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Final presentation for Investment

Transcript: DWA(DreamWorks SKG) - The third quarter financial statement also shows a great amount of profit earning. Buying Time: 9/20/2012 12:06pm Quantity: 50 Price per share: 698.64 - Selling Time: 11/5/2012 9:30am Quantity: 200 Price per share: 22.00 Yang You Over all, my experience on StockTrak is very successful and I learned a lot from making trades from this tool. Also It gave me lots of troubles (I lost lots of money), but the progress is very interesting and useful. - The third quarter financial statement increased. Selling time: 11/2/2012 9:57 am Quantity: 60 Price per share: 646.27 Thank You Trends: - Big name companies such as GOOG, AAPL. - Follow the third quarter financial statement - Chinese big companies which are listed in America. (Showing my support to them, but Non of them works well.) - Start to short stocks during the middle of the semester. Such as PCLN, DWA. Value: $91,772.03 Percentage Return: -8.23% PCLN(Priceline) The most unsuccessful trade Normal Trade Portfolio Overview Waited for the ipad mini conference, thought it will bring the price back. - Missed the best time to buy it Transaction history - bought it at the highest range of price - always hope the price will go back. AAPL Buying Time: 11/1/2012 2:30pm Quantity: 60 Price per share: 580.91 Tool:Yahoo, StockTrak Mobile app Portfolio Value: 91,772.03 Portfolio % Return: -8.23% Trades Made: 41 Still hold this stock at the end of the this project The most successful trade Priceline's statement shows a really positive position and the sum of business transactions from last 12 months break through 50 hundred million dollar. Profit: $40 Portfolio Summery: Profit: $3921.6 Final presentation for Investment Buying Time: 11/2/2012 9:30am Quantity: 200 Price per share: 21.80

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Transcript: OSU Recreational & Intramural Sport Department Thank You! ` Oregon State University Oregon State The Website! Sports Opportunities. Basketball Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Football Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Golf Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Rowing Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Soccer Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Instagram Wrestling Schedule Roster News Facebook Twitter Sports& Teams Sports All participants must create an IMLeagues account and have an active IM Pass to be eligible to register for intramural sport leagues, tournaments, and events for that term. Log into IMLeagues from the OSU Rec Sports website to create an account and obtain an IM Pass. Registration for specific activities will be completed online through IMLeagues. How to register. How to register. Fitness Classes Fitness Classes Cardio Kick Boxing Choreography and basic boxing skills grow together through the term in this heart-pounding workout. Zumba Designed to engage and captivate for life, Zumba® fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves. Have a blast while working out in this calorie-burning, body-energizing program. Picture Picture <im <img src=" On-campus employment works well for students because it is often flexible, part-time and convenient. These opportunities work particularly well for people without readily available transportation or for international students who do not yet have authorization to work off campus. You can find on-campus employment (including internships, administrative, lab positions, etc.) through Oregon State’s internal job board. The same positions can be found on Handshake. Get the Most Out of Handshake. Note that “work study” is a program that provides certain offices and faculty across campus with federal funding to hire qualified students. You may apply for work study positions if you are eligible through your financial aid package. Learn

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Transcript: ‘Context’ • Definition: the factors shaping the circumstances of a statement and the perception of it, in terms of how much of it can be completely understood. • Countries in Asia, the Middle East and Southern Europe are typically dominated by ‘high context’ culture • Countries in North America, Northern, and Western Europe often are ‘low context’ cultures ‘Low context’ • In ‘low context’ cultures most messages are overt and explicit • Highly mobile environments such as the Canada and the US, where people come and go, need lower ‘context’ culture • Communication in ‘low context’ cultures is direct and clear & Low commitment to relationship, transmitting the task is more important than relationships • ‘Low context’ cultures argumentation and rhetoric are used in advertising, whereas symbolism and indirect expressions are commonly found in advertisements in ‘high context’ cultures High Context ad: Japan: Suntory beer - Comprehend: Corporate meeting/social gathering over beer at night. Uncomprehensible meaning resides in: - Non-verbal language, hand gestures. - Unexplaind interactions/relationships. - Implicit communication. Not translated into low-context cultue. Introduction ”Finally a lite products we, as men, understand. 30 % less calories, 4.1 % alcohol. ” Comprehensible meaning: Dilemma between health and taste. The Carlsberg solution: Same amount of alcohol, less calories. Meaning resides in: - Explicit non-verbal language, outward reaction . - Sound effect. - Overt messages - Summarizing statement. Beyond Culture: High Context Culture Low context examples Conclusion Published in 1976 Contains simple but logical comments on culture and its influence on our behaviour -> “it provides a good understanding of the manner in which culture conditions us to perceive our world, and the people who inhabit it, in certain predetermined ways.” (Pacific Sun) Introduces the concept of “high and low context culture” Low context ad: Denmark: Carlsberg Lite ‘High context’ •Requires people to understand the rules, by using their knowledge of contextual elements •People in ‘high context’ cultures rely more on indirect language, many covert and implicit messages, with use of metaphor and reading between the lines. •Communication tends to be through words, the tone of the voice, body language, timing, facial expressions, eye contact, and the use of silence as pauses • ‘High context’ cultures are more relationship-oriented, community and the traditional way of doing things are very important High context examples Example: Low Context American anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher Influential colleague of the well-known media theorist Marshall McLuhan Gradually developed his concept of “cultural dimensions”, which he described in several books. Thank you for your attention! Concept Differences: • Behaviour (verbal / nonverbal) • Emotional expressions • Relationship-building • Directness/indirectness Example: High context High Context Culture vs. Low Context Culture Konrad Schneider Jakub Drwiega High or Low Context Culture? Edward T. Hall (1914-2009):

Presentation for Impact Investment

Transcript: Impact Measurement & Strategy About Us Rachel Ward (Metric and Data Collection Lead) Metrics and impact measurement professional with deep experience in the impact investing and social enterprise space with Grassroots Business Fund, Agora Partnerships, Kulemela Investments, International Women’s Foundation, among others. Kate McCarthy (Engagement and System Design Lead) Consultant and President and Director of Operations of SEAD – an organization dedicated to improving agricultural techniques in rural communities – expertise in the design and execution of quantitative and qualitative data collection strategies and methodologies. Impact Measurement: Social Our Services Metric Selection & Engagement Strategy Community Advancement Business Sustainability Impact Measurement Methodology Increased Revenues/Funding Goal Setting Meta Why Measure Impact? Trainings on Social Return on Investment and Social Enterprise Development: Integration We partner with companies, impact investment funds, and organizations of all sizes to align social impact with goals and/or investment. Our impact measurement methodology produces a set of measurement indicators and implementation strategy that helps clients evaluate, manage, and scale impact. Offices in Mexico and USA Shareholder Earnings Impact Investment fund: Shared Value Maximize Net Income Our Team Training on Social Return on Investment methodology Evaluate, manage, and scale impact Align investment with social impact Report impact to investors and key stakeholder groups Implementation Our Goal: Shared Value Our Portfolio Socio-Economic Development Additional Services Our Partner ROI Access to Healthcare 1. Capacity Building Workshops on Impact Measurement and Social Enterprise Development 2. Impact Evaluation 3. Impact Measurement Metric Creation 4. Impact Investment Portfolio Evaluation

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