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Multipurpose projects

Transcript: Rana Pratap sagar dam Jawahar Sagar dam is the third dam in the series of Chambal Valley Projects, located 29 km upstream of Kota city and 26 km downstream of Rana Pratap Sagar dam, across the river Chambal. It is a concrete gravity dam, 45 meter high and 393 m long, generating 60 MW of power with an installed capacity of 3 units of 33 MW. The work was completed in 1972. The total catchment area of the dam is 27,195 Km2, of which only 1,496 km2 are in Rajasthan. The free catchment area below Rana Pratap Sagar dam is 2,331 km2. Rajasthan has a 50% share in the power generation of this station. River Damodar 3. Jawahar Sagar Dam Thank you!!!!!!! The Tungabhadra Dam is constructed across the Tungabhadra River, a tributary of the Krishna River. The dam is near the town of Hospet in Karnataka. It is a multipurpose dam serving irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, etc. This is a joint project of erstwhile Hyderabad state and erstwhile Madras Presidency when the construction was started; later it became a joint project of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh after its completion in 1953. The main architect of the dam was Dr Thirumala Iyengar, an engineer from Madras. The dam creates the biggest reservoir on the Tungabhadra River with 101 tmcft of gross storage capacity at full reservoir level (FRL) 498 m MSL, and a water spread area of 378 square kilometres.[2] The dam is 49.39 meters high above its deepest foundation. The left canals emanating from the reservoir supplies water for irrigation entirely in Karnataka state. Two right bank canals are constructed — one at low level and the other at high level serving irrigation in Karnataka and Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh. Hydropower units are installed on canal drops. Beneficiary States: Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh Kota Barrage Gandhi Sagar dam Bhakra Dam is a concrete gravity dam the Satluj River in Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The dam, located at a gorge near the upstream Bhakra village in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh of height 226 m. The length of the dam (measured from the road above it) is 518.25 m and the width is 9.1 m. Its reservoir known as "Gobind Sagar" stores up to 9.34 billion cubic metres of water. The 90 km long reservoir created by the Bhakra Dam is spread over an area of 168.35 km2. In terms of quantity of water, it is the third largest reservoir in India. Beneficiary States: Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan Chambal Valley Project Hirakud Project Kota Barrage is the fourth in the series of Chambal Valley Projects, located about 0.8 km upstream of Kota City in Rajasthan. Water released after power generation at Gandhi Sagar, Rana Pratap Sagar and Jawahar Sagar Dams, is diverted by Kota Barrage for irrigation in Rajasthan and in Madhya Pradesh through canals on the left and the right sides of the river. The work on this dam was completed in 1960. The total catchment area of Kota Barrage is 27,332 km2, of which the free catchment area below Jawahar Sagar Dam is just 137 km2. The live storage is 99 Mm3. It is an earthfill dam with a concrete spillway. The right and left main canals have a headworks discharge capacity of 188 and 42 m3/sec, respectively. The total length of the main canals, branches and distribution system is about 2,342 km, serving an area of 229 kha of CCA.50% of the water intercepted at Kota Barrage has been agreed to be diverted to MP for irrigation. River Mahanadi Nagarjuna Sagar Dam was built across the Krishna river at Nagarjuna Sagar where the river is forming boundary between Nalgonda District in Telangana and Guntur district in Andhra Pradesh states in India. The construction duration of the dam was between the years of 1955 and 1967. The dam created a water reservoir whose gross storage capacity is 11.472 billion cubic metres. The dam is 490 feet tall from its deepest foundation and 0.99 miles long with 26 flood gates which are 42 feet wide and 45 feet tall. Nagarjuna Sagar was the earliest in the series of large infrastructure projects termed as "modern temples" initiated for achieving the Green Revolution in India. It is also one of the earliest multi-purpose irrigation and hydro-electric projects in India. Beneficiary States: Andhra Pradesh, Telangana River Satluj Damodar Valley Project Multipurpose Projects of India Nagarjuna Sagar Project 1. Gandhi sagar dam River Tungabhadra Narmada Valley Project Hirakud Dam is built across the Mahanadi River, about 15 km from Sambalpur in the state of Odisha in India. Behind the dam extends a lake, Hirakud Reservoir, 55 km long. It is one of the first major multipurpose river valley projects started after India's independence. The dam supports two different hydroelectric power houses. Power House I is located at the base of the main dam section and contains 3 x 37.5 MW Kaplan turbine and 2 x 24 MW Francis turbine generators for an installed capacity of 259.5 MW. Power Station II is located 19 km southeast of the dam 21°21′10″N 83°55′00″E at Chipilima. It


Transcript: multipurpose furniture table SEX: unisex AGE: 5-40 years STYLE: modern COLOUR: light brown FUNCTION: acts as a study desk and a table for particular things TIME: can be used anytime PRICE: Rs. 10,000 Young people … what all comes to our minds when we think of the word “YOUNG”? All of us, when thinking of the word young people we tend to think of expensive things at first because they are fond of possessing expensive show pieces and stuff. But there should also be a place to keep them so that they aren’t lost because most of them tend to loose their stuff. For this problem, I am designing a multipurpose table so that the young people can keep their stuff their books and study there, as well as keep other stuff so that it isn’t misplaced. I am designing my product for people aged between 20-40 years. My product can be used in many ways. It can be used as a study table for the people to study on their laptops and people to study. It can be used as a table for people to display their expensive showpieces on. These two types of design can be placed in other ways too. task analysis TARGET MARKET: My target market is children between the age of 5 and 12 years. ASTHETICS: My design would be as per the gender of the child. So , if I am making a desk for a boy I would make a superhero on the top and then would the rest of the body the favourite colour according to the character. Whereas for the girls I would rather be making princesses and butterflies and colouring the rest of the body of the product according to that. I choose to give the body a very pale and light pink purple or yellow for the girls and for the boy I would do a light blue or green. ENVIRONMENT: My product will be made using very environment friendly and sustainable materials. Children tend to spill their food often so my material should be such that does not get damaged by that. DEMAND: what: number of products in the market Why: to get to know whether people would like to buy the product How: internet, research, questionnaire. SAFETY: What: safety measure need to be taken. Why: so that the product is not harmful and doesn’t cause damage to the consumers. How: research plan User Profile ANTHROPOMETRICS: What: the measurement of the human being. Why: to accurately decide the dimensions for the furniture. How: internet, field research. MANUFACTURING: What: method or technique of manufacturing the product. Why: so the product is made to perfection, immaculately. How: field research SIMILAR PRODUCTS: What: other products in the market Why: so my product is indifferent to the existing products How: magazines, internet. research I performed a primary research to know what are the change in trends and the likes/dislikes of children today. I asked approximately 10 children about what do they like when it comes to play. I asked boys on what are their favourite characters in cartoons and I asked girls what princess are they a fan of. I also asked them about their favourite colours they like. I did primary research because it gives me original data and I get to make direct contact with my target market or existing customers. I did not ask many questions as children do get bored answering them. Then I also performed secondary research and surfed the internet. I tried to find some existing products for and example to what I would be making. I did desk research so that I could find some information that has already been collected and is available for use by others. I also surfed some online shopping sites such as flipkart, amazon etc. initial specifications

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