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Mothers Day Presentation

Transcript: By: Emily Elizabeth Fierro !Happy Mothers Day​​​​​​! Defining success Introduction Hi this is for my mother Renee Ann Fierro. For Mothers Day I made a Presentation about you and why I think you do a lot for us the Fierro. This is telling other things hope you like it!!!! 5 Things That I Love You Continue 1. You help me with things that I need help with. 2. You CARE for Javier, Jessica and Me. 3. You make me study if I forget to do it. 4. You do a lot for Jessica, Javier and Me. 5. You make me try to be a better Volleyball player. 4 Things You Help Me With!!! Item 1 1. Volleyball. 2. School. 3. Getting Cool Clothes. 4. And helping with other things that I need help on. Item 2 1. 2. 3. 3 Things I Love About You Mom!!! Item 3 Item 3 Stop Stop Start Start Where we stand Where we stand Current standings Current standings 43,4% Q3 vs Q4 10,2% YoY Quarterly Sales Summary Quarterly Sales Summary 15% 37% 9% 2% Wins Wins Initiatives Initiatives Top performers Top performers New business New business Losses Losses Failed initiatives Failed initiatives Lost businesses Lost businesses Missed Opportunities Missed Opportunities Takeaways Takeaways Closing the gap Closing the gap Proposal Proposal Initiative 1 Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative 2 Initiative 3 Initiative 3 Risks Risks Risk 1 Risk 1 Risk 2 Risk 2 Risk 3 Risk 3 Risk management Risk management Benefits Benefits Benefit 1 Benefit 1 Benefit 2 Benefit 2 Benefit 3 Benefit 3 The forecast The forecast The sales funnel The sales funnel Projections Projections The action plan The action plan Scope Scope Initiative 1 Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative 2 Initiative 3 Initiative 3 Resources Resources Budget Budget Stakeholders Stakeholders Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 2 Stakeholder 3 Stakeholder 3 Time Time Next steps Next steps Step 1 Step 1 Step 2 Step 2 Step 3 Step 3

Mothers Day Presentation

Transcript: you She helps with homework Shes the cook of the house. She'll cook, clean, and bake whatever you want. She's an excellent cooker and baker. Her food is fantastic, excellent, i cant describe it. Whatever you want her to cook, she will cook it. I always ask her for food and she makes it. The time she uses to make this food is incredible. Everyday i ask her, "Whats for dinner'', and everyday she always tells me whats for dinner because she knows she has to cook for us or we will be devastated. Thank you for your amazing food mommy. Whenever i need something i can always count on my mom to be there for me. When i am sad she'll ask whats wrong and go from there. When i need help with something she'll help me. I can always count on my mom to help me with something. She will do it no matter what. That's what my mom does best and i love that about her that she will always do what she can to make us happy. Thank you mommy She spoils me silly She's always being protective of me whenever i go. If I text someone she always wants to know who that person is. If I talk about someone around her she wants about them. If I like a girl a girl she wants to know how she looks like. I cant tell you how much shes done this but i know she wants the best for me my mother is the most overprotective person but that's one of the reasons I love her. The Love She Gives Me My mom loves me even when shes angry at me. Through all the hard times, my mom loves me. She loves me as big as the galaxy. Every single day of her life she just cares for me and cares for me by giving me kisses and hugs. All this love means so much to me thank you momma. This calculator represents her intelligent mind This money stands for all the times she used her hard earned cash on me. I love you mommy. This is her caring heart For My Special Mother These utensils represent everday she puts her time into her meals I love you mommy i She's always there for me Mothers Day Presentation love This her hand saying her no to a weird person i like momma She's always protective of me Everyday i come home with homework and my mom knows that shes going to have to help me. She doesn't have to help me but she does. Even when its like 10:00 at night she will still help me. Sometimes I wonder how she can still stand me. I love my mommy for this special feature in my amazing smart mother. She feeds me Me and my moms understanding When i want something at the store and i ask my mom she will say no but sometimes when i pout (something i shouldn't do anymore) she will get me that thing. She know that if she doesn't get me that thing i will start bugging her for it. Even though sometimes she doesn't get me something i still love her. This video for you mommy i just want to thank you for everything you done for me especialy bringing me onto the world.

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