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Morocco Presentation

Transcript: Mint Tea Casablanca Go Visit!!! - 99 % of the population are Arab Berber - 1 % other - Arabic is the official language - Berber languages exist as well including: Tamazight Tachelhit Tarifit French (often the preferred language of business, government, and diplomacy) By: Stacey, Gabi, Jessica, Eric Economy Brik City youth: Educated Into the Western Culture apparel music trends Chafik Oussemgane Thanks for listening! Currency: Moroccan dirham Held a 1 in 3 unemployment rate (2011) Now declined by 9.2 % (2013) The literacy rate is at 56 % The population is largely rural based with its primary economic source being agriculture, making rainfall a significant determinant. Hicham El Guerrouj Two Types Of Youth Cultural Experience Moun of Tunis Religion Moroccan Interview Two Types Of Youth Fes The legal age of drving: 18 years-old Ethnicity Continent: Africa Located in North Africa bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea Capital: Rabat Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy King: Mohammed VI The Prime Minister: Abdelilah Benkirane Abed: 29 from Ifrane Anti Atlass (“Small Jerusalem”) There are two types of parties Islamic Amazigh (Berbers) Government Lemon Chicken & Couscous Moroccan Interview Morocco Village Youth: Western behavior looked down upon travel soccer cricket swim Justice and Spirituality Movement (JSM) Independence after the French colonial rule in 1956 (JSM) - largest oppositional movement in Morocco. Led by Sheikh Yassine in 1988 Combines both Islam and politics to create an organization that defies the monarchy to establish a larger democracy within the country. 99 % Muslims (Sunni) and (Shia less than 0.1 %) 1% include: Christian, Jewish (6,000) , Baha’i Historical Facts Basic Information Salads with Brochette Morocco was one of the first exporters of Hashish B'Stilla Marrakech

morocco presentation

Transcript: presentation morocco morocco Morocco introduction Beautiful on the outside, terrifying on the inside Morocco's location Location Morocco is a country located in Northwest Africa, right on the edge of the African continent, bordering Algerian to the east, Mauritania to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. This is an image of where morocco is located. Fun facts About moroccos's food and culture just some little facts:) Morocco has an amazing culture and amazing sights Those are just a few of the most famous foods from morocco. Morocco is most known for the food. Tagine Fish Chermoula Harira Morocco's is also known for its old buildings and amazing sights. Morocco's 3 needs morocco's 3 needs morocco's third main need is gang control/stronger authorities. Let's go into a little more depth... morocco's first main need to better health care and hospital conditions. morocco's second main need to better access to clean water :(:(:( better health care and hospital conditions First need The condition of morocco's hospitals are horrifying. They don't have enough of anything. The medical practices that they still use are not up to date at all so alot of citizens get sick due to that. There was a female doctor from the USA that went to Morocco and what she saw was heart breaking. These hospitals are public which means that they are not as proper as the private ones are that is why there are so many questions. "When i walked into the hospital my heart broke. I saw patients laying on the same bed because they didn't have enough for everyone. I also saw two babies lying on the cold hard dirty floor because they didn't have baby beds. As i walked around I was able to go into an operating room. The operating bed looked like an old worn out couch with fabric thrown over it that had blood stains on it from previous surgeries. All over the hospital there were... ...Out of order life support machines. I asked my tour guide why none of them were being fixed and this is what they said. "We barley have enough money to keep the leaks and things like that out so there is no way we could afford to fix these". So many people depend on this hospital and if this is the treatment they are getting I really think the king needs to see what his people are going through. pictures Public Hospitals These are some pictures of the public hospitals in Morocco. Morocco's water problem does not seem bad from a tourist point of view because all hotels have filtered water that is safe to drink. But it is not like that everywhere. Most citizens in morocco cannot drink water from the tap unless they boil it first which is a pain in the but. If boiling is not an option then they have to walk around 20 kilometers to get to the town to then share the dirty water from the town. Moroccan government is also concerned about the pollution from plastic water bottles. Morocco is also becoming a water-scare country which means that they are running out of water clean or not. water Second need Why there is a water problem and what the king thinks. lack of a functioning sanitation network and waste water treatment system causes already scarce water resources to become contaminated and unsuitable for multipurpose use. Mohammed VI, the king of Morocco is worried about the water scarcity issue and all the hardship it will cause to Morocco’s citizens. Some other reasons are lack of safe water storage, Old pipes or water treatment systems, Agricultural run-off, Chemical pollutants. ~Why there is a water problem~ gang control and authorities Third need On February 4th 2014 Morocco thought they had the worst gang ever. A gang that stole cars. On August 23rd 2017 there was a gang that kidnapped Philippine billionaires and held them for ransom. On September 6th 2018 there was a gang that held a girl captive for two weeks, raped her and tattooed Swastikas all over her body. Why this keeps happening NOTHING!!! The authorities need to advance there technology so that they are able to catch these people before they get away But that did nothig because gangs kept coming and coming and the authorities did the same thing every time. What did the authorities do??? The authorities did nothing about these issues. The Moroccan government just waited till the gang was out of town and stopped searching. Security cameras or tracking devices could be steps toward that. but they need to get on top of that so that this doesn't keep happening. DTM Phase of Development The phase of development is a 2-2.5 because the birth rate stays high (at about 35 per 1000) and the death rate starts to drop (to about 20 per 1000). But I also think it is a 2.5 because it is in the middle to 2 and the birth rate falling rapidly (to around 20 per 1000) and the death rate remaining low. This is why i think the phase of development is 2-2.5. In conclusion I feel that there is alot the goes on behind closed doors that people don't know about and that needs to change.

