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Transcript: At the end, use your imagination and also you can use food colouring to get cool colourful effects!!! :) The End By: Namrata Kochhar Why use a flash? • It discharges light rapidly in order for to capture an exact moment • Using the ambient lighting at a very high shutter speed can make getting proper exposure impossible • However,on the other hand,getting a proper exposure with fast shutter speed isn't that great either. • That is because you will need to raise the ISO on your camera,which would hinder the quality of shoot,resulting in grainy images. • Consumer cameras are not that good with handling noise comparing to some more professional ones. • Use several flashes and place them close to subject • One being the master flash and rest acting as the slaves • You can also use only one flash and reflector • He particularly used, four flashes keeping the flash on low power, ISO 250 and f11 • Only the light illuminated by the flash captures the shot, otherwise if the flash is not triggered the images would be black on the sensor. • As a photographer you are free to place the flash anywhere you want. • However,a good rule of thumb is try to not point the flash at the lens (results in a flare) • Michel Roy (photographer) used Metz flashes for the purposes of article • Use flashes remotely in order to position them for best lighting • Some flashes have a wireless system so trigger at the moment when camera clicks • However other flashes might require a sync cord or accessory devices • Set the flash at manual setting and dial down the power to have a fast burst of light Now let's apply: How to accomplish? Setup Can you use a tripod stand and fill a plastic bag with liquid and hang it above your main focus(stage).But remember to make a small hole. Use manual focus to completely zero into the area (can you tip of a pen to specify the point of contact. • High speed flash is used to capture shots that are to fast to be seen with the naked eye. • Viewing a photograph of a splash of milk or water dropping with ultra-stop motion can be amazing • So how can you achieve beyond the 1/8000 of a second speed limit of your DSLR? • You can use a portable electronic flash • Technique can be used to freeze the moment of objects such as various objects (eg: water, milk), you need to use very fast shutter speed and flash Magazine Article Presentation It shows us the speed of the flashes when set to manual setting for Metz flashes While having fun with the flashes make sure your equipment is dry at all times because of the splashes. What a mess?! Make a Splash with Flash ! If using a spoon or any other object, make sure to attach it to a tripod or a stand. Written by Michel Roy


Transcript: - Nicole Ryan was abused by her husband, Mark Ryan - She had informed the police of this 9 times, & informed Victim's Services 11 - Nicole decided that the only possible thing to do was to kill her husband - She tried hiring a hit-man to murder her husband - The hit-man refused - A police officer posed as a hit-man, went to her to obtain evidence OPINION ISSUES - In an 8-1 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that Nicole was not guilty, on the account of self-defense - There would be a halt to all current and future proceedings against her - Nicole had an intense and reasonable fear arising from her husband’s threats of death and serious bodily harm - The police had quickly arrested Nicole after the sting, yet had repeatedly failed to come to her assistance when she previously reported the incidents to them - Nicole had acted in self-defense SPOUSAL ABUSE CASE The Law of Duress - Nicole had been acquitted by provincial courts because of the Law of Duress - The crown appealed - The Supreme Court of Canada believed the Law of Duress didn't apply - Self-defence can be used as justification for criminal behavior, but not the Law of Duress “As we see it, the defence of duress is available when a person commits an offence while under compulsion of a threat made for the purpose of compelling him or her to commit it. That was not Ms. Ryan’s situation.” Monday, March 27, 2015 Jasleen Aujla Nicole Ryan Charged REASONING - Justice Morris Fish SUMMARY QUESTIONS Nicole acquitted Facts S. 464 (a) of the Criminal Code CONSEQUENCES SIGNIFICANCE Decision Vol XCIII, No. 311 NEWSPAPER ARTICLE PRESENTATION

