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Newspaper presentation

Transcript: Investigate topics that aren't commonly talked about Taught us to not believe everything we're told Not to be afraid to ask questions Standing up for our beliefs and enlightening others on possible solutions to put change into action. Challenges Project Overview Foster home statistics in the United States Foster home abuse Effects of being in the system What it means to be muckrakers How to create political cartoons Write persuasively Create newspaper Investigate and write articles current world issues Learned about the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era Prescription pills abuse Overdoses in United States Deaths caused by alcohol Drugs and alcohol abuse How we Chose our Topics Agreeing on a group of topics Splitting the topics evenly Creating very compelling stories Making our newspaper flow well together "Every good newspaper is muckraking to some degree. It's part of our job. Where there's muck, we ought to rake it." By: Aislin, Jacob, and Macy James P. Cannon Tying topics together Organizing our newspaper Finding/creating images to go with each story Newspaper presentation What we learned? Dramatic increases in school shootings (5 yrs). Students training for this issue is increasing. To help end shootings, inform public on possible solutions. We researched many different topics Put them in groups of what fit well together Chose the group we thought not many people would know about More in depth research on chosen topics Successes Foster Homes Application to real world? Thank you for listening! Violence in schools

Newspaper Presentation

Transcript: AP Research Times STEREOTYPING IN MEDIA Historical Context Controversy in Guthrie, Kentucky Research was inspired by "Confederates in the Attic" by Tony Horwitz Specifically the chapter, "Dying for Dixie" Dying for Dixie Dying For Dixie Centered around a shooting in Guthrie, KY in 1994 A white teenager, Michael Westerman was shot by a group of black teenagers on the Kentucky-Tennessee Border Controversy surrounds the shooting Westerman's Confederate Flag? Westerman's use of racial slurs? Media in Guthrie Gained lots of media attention from local and national news outlets News outlets portrayed the victim and the Perpetrator differently Deified Michael and romanticized his Confederate pride Focused on criminalizing the perpetrators Do National and local newspaper sites portray the white victim and black perpetrators differently? Research Goal Research Goal Identify differences in the way black and white male stereotypes are portrayed in local and national newspaper coverage of the shooting of Michael Westerman in 1995. Hypothesis Hypothesis Local newspaper outlets will display a greater amount of racial stereotyping of those involved in the shooting of Michael Westerman than national newspaper outlets. Method Method Deductive Coding Splitting into Categories Content Analysis Frequencies Analyze Themes Newspaper Selection Categories Categories Category 2 Category 1 Category 3 National Newspapers Newspapers Outside 250 Miles of the Shooting Newspapers Within 250 Miles of the Shooting Identify dominant themes the categories had in common What We Found Category 1 Results Category 2 Local Within 250 Miles Favored the victim and his family Local Outside 250 Miles Most inclusive of the black community 11 quotes from Westerman family 7 quotes from the victim’s family Category 3 National Newspapers Highlight perpetrator's race Mention perpetrator's race 4 times 2 quotes from perpetrator's families 6 quotes from the perpetrator's families 2 quotes from members of the white community 13 quotes from the black community 4 quotes from black community 0 quotes from white community Mention victim's race 1 time Stereotypes Evaluation of Stereotypes Man vs. Teenager Placing the Blame Focused more on Confederate flag than the alleged racial slur Westerman uttered Mention Confederate flag 32 times Mention racial slur 8 times Portrayed the black perpetrators as “teenagers” and the white victim as a “man” Victim was called "man" 11 times Perpetrators called "teenager" 19 times Everyone involved in the shooting were between the ages of 16 and 19 What Does this Mean? Conclusion Category 2 Local Outside 250 Miles Ranks 1st Presents most unbiased view of the white victim and black perpetrator Category 3 National Newspapers Ranks 2nd Presented the reader with an uneven view of the perpetrator’s story Category 1 Local Within 250 Miles Ranks 3rd Presents the most biased view of the perpetrator and the victim Limitations Limitations Limited access to newspapers Researcher's own prior knowledge of the Westerman shooting Deductive coding process Future Directions Future Directions Further research investigating media bias between a victim and perpetrator Research a different part of the country or world Research shooting that occurred in 21st century Implications Media censorship Reader's responsibility: Push news outlets to portray accurate information Retrieve news from sites that are verifiable and factual Implications Media Censorship Censorship Requiring media outlets to provide factual information National Code of Ethics for Journalists Cannot be upheld with the U.S. Constitution Currently no grounds to censor media in U.S. or Europe


