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Networking Companies Presentation Template

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companies presentation

Transcript: start-up grow-up e'vi spin-off grow-up grow-up start-up e'vi grow-up spin-off Cloud Computing sevices spin-off Analysis of corrosion protection with the Accelerated Cyclic Electrochemical Technique ACET Software development, automation engineering and consulting. 3 ADVANCED SERVICES Agricultural investigation and development of pesticide products Electronic signature, documents assisted transcription & electronic administration 3 TEC. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION start-up start-up Web design, hosting, on-line stores and web placement 2 HEALTH open-source applications for medicine spin-off Radio Frequency Identification and RFid technological integration grow-up Investigation, development and later marketing of systems for the early detection of pathogenic microorganisms grow-up 2 HEALTH 3 ADVANCED SERVICES e'vi 2 GREEN 2 GREEN Technologial product and sevices based on Machine to Machine technology e'vi Mobile phones applications development,for iPhone and Google Android Web communication, events organization and programming after-sales service Video games development for new download platforms Market research and strategic marketing planning 18 companies working in 5 strategic sectors grow-up 8 TIC'S TIME Soil moisture probes for agricultural and turf irrigation uses as well as conductivity in liquids sensors Companies' presentation Development and production of autonomous cleaning vehicles Consultancy and application of new information technologies in the business management November 2009 8 TIC'S TIME grow-up 3 TEC. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION Retired volunteers who offer they experience and knowledge in business management for SMEs and entrepreneurship

TEMPLATE for Testing Companies

Transcript: What do your clients want from a DNA ancestry test? The best product with easy to understand answers and a company to help them along the way. In short, they want to know their story. What can you provide? and way to view & share that story Why is DNA Spectrum the right partner? Premium support for your premium brand Your Clients & You What will all this get me? I heard about that DNA test but let's wait and get it online. What we can achieve together *COMPANY NAME* & DNA Spectrum interactive & educational tools interactive tools to explore & remember afterward. science of life Increase *COMPANY NAME* sales by offering more fully integrated services No, let's do it now and they can take our samples right here without waiting! Provide unmatched value to your clients by offering them the best Take the next step. Let's Talk... Increase *COMPANY NAME* market share ... a beautiful and meaningful way to read their story Create completely satisfied clients ***** makes more $ with an additional revenue stream at highly competitive rates. Build brand prestige & credibility vs Which house would I want to sell to my clients? Create more new sales conversions with an instant gratification proposition vs online waiting. Have existing clients generate revenue after a service is complete while providing them with value the best ancestry product for your clients and you or A custom portal for your clients Steve White VP of Sales, DNA Spectrum 800-471-6164

Networking Presentation

Transcript: Networking WAN's wide area network LAN's local area network Servers A group of more powerful computers that provide services for other computers Summary Network Interface Card (NIC) Network Interface Card Cables Cables Wirelessly Wireless Networks Blutooth Bluetooth Disadvantages: Star Topologies Simple to install Easy to extend Economic in its use of cable Twisted-pair cables are the most common. Category 5 ( can carry 100Mb per second Coaxial cable is not used much now. Fibre optic cable has a central core made of glass and transmits the signals using light. Most networks use cables to connect the computers. Disadvantages: Ring = Bus Advantages: Topologies Advantages: Advantages: Data speed is fast Works well with lots of computers (heavy traffic) A break in a single cable does not affect any other computer Additional computers can easily be added Bus Topology: Disadvantages: Networks can be connected wirelessly using WiFi technology. WiFi connections use radio waves, just like mobile phones Bluetooth wireless technology allows all sorts of different devices to connect to each other and share data. Bluetooth devices communicate through short range networks known as piconets. A group of computers joined together A lot of cabling is required, this is expensive A failure in the hub crashes the entire network Cable failure affects all of the workstations It is difficult to add extra computers Every computer on a wired network needs a network interface card (NIC) which is connected to the motherboard inside the computer. Star Data speed is faster than bus as it only goes one way Less cable than star Ring Topologies Performance can be slow if too many computers are attached to the network/too many users If the cable “breaks” (cut / disconnected) the network will crash Computers on a network each need a and cable to connect them, often through switches. There are different types of that can be used. The way a network is arranged is called a topology. Network topologies can be bus, star, ring or mesh. Some networks use more than one topology – we call them hybrids. Computers can also be connected allows lots of different types of device to connect wirelessly.

Networking Presentation

Transcript: Presentation By: Team E (Aaron, Jenn, Nick and SJ) Network Diagram Router Information What We Learned General Communications Inc. 22.0 Cable Modem Specs: Download Speed: 22Mbps Upload Speed: 2Mbps Price: $119.99/month Additional Info 200,00 MB usage Over usage rate: $.002 per MB 8 1GB Email Accounts Large Variety of Modems/Routers Modems don't just come from specific providers Planning ahead is crucial TOP 3 Things Very important to plan ahead Figure out costs/most efficient network Different network types use the same hardware Doesn't always matter what provider you use Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router Price B&H Photo Video Pro Audio $192.72 $189.99 Amazon $189.99 Router is highly rated- top of the line After looking at various alternatives, this was our best choice Will more than suit our network's needs The Igloo has 2 floors On the top floor is a living room iPad and Laptops located here Bottom/Basement floor is like a game room Hot tub, desktop, and Xbox located here Also where the wireless modem is Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router Our Home Network House: Igloo Location: elf neighborhood in the North Pole 5 elves in the family The two parents and three kids Has 7 devices on the network: 2 laptops 1 desktop 1 iPad Wirelessly controlled hot tub Wireless printer Xbox 360 Igloo Description Wordle The Igloo has 2 floors On the top floor is a living room iPad and Laptops located here Bottom/Basement floor is like a game room Hot tub, desktop, and Xbox located here Also where the wireless modem is Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router The Igloo has 2 floors On the top floor is a living room iPad and Laptops located here Bottom/Basement floor is like a game room Hot tub, desktop, and Xbox located here Also where the wireless modem is Asus RT-AC66U Dual – Band Wireless – AC 1750 Gigabit Router Igloo Description Network Provider Networking Igloo Description

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