Morocco Presentation

Transcript: Morocco Morocco Map Africa Climate Morocco's is generally moderate and subtropical. Summer temperatures 25ºC (Dec-Mar) Winter temperatures 12ºC (Jun-Sep) Transporation Natural Resources Phosphate Fish Salt Moroccan History LATAM Moroccan's early inhabitants, the Imazighen (Berbers). Late 7th century brought Islam. Christian reconquest brought waves of Muslim and Jewish exiles from spain to Morocco . Ottoman invasion failure leaves Morocco one of few Arab countires to never be under Ottoman rule. Religion Islam is the states official religion. Constitution gives Moroccan's freedon to practice any religion. Jewish community has dwindled to a few thousands. Reilgion Practices Sawm- Takes place on ninth month of lunar cycle. Hajj- Muslims must make a pilgrimage to Mecca Zakat- Almsgiving purifies the heart of greed, receiving charity purifies it of envy. Politics North America King Mohammed VI corronated in 1999 Primeminster Saad-Eddine EL Othmani Justice and development party Demographics Europe Deveolping counry Population of 33,986,655 Average life expectancy 77years old 97 men to 100 women(97:100) 99% Arabic berber and 1% other Education 4 different levels of education Primary education Middle education Secondary education Tertiary education Trading Relationship Middle East Main currency, Moroccan Dirham 53% imports vegetable products 20% imports Mineral products 23% exports Calcium phosphates 23% exports Citrus products Business talk Business kayf hi ahwalk? (How are you doing?) mataa sanaltaqi baed dhlk? (When will we meet next?) rubama fi waqt akhr? (Maybe another time?) madha taqtarah? (What do you propose?) 'akhshaa 'anana la nastatie qabul eardik. (I'm afraid we cannot accept your offer.) wadaeaan (Goodbye) astamihak eadhra? (Pardon?) marhabaan (Hello) 'ana eadat la 'afeal hdha (I don't usually do this) 'atamanaa lak yawm jaydin. (Have a good day) Business Talk Gestures Follows a monochronic style of meeting Appointments are necesarry and should be made far in advance Moroccans follow an open door policy Highest person makes decisions Etiquette When invited to a Moroccan's home bring sweets pastries, flowers, and nuts Small gift for the children Do not bring alcohol Gift Giving Business atire is formal Men should wear dark coloured sutis Women should wear elegant business suits or dresses Avoid expensive accessories Wardrobe Gestures Australia Bibliography Asia