Newspaper & Magazine

Transcript: Swan (Soowan Lee) Newspaper & Magazine Newspaper & Magazine Newspaper Newspapers Newspapers : A printed paper that tells about the issues and event in the world everyday. Usage: People read the newspaper and they can know what is happening in the world. History Newspapers began circulating in 17th century. Johann Carolus was the first person who published the newspaper in 1605. The first newspapered appeared in 1966. History Timeline Timeline Video manufacture Magazine Definition: A periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest. Useage: Weuse magazine when we want to know about the thing that you are interested. Magazine History In 1731, an Englishman named Edward Cave published a periodical called The Gentleman's Magazine. He invented the word “magazine”. Timeline Timeline Manufactured Magazine Manufacturer Newspaper products The Products that made from old newspapers Envelopes Tools & materials - glue, scissors, pencil and the old newspaper 1. Fold the newspaper triangle 4 times and cut it. 2. Then fold the sides over, dab some glue on their bottom edges, and fold over the bottom flap. Envelopes 1. Cut the newspaper in small piece 2. Write what you want to 3. Make a hole 4. Put a string inside the hole Bookmark Bookmark Materials - newspaper, string 1. Open the newspaper and cut along the center fold. You'll need 11-12 pieces of cut newsprint. Tightly roll it the long way. When completely rolled, flatten. 2. Add glue to secure. Repeat until you have made 11-12 newspaper reeds. Try to make them approximately the same width. (Our newspaper reeds ends up being about 1 inch wide.) 3. Now lay four reeds vertically on the table in front of you. Weave four other reeds through them, centering the woven part in the middle. 4. It will now look like a cross made out of newspaper. 5.Fold the ends of the reeds up and begin weaving another newsprint reed through the spokes, moving around the basket to make the first layer of the basket's sides. Glue the reed's ends together by overlapping. Continue with two to three more layers of reeds, building up the basket's sides. Now fold over the reeds that are still sticking up either into or out of the basket. Trim if necessary and tuck the ends down into or up and under existing weaving.1. Basket Materials - Glue, newspaper Materials - newspaper, tape Pencil case Pencil case 1. Get lots of newspaper and fold it half like a circle and stable it with the tape. 2. Connect other in together and tape it. Materials - Glue, newspaper. Paper bag Paper Bag Magazine Products Products made by Magazine Basket Materials - Magazine, scissors, a long circle stick and glue Basket Necklace Materials - String, glue , magazine and scissors 1. Cut the magazine in a same distance and roll it then glue it. 2. Put in the string and tie the string. Necklace picture frame materials- magazine, scissors, glue, thick paper (instead of frame) Picture frame cup holder materials - tape, newspaper and scissors Pencil holder Materials - Cardboard, glue gun, scissors and pencil Pencil holder APA The Paper Making Process. (2018). YouTube. Retrieved 3 May 2018, from The Paper Making Process. (2018). YouTube. Retrieved 3 May 2018, from APA


Transcript: After the name of the article, give the sponsor of the site, the date of publication, the medium, and the date of access. After the name of the newspaper, give the publisher, publication date, medium, and access date. How to cite a Map or Chart Examples How to Cite a Personal Interview How to cite a Survey you Constructed Cite a map or chart as you would a book or a short work within a longer work and include the world Map or Chart after the title. Add the medium publication. For an online source, end with the date of access. "Australia." Map. Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection. U of Texas, 1999. Web. 4 Nov. 2010. California. Map. Chicago: Rand, 2002. Print. Shapiro, Walter. "The Quest for Universal Healthcare." Salon. Salon Media Group, 21 Feb. 2008. Web. 2 Mar. 2008. Bustillo, Miguel, and Carol J. Williams. "Old Guard in Cuba Keeps Reins." Los Angeles Times. Los Angeles Times, 25 Feb. 2008. Web. 26 Feb. 2011. List the person interviewed; the label Telephone interview, Personal interview, or E-mail interview; and the Date the interview took place. Example Freedman, Sasha. Person interview. 10 Nov. 2011. How to Cite an E-mail Newspaper Magazine/Newspaper Include the writer's name; the subject line, in quotation marks (for email); Message to (not italicized or in quotation marks) followed by the recipient's name; the date of the message; and the medium of delivery (E-mail). (MLA style hyphenates e-mail.) Example Harris, Jay. "Thought on Impromptu Stage Productions." Message to the author. 16 July 2006. E-mail. Here is the format of how to cite a survey you constructed and distributed: Last name, First name. "Name of survey." Survey. DD Month YYYY. Magazine

