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Transcript: Already on OBE: - PNRACC - PDR - PNR cryptic display (almost) - List (almost) - Support to Submarino project AP Air segment including records that are already purged Evolution of security at element level: impacts on: - Display - Retrieve options - Search options - List options Cryptic Display (RT, selective display) PNRACC Partial redisplay (WGR mode) Display Trip Create a TTR - Trip Concierge - Full XML PNRimage Display Retrieve/List ETR Any question? Edifact and XML Verbs governance: - PNRADD - PNRACC - PNRRET - PNRSPL - PNRCHG - ManageTTR - DisplayTTR - ... List all the Trips Innovative projects Thanks for your attention! Offers Display a TTR 2014 deco: - PNRADD - Search - Cascade - Multiple entries - Retrieve / unpack - Modify - Cancel Retrieve (cryptic RT, PNRRET, CheckMyTrip) Search List (Crescando) Manage any item from any source, into any record, without specifying which record Travel Request Manage Trip Security Attachment PADSRQ/R DisplayTTR New search / list criteria? Car segment EPD/ETR PARERQ/R DisplayTTR Display the full or a customizable view over the trip, no matter the record Retrieve a TTR Support and gaps for Airline IT projects: KE, JAL, NH...: - search - list - display - purge - .. Folder etc... Past Dated Record ManageTTR Airline IT Governance R&D/RDM/PNR/TTR/TIF Manual aux Display Trip List trips Name RPP/RLP PPDRRQ TPF decommissioning - Support to German Local Content project New Content New technology (XML) Offers ETR Travel Request Attachment Folder Shape the future of your travel! Offers? ETR? Travel Request? Attachment? Folder? Add Modify Cancel Knoxification Concealment Security at element level Rearrangement Name Air segment AP Car segment etc... Multiple entries PNRADD Cryptic modify PNRCHG Cryptic cancel PNRXCL New Content New technology (XML) Offers ETR Travel Request Attachment Folder Shape the future of your travel! Name Air segment AP Car segment etc... Purge TTR Display Trip - List Trips List all the Trips Name Air segment AP Car segment etc... Shape the future of your travel! Pax association Segment association Element association Cascade New Content New technology (XML)

Blue Stars

Transcript: Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth's night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, it is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star. The name "Sirius" is derived from the Ancient Greek, Seirios. Named either for an ancient city in northern Egypt or the helmsman for Menelaus, Canopus is the second brightest star in the sky. This star is 74 light years away. Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes, which is one of the oldest constellations in the night sky. It is the 4th-brightest star in the entire sky. Spica Interesting facts 1) Blue stars heat energy is measured in Kelvin because its a special measurement for stars. 2 )Blue stars are the biggest yet hottest stars in the universe. 3) The blue star Rigel is inside the constellation Orion. 4) Eta Carinae has only been around for a few million years and expected to detonate as a supernova within the next 100,000 years. 5) Eta Carinae is one of the largest stars in the known galaxy, it is designated as a hyper-giant. 6) Blue stars have the shortest life spans because they are the biggest By:Neshara Smith Blue Stars Arcturcus Spica (Alpha Virginis) is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo, and the 15th brightest star in the night sky. It is a blue giant and a variable star of the Beta Cephei type, 250 light years from Earth. Regulus (Alpha Leonis) is the brightest star in the constellation Leo and one of the brightest stars in the night sky, lying approximately 79 light years from Earth. Regulus is a multiple star system composed of four stars that are organized into two pairs. Rigil Kentaurius is the 3rd brightest star in the sky. Centaurus contains Alpha and Beta Centauri, the third and tenth brightest stars in the sky. (Some lists name Betelgeuse in Orion as the tenth brightest star, but Betelgeuse is a variable star making its ranking difficult). Alpha Centauri (proper name Rigel Kentaurius) is bright only because it is close and it is the closest star to the sun at 4.3 light years away. Alpha Centauri is a triple star system. Rigil Kentaurius Regulus Just for Mrs.Bogart Sirius Canopus

Blue Stars

Transcript: 2014 Drum Major The Blue Stars are not only a drum corps, but a family. All members share the same, if not similar experiences. In reality, the corps lives together. During tour, the members live on a coach bus. Typically the corps rests in schools on gymnasium floors throughout the entirety of the season. The Blue Stars, travel, eat, sleep, breath, and perform together, always. Schedule The Blue Stars members were very glad to see me audition for the corps. Most of them are kind. Members must make drum corps a priority. DRUM & BUGLE CORPS The system is very militaristic. EVERYTHING is done the same way by every member in the corps, from appearance walking from place to place, to appearance during a performance. What I have learned... Musicianship Perseverance Competency Muscular Strength and Endurance (physical fitness) Determination Focus Agility Coordination Dedication and Commitment Responsibility *Members must obtain and demonstrate each of these characteristics in order to get contracted with the Blue Stars. Blue Stars The corps necklace contains beads and a coin. 1) White bead= 1st year member 2) Star of David coin 3) Blue bead= subsequent years marched 4) (50th anniversary coin for 2014 members only) 5) Red bead= age out (last) year. Members age out at 21 years old. The Blue Stars along with other drum corps rehearse once a month (Fri-Sun) until tour begins, in which the corps rehearse and perform almost every night in a new state. Tour begins in June and ends in August. The cost for the 2015 season is approximately $3500. The corps is a unit. Everything is done uniformily and with perfection. The official Blue Stars song is Jewish Chorale. Unity All of the members are very disciplined and hold themselves in high regards. It is imperative that all members put forth 100% of his or her effort, 100% of the time. Blue Stars Style Characteristics of a member Rehearsal camps typically last 12-16 hours a day. During spring training, the Blue Stars begin PT (physical training) and begin learning the show. The members had 7 seconds to change out of the scrubs (behind a prop).

