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Transcript: The Party Zone is where it's at. This is a place that has a tunnel of danger designed just for you, and obstacles that will leave you dumbstruck after you try them. Good luck There will be no fee to rent this awesome place. Of the two types of tables, one that sits ten and one that sits fourteen, we will need 5 tables that sit fourteen and 8 that sit ten. We chose it because it is the best for our graduation party Equations: 150 people in all, so 14 people per table times five of those tables = 70 people. The rest of the people come from having a total of 80 people, so 10 times 8 = 80. 80 + 70 = 150. Schedule- Food- Fundraiser- Decorations- Music- Guest Speaker- Awards- Our fundraiser is going to be washing cars, which is $5.00 for cars and $10.00 for trucks. It takes place in front of McDonald's parking lot. McDonald's parking lot has an abundance of room so we can wash six cars at one time, which is a lot for washing cars at a standard car wash. Since our school has given us a total of $525.00, we will fundraise an extra $1,110.00 so that we have a total of $1,635. So, to do that, we will have to wash a total of 100 trucks ($1,000) and a total of 127 cars ($635.00). We spent $66.00 on awards, $24.00 on decorations, $420.00 on music and entertainment,$250.00 on guest speakers, for food we spent $675.00. Our music player will be DJ Jazzy John. Usher Raymond, we will tell him to sing for a total of 60 minutes, which is an hour. Usher charges $300.00 for an hour. So if Usher is going play for that long that we mentioned the cost will be $300.00. This music entertainer is very appropriate and important for our graduation. The reason why we chose him because he plays songs that will make you want to jump and dance the night away until you drop, and only means joy to everyone's hearts. The type of food that we are doing is a level two meal at the Party Zone. This food will be coming from the concession stands and will be served on trays from our famous cookers and chefs for grilling. The cost per person is $4.50, and we have a total of 150 people. So, if we multiply150 by 4.5, we will get the answer of $675.00. Each of the awards costs $2.00, so if there are 33 people, then we will have to multiply 2 by 33, which will give us a total of $66.00. Jordan Addis: Still Going Strong Even through all this Morgan Barber: Being the Most positive student Max Bounyang: Most out going Nick B: Always Smiling Josh B: Jokester Rylee Chart: Best with Group Work Mychaela Danek: Hardest Worker Ryan D: Tallest Student Hannah Duerst: The prettiest BLUE eyes Elyse Durben: The Cutest Funniest Shirts Julie Evens: Never Sad Cheers People up Kirstin Fries: nicest smile Tim Jordan: A+ Attitude Alex Kappes: Student Helper Josh Kollenbroich: funny guy Sam Kollenbroich: best singer Connor Kram: class clown Emily Manthei: smarty pants Johnny M.: Youngest algebra star Joyce M: Spanish Expert Storm M: coolest name Ambria Noll: Always smiling Eve P: good style Matt Puetz: #1 nascar fan Katie Q: Hardest worker Dylan Saber: nicest shoes Harry S.: best skier Megan S:best hugger Tiffany S: amazing basketball player Shane S: always kind and making jokes Luke Westra: good team player in sports Allie W: Caring for animals Hannah Z: Best Pianist Start: 6:00P.M. Finish:12:00A.M. In order, these events will take place: 6:00-6:10 is to get ready to dance. 6:10-8:00 is the time to dance. 8:00-9:00 Usher sings. 9:00-9:30 Usher speaks. 9:30-10:00 Will Smith speaks. 10:00 to 12:00 Eat and have fun. We will have two guest speakers. One will be Usher and the other will be Will Smith. Usher is going to talk for around a half-hour and that will cost us $150.00. The grads will enjoy his public speaking talent and will wish he could speak more. Will Smith will talk for a half an hour, which will cost us $100.00. Facilities- For our decorations, we chose streamers and balloons. We will buy 4 rolls of streamers, which will cost us $12.00 and be 600 feet in total. Then, the colors of the streamers will be a light red and a dark purple. For the balloons, we will buy one gross, which is 24 balloons, and will be $12.00. The colors of the balloons will be yellow, dark blue, and light blue. This should be enough to make the Party Zone the best Graduation Party ever. Night Sky

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