newspaper article presentation

Transcript: Newspaper Article Presentation By Ada Yang On November 22, the signing ceremony of "rebirth of Luzia '-- national museum of digital Brazil" was held in the Brazilian embassy in China.On September 2, 2018, a fire broke out at the museum, with 90 percent of the artifacts burned. To help the national museum of Brazil rebuild from the ashes, tencent will build the "national museum of digital Brazil" with the help of image recognition and big data capabilities. The national museum of Brazil is the largest natural history museum in Latin America, with a history of 200 years and a collection of more than 20 million cultural relics. National Museum of Brazil joins Tencent to build a digital museum The rapid development of science and technology can protect and inherit cultural relics, and let the National Museum of Brazil “rebirth” on the Internet. Similarly, the ruined Old Summer Palace in China also recreated the 3D restoration map on the Internet due to advances in technology. It is no longer a ruin of wild grasses, but an incomparably magnificent ancient building and pleasant scenery. The relics that can be "resurrected" and the resplendent scenery are all due to the superb modern technology. Connection When and where is this news taking place: On November 22 , 2018. In the Brazilian embassy in China. Who is affected by this news?Who is the audience?How are they affected? All those who are following this event. About the news Reflection The museum is a cultural treasure house of a country. It records a long history, protects precious ancient artifacts, and inherits the culture from ancient times to the present. Fortunately, because of the superb technology, the cultural relics of the National Museum of Brazil did not disappear in a big fire. In fact, many museums have online digital museums, which are very convenient. We should learn more about them and pay attention to them. Bibliography

Magazine Article Presentation

Transcript: "They are two little girls who happen to be sharing a bubble."- Felicia Simms, mother of Krista and Tatiana Hogan The family is insulted when the public is confused whether or not to consider the twins as two separate people or one person. They are more concerned with the girls' physical health. "Every day I wake up and they're still alive- that's a good day." Quotations Only in Dreams Two Isn't Always Better Than One The author concludes the article with the twins sleeping together in their crib. They sighed, moved their arms, and fell asleep both at the same time. However, it remains a mystery what the girls dream about, and whether or not they remain together in their separate, secret dreams. "They had both flung their inside arms up and over their own eyes, so that they were mirror images of each other at rest. Then Tatiana alone moved her arm away, and the girls drifted off for the night, to dream, together or apart, their secret dreams." The Lead: Anecdotal That morning, even though Krista grabbed initially at the pink hooded sweatshirt, she ceded it easily to Tatiana, and Krista settled for the gray. “I am in gray,” she said. “And I am in pink,” Tatiana said. Something about the clear distinction may have rung some bell in Krista’s mind. She looked at her mother. “I am just me,” she said. The sentiment — assertive and profound — was hardly out of her mouth before her sister echoed her. “I am just me,” Tatiana said. The author begins the article with a short story about the twins getting ready for bed. At first, the author does not reveal the twins are conjoined. As would any normal set of children, the twins stall their bedtime. The author grabs the attention of the reader when one twin takes a large sip of juice and the other twin is able to feel it. Could Conjoined Twins Share a Mind? "I am Just Me" Sets up conflict by announcing the special connection between the two girls' brains. Establishes how unique the girls' condition is. The reader should continue on to learn about the daily struggles the Hogan twins experience. Introduces the idea that one girl may feel or see what the other twin is experiencing simulataneously. How close is New Jersey to legalizing recreational use of marijuana? Are Tatiana and Krista Hogan two little girls or one? Tension "It's like they are one and two people at the same time."- Feinberg, a professor of psyhiatry and neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine "The fact that no one sees the mind of others, conscious or not, is especially mysterious. We may be capable of guessing what others think, but we cannot observe their minds, and only ourselves can observe ours, from the outside, from the inside, and through a rather narrow window."- Antonio Damasio, author of "Self Comes to Mind" "They feel sorry for us, but we feel like we got chosen out of millions of people to be their parents. That's better than the lottery."- Doug McKay, the twins' step-grandfather The girls think of their bodies as a whole but have two distinctive personalities. ID Graph I've gotten the chance to interview Ed Forchion, who provided lots of insight as to why the state should turn to legalization. Currently working on finding another source who will provide a good opposing viewpoint. So far, I've learned New Jersey is further away from legalization than most states are.

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