Bubbles, Bubbles

Transcript: Bubbles, Bubbles Day 2 & 3 Caitie Hudson EDUC 3222-93 GQ ? We know all bubbles are round BUT Are all bubbles the same size? Can we make them larger or smaller? We are going to find out! Day 2 Experiment and Results What do you think will happen when you use a bottle with the bottom cut off, rubber banded cloth on the end, dipped into bubble solution, then blown into? Well, we are going to find out. Day 2 directions experiment The Experiment Watch and observe the results Dip end with cloth in bubble solution Grab a clean water bottle with the bottom inch cut off Gently blow Cover the hole with a cloth, rubber band it in place Materials Needed The Materials Clean water bottle with the bottom inch cut off Rubber bands Bubble solution, in bowls. Cloth cut into a 4x4inch square results You get a BUBBLE SNAKE Analyze your Results Why do you think you got all those tiny bubbles? Source & more information: Day 3 Experiment and Results Day 3 directions What do you think will happen when you place bubble solution in a small pool, then use a hula-hoop as the wand? Think we could even put a student inside? experiment The Experiment Place hula hoop inside pool, onto bubble solution Watch & observe the effects the hula hoop wand has compared to the other wands we have used in day 1 and 2 Pour bubble solution into kiddy-pool Pull hula hoop upwards gently to form a bubble Place small stool inside pool for students to stand on Materials Needed The Materials Bubble solution, enough to fill kiddy pool a few inches Hula Hoop to act as bubble wand small stool for students to stand on results Gigantic Bubbles Analyze your Results: What happened when you used a hula hoop as a bubble wand? How was it different from the wands used in day 1 & 2? Source/information: Conclusion and Discussion conclusion & discussion What was your favorite bubble lesson activity and why? Day 1, 2 or 3?

Blue Stars

Transcript: BLUE STARS Preserving our culture and planet Let's start OUR ORGANIZATION About Us First, we are a new organization. This organization was created for people of all ages and our style is urban.We work with artisans from Arequipa. Also, we use natural products to create our clothes. Second, we thought of independent artisans because they know more about Arequipa’s culture and they make new and popular products and these products have special designs ( these contain drawings, lines and forms). Third, when we created this organization we thought about taking care of the environment. For this reason, we work with products that don’t damage our planet. And, we don’t use machines, otherwise we make the clothes from zero. We are a serious and responsible organization. We Do We are an independent urban clothing brand, formed by Lucero, Angie and Marcelo. We make environmentally friendly and comfortable clothing for all our customers, our products are made with recycled materials and we donate a percentage of the sales to Saving The Amazon, an organization that is in charge of stopping the indiscriminate deforestation of trees, as well as planting more trees. In addition to that we use 100% Peruvian materials from the hand of qualified artisans, who use classic techniques for the production process. Experiences My experience at BlueStars was incredible! I have never been treated with such kindness and attention in a clothing store, I totally recommend it! Jose Maria Velarde Lima Perú. In the BlueStars store I found a lot of variety with good style, since you enter the store the environment is very cozy, I left the store very happy. Miguel Vasquez Arequipa.

Neutral Presentation

Transcript: The Duty of Being Helpful A Hero's Tale Willy the Giant has captured the Harp. Do you... A. Save the Harp B. Leave it be Mickey and The Beanstalk A. Congratulations! You have saved the Harp and are off to a great start on becoming a Hero. A. You Save the Harp You decided to leave it alone, and not confront the problem. By staying silent, the harp is still in danger. Now the townspeople are without their music. B. Leave it be B. The Lion King He wants to rule the kingdom and control everyone in it. Scar is in charge of Pride Rock Should Simba A. Go back to Pride Rock and defeat Scar B. Leave it alone and continue his Hakuna Matata Great job! You made a great life changing decision for the animals of the kingdom. Although most choices in your life wont be this life changing, you took chances and followed your heart in the right direction. A. Go back to Pride Rock and Defeat Scar You decided that Simba should leave Scar alone and live the rest of his life worry-free. Unfortunately this decision caused the Pridelands to be ruled in fear and misery. B. Leave it alone and continue his Hakuna Matata Should Mulan... A. Stay and help defeat the Huns. B. Go home. After the soldiers found out that Mulan was a girl, they told her to go home. Mulan A. You decided Mulan should help defeat the Huns. Thanks to her heroic deeds and your quick thinking she saved the Emperor, all of China, and lived happily ever after with General Shang. A. Stay and Help defeat the Huns B. You decided that Mulan should go home. Because of this, the Huns took over the empire. Your decision put many people in harm. Maybe next time we can stand up for people in need, before its too late. B. Go Home Should Anna... A. Go save Elsa herself B. Send Hans to do it for her Elsa ran away to the snowy Mountains. Frozen Fantastic! You made the right decision by letting Anna go save Elsa herself. Even though some obstacles came in the way, she reached a happy ending! A. Go save Elsa herself A. You decided that Anna should send Hans instead of going herself. Sadly, Hans only wanted to go and find Elsa to defeat her. Because of this the snowstorm lasted forever and Anna was without a sister. B. Send Hans B. If you choose to be helpful instead of watching from a distance. And as Walt Disney said, "The only way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing". Life Can Have a Happy Ending The End

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