Transcript: SUMMARY Liberal government tries telling people how aboriginals need our help Liberal government is actually focusing on this issue to help aboriginals to spend $8.4 billion because they think it is worth it In the past The Canadian, British and provincial governments made a lot of mistakes when dealing with the aboriginal peoples, including taking large swaths of land from indigenous peoples and perpetrating human-rights abuses in residential schools. Discussion Question Possibility/Likehood Of The Issue Becoming Fully Resolved The Possibility/Likelihood Of The Issue Becoming Fully Resolved Both full time and part time retired Canadian soldiers complain about not recieving their pension cheques. Ever since 2007, there have been 1300 complaints and is currently receiving two new cases each day. Government hires an extra staff on both a permanent and temporary basis to fix the problem but the delay still presist. Who Is Most Effected By This Issue? Spending money on Aboriginals also come with a cost Taxes would get higher Liberals did not make a plan on creating more jobs and it could effect Canadians because our population is growing and immigrants are coming into Canada. Therefore, people need more jobs available Rona Ambrose talks about how some people are loosing things like education tax credit, arts tax credit, fitness tax credit, and more Do you think this issue will be fully resolved? This is most effective to retired canadian soldiers because they do not recieve their pension cheque that helps them pay for things like taxes, mortgage, bills, etc. So, they would have to pay money out of their pockets while waiting for their pension cheques to arrive. $1.25 Monday, February 17, 2014 Liberal government promises to spend money for aboriginal people due to issues like education, boil water advisories, and child and family services. Some people disagree on this promise because it could also effect Canadians as well NDP leaders do not believe that this promise will be achieved because they made several promises before and failed Is This Issue Being Dealt With Properly? Federal Budget 2016: Liberals Promise billions in new spending for Aboriginal Peoples Why Is It Important? Pension Cheuqe Delays Continue For Canadian Soldiers Retired soldiers do not recieve their pension cheques and that effects their lives. For example, a retiring soldier had to pay $12 000 out of his pocket for family medical coverage because he did not recieve his pension. They would have to wait about a year before getting their severance pay from the military. This causes retiring members to struggle on paying important stuff like morgages, taxes, etc. Aboriginals are most effected by this issue because some Canadians do not want their taxes to go higher cause it could effect their lives as well Aboriginals are struggling on paying for their childrens education and other services It causes loss of homes, hunger,etc. Not many Canadians might not agree with this promise causing problems to Aboriginals Yes because... Why Is This Issue Important? This issue is not being dealt with properly because it has been happening ever since 2007 and there are still complaints about this issue The Conservative government promised to fix it yet it is still an issue today This also has been happening to investigators as well but they have to wait more days to recieve it Is It Being Dealt With Properly? Is spending billions of dollars on Aboriginals worth it? Vol XCIII, No. 311 SUMMARY NEWSPAPER PRESENTATION Discussion Question Most Effective To This Issue In my opinion, this will not be fully resolved because racism still exists in our country and Canadians could be mad if the government decides to help the Aboriginals. It affects the Canadians taxes because it will go higher. The government needs Canadians to be happy with his decisions but at the same time Canada is Aboriginals homeland. This affects both Canadians and Aboiginals I think this issue will not be fully resolved because it has been happening for several years. Ever since 2007 there has been so many complaints and still recieve two new cases each day. Also, the government promised to fix this issue by hiring staff but delays still presist.

