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companies presentation

Transcript: start-up grow-up e'vi spin-off grow-up grow-up start-up e'vi grow-up spin-off Cloud Computing sevices spin-off Analysis of corrosion protection with the Accelerated Cyclic Electrochemical Technique ACET Software development, automation engineering and consulting. 3 ADVANCED SERVICES Agricultural investigation and development of pesticide products Electronic signature, documents assisted transcription & electronic administration 3 TEC. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION start-up start-up Web design, hosting, on-line stores and web placement 2 HEALTH open-source applications for medicine spin-off Radio Frequency Identification and RFid technological integration grow-up Investigation, development and later marketing of systems for the early detection of pathogenic microorganisms grow-up 2 HEALTH 3 ADVANCED SERVICES e'vi 2 GREEN 2 GREEN Technologial product and sevices based on Machine to Machine technology e'vi Mobile phones applications development,for iPhone and Google Android Web communication, events organization and programming after-sales service Video games development for new download platforms Market research and strategic marketing planning 18 companies working in 5 strategic sectors grow-up 8 TIC'S TIME Soil moisture probes for agricultural and turf irrigation uses as well as conductivity in liquids sensors Companies' presentation Development and production of autonomous cleaning vehicles Consultancy and application of new information technologies in the business management November 2009 8 TIC'S TIME grow-up 3 TEC. INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION Retired volunteers who offer they experience and knowledge in business management for SMEs and entrepreneurship

TEMPLATE for Testing Companies

Transcript: What do your clients want from a DNA ancestry test? The best product with easy to understand answers and a company to help them along the way. In short, they want to know their story. What can you provide? and way to view & share that story Why is DNA Spectrum the right partner? Premium support for your premium brand Your Clients & You What will all this get me? I heard about that DNA test but let's wait and get it online. What we can achieve together *COMPANY NAME* & DNA Spectrum interactive & educational tools interactive tools to explore & remember afterward. science of life Increase *COMPANY NAME* sales by offering more fully integrated services No, let's do it now and they can take our samples right here without waiting! Provide unmatched value to your clients by offering them the best Take the next step. Let's Talk... Increase *COMPANY NAME* market share ... a beautiful and meaningful way to read their story Create completely satisfied clients ***** makes more $ with an additional revenue stream at highly competitive rates. Build brand prestige & credibility vs Which house would I want to sell to my clients? Create more new sales conversions with an instant gratification proposition vs online waiting. Have existing clients generate revenue after a service is complete while providing them with value the best ancestry product for your clients and you or A custom portal for your clients Steve White VP of Sales, DNA Spectrum 800-471-6164

Networking Presentation

Transcript: RESEARCH ON UMSKAL WI-FI ~To investigate the opinions of the students to the Wi-Fi connection in UMSKAL 3. What do you primarily search for over the Internet? Through this survey, we can know that: 1. Most of the students in UMSKAL use broadband to access to the Internet connection. 2. Students surf Internet mostly about 5- 8 hours per day to search for educational information, facebook, E-mail and entertainment. 3. Students do not satisfied with the Wifi connection in UMSKAL. 4. Most of the students think that the main tower and library have the fastest Wifi connection in UMSKAL. 5. Students wish that the authority can upgrade the Wifi and allow them to have streamxy in their hostel in order for their convenient in completing the assignments Result: All respondents, which is 100% are not satisfied with the UMSKAL’s Wifi. 6. Which place has the fastest Wifi connection in UMSKAL? 5.Reasons of Unsatisfaction with UMSKAL's Wifi Internet speed appears to be slow when there are many people sharing the same router. This can be overcame by upgrading current internet plan to a better one or use better router which can support more connections. Besides, allocate more routers or access points would be alternatives to support mass users. Respondents LOUIS NGU MING CHUNG BI11110069 LAU KEN KIAM BI11110058 WEE SEE DEE BI11110168 TAN LI LI BI11110153 PROBLEMS & SOLUTION Result:40% state that slow in speed and weak in signals.20% say that slow in speed is the cause.13.3% state that slow in speed, weak in signals and facilities of routers and cabling are too old.13.3% state that slow in speed, weak in signals, position of routers is not strategic and facilities of routers and cabling are too old.6.7% unsatisfied with the speed of internet and the position of the routers.3.3% says that weak in signals is the reason.3.3% says that slow in speed, weak in signals, position of routers is not strategic Result: There are 11 respondents, which is 36.7% spend 5-8 hours per day to surf the Internet whereas 10 respondents, which is 33.3% spend 3-5 hours per day. Total of 5 respondents, which is 16.7% spend more than 8 hours per day to online while only 4 respondents, which is 13.3% spend less than 3 hours per day. 30% state that main tower.30% state that library.13.3% state that library’s café.6.7% state that main tower and library.3.3% say that alpha 2 .3.3% say that beta 7 .3.3% say that library and library’s cafe . 3.3% state that main tower and beta 6.3.3% say that library, cafe and alpha 1.3.3% say that main tower, podium, beta 6 & 8 Analysis 4. Do you satisfy with the UMSKAL’s Wifi? Result: There are 11 respondents, which is 36.7% use broadband to access to Internet connection, 5 respondents, which is 16.7% use UMSKAL’s Wifi whereas 4 respondents, which is 13.3% use mobile data. Total of 7 respondents, which is 23.3% use UMSKAL’s Wifi and broadband to access to Internet connection, 1 respondent, which is 3.3% use UMSKAL’s Wifi and mobile data while 2 respondents, which is 6.7% use UMSKAL’s Wifi, Mobile Data and broadband. 2. How often do you surf the Internet? 7. What actions do you wish authority to take to solve the Wifi’s problem? Recommendations ~To gathered all information and figure out the best solutions for upgrading the Wi-Fi for the convenience of the students Position of router seems to be not strategic. After some of our investigations, we found that if routers are placed at higher grounds, signal could be better. This could be the reason why the signal of internet from router is so weak when people at higher floors could not get internet signals from router placed on ground floor. Available routers and cablings too old and fracturing signs appeared. Therefore, replacing the old one with a new one and up-to-date router is a must in order to improve overall performances or else it would be useless even if speed is upgraded. ~ 10 students from year 1 ~ 10 students from year 2 ~ 10 students from year 3 Most of the students requested to apply own streamyx in order to gain a smooth connection to the internet for themselves. For the sake of many students, owning a private streamyx might help to reduce the problems and inconveniences caused due to poor Wi-Fi connections. 30% primarily search for educational information, E-mail, facebook and entertainment .16.7% search for facebook.10% search for E-mail, facebook and entertainment. 10% look for educational information and facebook. 6.7% look for educational information, facebook and entertainment. 6.7% search for educational information. 3.3% online just for entertainment. 3.3% search for educational information and entertainment. 3.3% search for facebook and Email 1. How do you frequently access to Internet connection in UMSKAL? AIMS 30% wish to upgrade the Wifi and allow students to have streamxy in hostel.30 % request to upgrade the Wifi.13.3% wish authority to upgrade the Wifi, allow students to have streamxy and reposition the routers.6.7% request to upgrade the Wifi

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