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Packaging Presentation

Transcript: How did you get started designing packaging? Was it something that you always had an interest in doing, or was it something that just came out of necessity? What kind of companies or people have you designed packaging for? "Everlast,and Nelly recently. I did the branding and packaging for a HDTV antenna manufacturer that really helped to grow their business at retail. " "I became a designer by default. I really wanted to do set design but I realized that there was a small window of opportunity with that profession so I switched to graphic design." Designer by default Out of the packaging you have designed is there any one project that stands out among the rest? Maybe it was more enjoyable or more difficult than the others? Tremendous Opportunity Are there ever any recurring problems that you find yourself having to deal with and work around when designing a package? Self-taught Designer "I went to Parson's in New York but I did not get a degree. I am basically self-taught and that's good because I never stop teaching myself." Background Info. What school did you receive your degree from? I will do a design study based partly on what I have heard from them and partly on what I think the direction should be. Once out of school, did you go freelance right away or did you start out at a design firm and then eventually transition to freelance? Joan Curtis "TOO MUCH COPY." Joan Curtis "It usually depends on the project, but most of them have an idea in mind." "That's were you really learn, on the job." When you are given a packaging project, does the client usually come to you with a design in mind or do you find that you usually have to start from scratch? As a designer is there any specific process that you go through with every project, or do you have certain philosophies that you abide by? If so could you briefly describe, or list them out? - Lives in the St. Louis area right around Kingshighway. - She loves to design anything and everything. - She has several horses and loves to go riding and take care of them. - She has worked with several large clients in the past year. - She has worked with one of our Illustration teachers Bob Shay. "All of the projects were good, because I love to design. None of them really stick out more than the others. Having a really big budget to work with is always a bonus though." I start designing. - Ask as many questions as possible When did you decide/know that you wanted to become a designer? - Once we are both happy with the look and feel. - Design study Oh no, I could have never gotten this far along had I not had the tremendous opportunity to work with amazingly creative people at the jobs I have had. That's were you really learn, on the job. - Joan Curtis "I just treat package design like everything else I design. I always had an interest in designing packaging. I liked the idea of working in 3 dimensions. It also came out of necessity, in that I worked at a firm for a while and most of the projects that were assigned to me were package design." Packaging Design

Packaging Presentation

Transcript: Heroes Packaging Process Sean IP & Story Events November 2018 Design Final Design Agamemnon Ancient Roman Civ Legendary Greek warrior SR Hero Historically Accurate Research Why are they important? What did they do? Where were they? What do few people know about them? How can we make them sell? Making the Art Hero Design Facial features Clothing Weapons Celebrity look-alike Pose Nailing the details A Voice for a Hero Voice Language Style of speaking Accent Quotes Outsourcing Logistics Logistical Packaging Innovative Relationships Bonds Based on history Events Personality World outlook Making the Buffs Work Attributes Balancing the world Keeping to the art Historically accurate Balancing the pools Dividing Heroes Equally Pools Heroes per event Keeping civs equal Driving increased spending Light Light Packaging Daily, weekly, monthly events Concept art Mail and localizing Event Art Art Pick the message Design the art Add fun things ;) Directing Players to Events Banners Art used here as well Catchy slogans Directing players to more information Original, Inspiring Text Text Clear message Necessary details Connected Story Medium Medium Packaging Art Rewards UI Story Monetization goals NPC Conceptual Design Concept Ad art Items Avatars Rewards Rewards RSS and Similar Appropriate heroes Avatar items Monetizing Unique items Bolster items Complementary items Complementary events Monetization Game Intro Making a World - Actors involved - Setting and feel - Action and drama - History of the world - Captivating story The World Framework Framework Picturing the World Art and Feel Making the Final Intro Full Story Game World In-Game Lore Stories Events Heroes Items All comes together Making the Events More Events Binding heroes in writing Adding to the event items Giving reason Matching Items to Story Items Focusing on Continuity

Packaging Presentation

Transcript: Packaging Deconstruction Report Sebastian Hughes 22134928 Too understand how perception influences marketing Too understand how companies use information on demographics, semiotics ect. Too explore brands packaging and how effective it is Presentation objectives Aims of Presentation Background of Cadburys Cadbury was founded in 1824 by John Cadbury in Birmingham The company operates in over 50 countries Cadburys boasts a range of over 100 products The company employs over 40,000 people world wide Some key facts about Cadburys has been owned by parent company Mondelez since 2010 Identifying Cadburys target market? - Cadburys size allows the company too target a huge percentage of the market - High price and high quality suggests an older consumer with more disposable income - Cadbury uses seasonal purchases as an effective strategy, targeting adults with children Target Market Cadburys(Mondelez) market share ( 2021 confectionery Mintel report) Market share Key information on the perception process Perceptual Process - The perception process is a key tool used by marketers too more effective engage with their consumer - Different demographics engage better with certain stimuli, for example a younger consumer would engage better with sights as they are more comfortable with screens - perception utilizes our existing structures and patterns, and then interprets based on previous experiences - Ideally a brand/product would engage with consumers via multiple stimuli as this would increase the chances of consumer attention What is a low involvment purchase? Low involment purchase - purchases where the consumer does not need to think or research into a product - Due too the low risk , consumer make a faster decision - An aspect of low involvment purchases is heavy brand switching, consumers tend too have lower loyalty too cheaper brands/products How does in-store placement affect sales? - In store placement is one of the most important aspects of low involvement purchases - It is the last second influences that can gain or lose a products sale - Due too its effectiveness, brands are willing too spend vast amounts too position their products in the most popular area - Brands don't only use position on shelf's, a common strategy will be too position products in areas of the shop were the consumer aren't thinking about so many factors of purchase such as at the till or whilst paying In store Placement Eye level is buy level theory Eye level is buy level - This is an example of a strategy brands would utilize in order too increase sales - The heat map shown here displays were consumers attention divides, the middle and center shelf seemingly is the most efficient position - The theory that consumers buy what they see sounds simple yet it has been proven too work - Brands take into account parameters such as age,height and other factors too position their products in supermarkets In store photos - Morrisons In store photos - Center position - However the Belvita products are in the eye line level - Contrasts well against surrounding colours - Easy too find on shop floor due too simple layout Packaging Photos Analysis of Packaging - Shapes - Text - Contrast - Semiotics - Positioning of figures - Sensory Stimuli - Quality gurantee Colour Pyscology Colour connatation

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