criminal Law CJ 217 Criminal Investigation CJ 221 Criminal Evidence and Procedure FN 343 Forensic Science I FN 353 Forensic Science II PY 230 Behavioral Statistics

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