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Transcript: Swan (Soowan Lee) Newspaper & Magazine Newspaper & Magazine Newspaper Newspapers Newspapers : A printed paper that tells about the issues and event in the world everyday. Usage: People read the newspaper and they can know what is happening in the world. History Newspapers began circulating in 17th century. Johann Carolus was the first person who published the newspaper in 1605. The first newspapered appeared in 1966. History Timeline Timeline Video manufacture Magazine Definition: A periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest. Useage: Weuse magazine when we want to know about the thing that you are interested. Magazine History In 1731, an Englishman named Edward Cave published a periodical called The Gentleman's Magazine. He invented the word “magazine”. Timeline Timeline Manufactured Magazine Manufacturer Newspaper products The Products that made from old newspapers Envelopes Tools & materials - glue, scissors, pencil and the old newspaper 1. Fold the newspaper triangle 4 times and cut it. 2. Then fold the sides over, dab some glue on their bottom edges, and fold over the bottom flap. Envelopes 1. Cut the newspaper in small piece 2. Write what you want to 3. Make a hole 4. Put a string inside the hole Bookmark Bookmark Materials - newspaper, string 1. Open the newspaper and cut along the center fold. You'll need 11-12 pieces of cut newsprint. Tightly roll it the long way. When completely rolled, flatten. 2. Add glue to secure. Repeat until you have made 11-12 newspaper reeds. Try to make them approximately the same width. (Our newspaper reeds ends up being about 1 inch wide.) 3. Now lay four reeds vertically on the table in front of you. Weave four other reeds through them, centering the woven part in the middle. 4. It will now look like a cross made out of newspaper. 5.Fold the ends of the reeds up and begin weaving another newsprint reed through the spokes, moving around the basket to make the first layer of the basket's sides. Glue the reed's ends together by overlapping. Continue with two to three more layers of reeds, building up the basket's sides. Now fold over the reeds that are still sticking up either into or out of the basket. Trim if necessary and tuck the ends down into or up and under existing weaving.1. Basket Materials - Glue, newspaper Materials - newspaper, tape Pencil case Pencil case 1. Get lots of newspaper and fold it half like a circle and stable it with the tape. 2. Connect other in together and tape it. Materials - Glue, newspaper. Paper bag Paper Bag Magazine Products Products made by Magazine Basket Materials - Magazine, scissors, a long circle stick and glue Basket Necklace Materials - String, glue , magazine and scissors 1. Cut the magazine in a same distance and roll it then glue it. 2. Put in the string and tie the string. Necklace picture frame materials- magazine, scissors, glue, thick paper (instead of frame) Picture frame cup holder materials - tape, newspaper and scissors Pencil holder Materials - Cardboard, glue gun, scissors and pencil Pencil holder APA The Paper Making Process. (2018). YouTube. Retrieved 3 May 2018, from The Paper Making Process. (2018). YouTube. Retrieved 3 May 2018, from APA


Transcript: After the name of the article, give the sponsor of the site, the date of publication, the medium, and the date of access. After the name of the newspaper, give the publisher, publication date, medium, and access date. How to cite a Map or Chart Examples How to Cite a Personal Interview How to cite a Survey you Constructed Cite a map or chart as you would a book or a short work within a longer work and include the world Map or Chart after the title. Add the medium publication. For an online source, end with the date of access. "Australia." Map. Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection. U of Texas, 1999. Web. 4 Nov. 2010. California. Map. Chicago: Rand, 2002. Print. Shapiro, Walter. "The Quest for Universal Healthcare." Salon. Salon Media Group, 21 Feb. 2008. Web. 2 Mar. 2008. Bustillo, Miguel, and Carol J. Williams. "Old Guard in Cuba Keeps Reins." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 25 Feb. 2008. Web. 26 Feb. 2011. List the person interviewed; the label Telephone interview, Personal interview, or E-mail interview; and the Date the interview took place. Example Freedman, Sasha. Person interview. 10 Nov. 2011. How to Cite an E-mail Newspaper Magazine/Newspaper Include the writer's name; the subject line, in quotation marks (for email); Message to (not italicized or in quotation marks) followed by the recipient's name; the date of the message; and the medium of delivery (E-mail). (MLA style hyphenates e-mail.) Example Harris, Jay. "Thought on Impromptu Stage Productions." Message to the author. 16 July 2006. E-mail. Here is the format of how to cite a survey you constructed and distributed: Last name, First name. "Name of survey." Survey. DD Month YYYY. Magazine