Newspaper Presentation

Transcript: Reach -Depends on the sections of the paper -Marketed usually towards adults -Some sections such as sports are directed for a younger audience -Ad will be placed in the section of the paper where it will be seen by the target market Strengths -Ads are transportable -Ads can have different sizes and colours -Target the local shopping area -Easy to change the content -Are read by many different groups of people -Can be placed in certain sections of the paper Weaknesses -Poor print quality may be possible -Shot shelf life -A good spot (cover page) is hard to get -Expensive if you want to keep placing in your ad -Circulation is decreasing Selectivity -Place ads in certain sections of the paper eg. Sports, entertainment Durability -Last 24 hours -New papers mostly come out daily -Always updated Mechanical Requirements -Newspaper ads don’t have a long or complex procedure -Need to plan and draw out the ad -Doesn’t take a long time to create and publish Published By: Nicole Kaumanns Dallas Barnes Kelsey Speers Cost -Varies on location -Depends on the size, colour and quality of the ad -Depends on how large and popular the newspaper is (local/large city) Frequency -Always updated weekly or daily on top news -An ad is usually seen once -Have to keep putting the ad in the paper if you want it noticed and a lot of exposure -Ad stays in the paper unlike radio or TV where you hear/see it once and isn’t repeated Clutter -Depends on the size and the popularity of the newspaper -Depends on the size of the area -Usually is distributed in a local area Newspaper: scheduled publication containing news of current events, articles, editorials and ads. Internal Clutter -Competes with other forms of advertising -Competes with other ads on the same page and in the rest of the paper External -People read the paper at home and when they have time to read it -You aren’t distracted while reading -You can’t multitask while reading the paper eg. Driving Lead-Time -Need to plan out the ad and write it up -Takes a few days to create ad -May have to wait for the spot you are wanting in the paper -Need to wait for the next issue of the paper to be printed

Newspaper Presentation

Transcript: Wanted: young printer Tenants Goods for sale Hides and skins Imports from London Partnership moving Edition 2 Ship departing for PA Stolen horse Request for debt payment Slaves (4) Land (6) May 6-May 13, 1771 Slaves (1) Land (2) Request for debt payment Partnership moving April 10-April 17, 1771 April 1-April 10, 1771 Edition 7 April 24-May 1, 1771 $1.25 Clock and watch repair Wanted: 2000 pound loan Ship departing to RI Slave shipment with smallpox Slaves (1) Land (3) Tuesday, April 19, 2019 May 1-May 6, 1771 Edition 4 Edition 3 Edition 1 Edition 3 Edition 7 Wanted: 15 pound loan Orange juice for sale Ship departing for Great Britain and Portugal Slave shipment from Sierra Leone April 24-May 1, 1771 April 10-April 17, 1771 Edition 1 Hospital Rice shipment Lumber Slaves (3) Land (7) Charlestown April 17-April 24, 1771 April 1-April 10, 1771 March 24-April 1, 1771 Slaves (2) Land (3) Request for debt payment Conclusion Slaves (1) Land (4) Ship departing for PA, NY Wanted: brick-layer Runaway slave notices (3) School opening Cow and calf Request for debt payment Account of Boston from London (Dec. 29) trial of Captain Preston Edition 5 April 1-April 10, 1771 American intelligence: General Court of Assembly Harvard College, Cambridge, Massachusetts Led by Thomas Hutchinson Governor of Mass. Economic balance Societal bonds Potential for international trade Increasing cohesiveness as union Wanted: musicians Request for debt payment (2) Horse, "Pharaoh" (3) Lost: gold seal Wanted: young printer April 17-April 24, 1771 Wanted: wet-nurse Runaway slave Request for debt payment (4) Hops and barley Europe: London, Brussels Charlestown Edition 2 Edition 5 Thesis: South Carolina's collection of pre-Revolutionary newspapers and the survey of everyday life they include demonstrates the American colonies' ability to survive as a self-reliant nation, seperate from British rule, proving that independence was in the best interest of the colonies' future May 6-May 13, 1771 Edition 4 Edition 6 South Carolina Gazette European intelligence: Trial over raped housekeeper Parliament business Woman in France poisons mother

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