Newspaper Template

Transcript: Sophie Wargo Blue vs. Gray About the life of the war victims 1864 The Country Splits The North and the South In the quarrel between two sides, the American Civil War has begun. American Civil War Choose a side. Ever since the American Civil War broke out three years ago, the people of the country have been divided into two sides. One side of the war, the Confederate group, had different opinions on the way the Union was running the country. Whether people support the Union or the Confederacy is entirely up to them, but most supporters live in an appropriate residence. The Union has control over the north side of the country, where most Union supporters typically live, and the Confederates have control over the south. It is not hard to spot soldiers of either side of the war. Union soldiers are referred to as "bluebelly Yankees," or just "Yankees," because of their blue uniforms. Confederate soldiers, however, wear simple gray uniforms, and the two sides are easily distinguished. It does seem as if the Confederates have less power over the Union due to their lack of popularity and resources. These soldiers each fight to protect their own side and beliefs, but they can't both win. Whoever will win in the end gets to run the country the way they believed was right, so there is a lot at stake for not only the two sides, but for the entire country. Hannalee Reed The Reeds Fight the War There are currently four living Reeds, losing the father of their family to the war, and a baby carried by the mother on the way. Rosellen Sanders is a family friend of the Reeds, just like her mother, and girlfriend of Davey Reed. The Reed Family Hannalee Reed, a young girl from Georgia, must learn how to survive and cope with the American Civil War in her country. She comes from a family of Confederates, her brother being a Confederate soldier like their father before he died in an army hospital last winter. Hannalee must also deal with the people in her life; her mother, pregnant with her father's child; her little brother Jem, whom she has to look out for; her older brother Davey, the soldier fighting in the war, and Rosellen Sanders, her town's prettiest girl and Davey's current girlfriend, who is beginning to give up on him because he won't marry her. When part of the Union army comes to her town and takes all the millworkers, including her, Jem, and Rosellen, the three have to stick together to survive. However, after many of Hannalee's elaborate plans to keep them all together, they all get taken by different Northeners to work for them. Now Hannalee has to go on an adventure to get back to her home with those she loves and survive the war. Advice to Hannalee Reed When dealing with a problem, one often turns to another for advice. Hannalee Reed has many problems falling on her shoulders, and some advice doesn't seem like a bad thing for her. When I got taken away from my home and sold by the Union, I escaped my owners' home to run away and find Jem and Rosellen. I want to bring them home with me, but Rosellen doesn't want to come home. She wants to stay with her new owners in her new home, and I think she doesn't want to be with Davey anymore. I want Rosellen to come home, not only for us, but for her mother as well, but I don't know what to do to make her come home. - Hannalee Reed First of all, I think trying to get Jem and go back home is dangerous. If you get caught by the Union soldiers, they could send you to their jail or sell you to different owners. However, if you were to go back home, I don't think you should make Rosellen come with you. She may be happier where she is, and might feel more protected and as though her life has improved. You two might not see things the same way, but she should be entitled to her choices. - Sophie Wargo The Most Important Battle of the Civil War The Battle of Gettysburg One of the battles in the war was the Battle of Gettysburg, a significant event in history. During the American Civil War, there were many battles fought between the Union and Confederacy. The Battle of Gettysburg was a historical event during the Civil War, and called the most significant battle of the war. Gettysburg is located in Pennsylvania, where Union and Confederate troops clashed from July 1-July 3 in 1863. General Robert E. Lee, commander of the Union army, took his army into Pennsylvania after winning a battle in Northern Virginia. The Union was victorious in the Battle of Gettysburg, while the Confederates lost. Gettysburg

Newspaper Template

Transcript: OCTOBER 2017 AUTHORS - SATHVIKA AND KARTHIKEY MING'S BIGGEST PREY Patricia Highsmith was born on january 1st, 1994 in forth worth. Growing up she had a very harsh love hate relationship with her parents. She was the only child to Jay Bernard Plagman and Mary Plangman.Both her parents got divorced 10 days before patricia was born. She learnt play writing, english composition and short stories at barnard college. She was a diarist her entire life and started writing just as a hobby but made it her job later.She is well known for her psychological thrillers and her short stories which have been adapted by a lot of films.For her personal life, she was an alcoholic and suffered from thoughts of depression, anorexia nervosa and lung cancer. She claims to prefer animals,cats to be specific over humans. She was attracted to women and was never in a long term relationship. ABOUT THE AUTHOR ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND SUMMARY SUMMARY Ming's biggest prey is a story about a cat,Ming who struggles through a hard life as a kitten.His fate begins when he gets picked up by Elaine.Elaine his loving mistress pampers him and spoils him. He enjoyed his luxury life before teddie comes into play. Teddie is elaines partner. He gets jealous of ming because of the attention that he gets from his love Elaine. Ming is hostile when around Teddie Teddie attempts to kill Ming several times but fails. Ming hates Teddie but never physically shows it.He terrors his existence in the thought that he may hurt him.One night, when elaine is not in the presence ming notices teddie being slightly drunk and stealing Elaine's Diamond necklaces Teddie attempts to grad Ming and kill him but Ming plays around and makes Teddie fall over the terrace. Elaine is given the stolen diamond necklace found in teddies pocket in the hospital and realizes ming has helped her from being robbed SUMMARY MING Ming is a quintessential cat.He is the main protagonist in the story. He is indulged and spoiled by Elaine his loving mistress. He only likes the presence of his owner Elaine and dislikes other humans."In all the world,he only liked elaine".He enjoys his life in luxury being fed by elaine and concha”ming had just lunched on delicious grilled fish and a bit of lobster”.He can sense anger before it reaches him. He terrors the presence of teddie that he is going to suffocate and hurt him to death. Though he hates teddie he never really physically show it by planning attacks he knows that teddie is up for no good and waits for the moment to arrive to take his revenge on him. CHARACTER ANALYSIS CHARACTER ANALYSIS TEDDIE Teddie is elaine’s boyfriend. He was never actually in love with elaine.He is the main antagonist in the story. His real identity is of a smart thief.He was just having fun in the parties with elaine. He was always jealous of the love ming gets from his mistress elaine and plans to murder him several times but fails to do so.When he got the opportunity, he stole his partners diamond necklace when the opportunity arrived for ming he played and tricked teddie to kill himself to death for stealing and going against the laws. He took the right decision as he had a purpose to kill teddie but teddie tried to kill ming for an unsensible reason. TEDDIE ELAINE Elaine is ming’s loving mistress and teddie’s partner.she is a very sweet and caring soul. She is the only person ming loved. “In all the world, he only loved elaine. she loved and understood him". She is a wealthy loving women who adopts ming and pampers him. She treats ming as her own child with care. Concha - she is the maid who works for Elaine in Acapulco.she cleans up the house, feeds ming and takes good care of him.she knows his likes and dislikes.Ming is very specific about the dishes she serves the food in he does not always like few dishes so she makes sure to serve it in the dishes he prefer. She is also considered as one of the humans ming likes to be around. CONCHA THE HOUSE - Where Ming is most comfortable. In the story the car takes Ming along with Elaine and Teddie to Elaine’s house he is familiar with everything in his house and also knows where Concha,the maid lives THE BOAT- Teddie attempts to kill ming by pushing him away from the boat. Ming hangs off the boat hopelessly but his mistress Elaine’s presence saves his life. THE TRADING POST - The boat in the story arrives at the trading post which is filled with people and very busy. This shows how Mings daily life goes on. SETTING The story is told in a third person limited perspective. Only the reader and ming knows what is happening throughout the story. The reader knows every detail and follows along like an invisible presence. POINT OF VIEW EXPOSITION - The story takes place in Acapulco which is in Mexico during the 1900s Rising action - Teddie tries to kill him by throwing him into the sea Climax - When the opportunity arrives Ming plays around and makes Teddie fall to death from a 15 feet long building PLOT Reflection - When the hospital

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