Morocco Presentation

Transcript: Total MW Capacity: 170 MW Total Investment: 331.34 Million Tangiers 2 Koudia El Baida 2 Environmental Issues Excellent means of STORING energy Most energy efficient Much lower operating costs & longer lifespan Challenges Magali Bueno-Gardea, Martin Millhollon Abeld Moumen ETSP M'DEZ EL MENZEL Positive & Successful Outcomes Increase in employment & development High increase in local economy & Wind Farm Projects M’DEZ-El MENZEL Hydropower Complex The Kingdom Of Morocco Energy Plan Soil Pollution Animal Species Cost Effectiveness Morocco has a solar potential of 1,315,121,214 MWh/year Improved Security Dry, arid region with an abundance of potential Wind, Solar, and Hydro power. Population of 32,878,400 people 56% of energy in 2008 came from coal. 1,501,000,000 cubic meters of Natural Gas 100,000,000 barrels worth of reserve oil 4.8 gigawatts (GW) of Electricity generated. Suffers from Moroccans emigrating to Spain. 4 Pumped Power Transfer Station Plants: 1400 MW at 1200 Million Dollars 2 Wind Farms: 300-600 MW at 500-1000 Million Any number of acres of Solar farms can be used on land otherwise unfit for Agriculture or Cities Two Currently Successful Hydroplant Projects Leading to an INCREASE IN RETURN MIGRATION RATE Groups & Ministries Dedicated to the prevention of these challenges Koudia El Baida Wind Farm II Abeld Moumen Pumped Power Transfer Station These 4 Major projects, in conjunction with the current energy output of 1,514 MW equates to 3,454 MW of renewable power. As is, not enough to meet current energy goals. Total MW Capacity: 350 MW Total Investment: 333.7 Million Total MW Capacity: 300 MW Total Investment: 755.86 Million Tangier Wind Farm II Total MW Capacity: 150 MW Total Investment: 372.86 Million Morocco: Proposed Addition Even More Great Outcomes

Morocco Presentation

Transcript: Lauren Calderon, Keyla Ortiz, Seth Preminger Constitution Constitution Women in Rural areas still highly unequal. Women have to be specified in constitution and law. Article 475 of the Family Code - rapists can avoid prison if they marry their victim. Rape victims carry a stigma of shame and dishonor. More than 41,000 marriages in Morocco in 2010 involved female minors, up 25% on the previous year. Out of 395 available seats for parliament only 67 are available for women. Women while we were there- they stayed at home while men went out. Women also smoked in the bathrooms or would hide it from men because of the negative and shameful stigma it carries. Positive for USA Women's Rights Women don't have to be specified in the constitution Generally accepted that women are equals Women have many opportunities such as schooling even in rural areas The Violence against Women act allows for stricter federal penalties for sex offenders, funds services for victims of rape and domestic violence, and provides special training for police officers. Those who choose to work outside of the house are not criticized Just look at this class *Rainbows and Unicorns* Impact and Reasoning Negative for Morocco Women would be more protected against violence and rape under the law Things have gotten better (see: Mudawana). Seats in parliament, for example, have increased from 30 to 67 since 2002. However, there are social, legal, logistical, and political barriers to the actual implementation of many of the reforms in the new Mudawana Although under article 19 the law grants men and women equal social, economic, civil, political and environmental rights it is clearly still not implemented in society. Although under article 31 the law grants the right to education for all, 50% of the people are illiterate for which 67% are women and 92% in the rural areas. Impact and Reasoning Negative for USA If the US were to make the constitution more UDHR friendly: People's rights People's expectations World example Constitution being reformed to include more (last revision 2011) Created with the UDHR in mind Protects citizens Tells citizens what to expect from their government Consistent head of state Article 31 - education, healthcare, etc. Article 33 - children Article 20 - The right to life Article 34 - Provide for individuals with special needs (rehabilitate and integrate to society) We can't see what the implementation of the Constitution in Morocco is like exactly. The US has the Bill of Rights, which warrants personal freedoms, reserves power to the states and the public and limits the power of the government in judicial and other kinds of proceedings. Women's Rights Constitution protects the government more than the people Tells citizens what the government can do No explicit protection for citizens No human rights included Inconsistent head of state No right to education No right to healthcare Not a lot of "basic" human rights like in UDHR Positive for Morocco

Morocco presentation

Transcript: Dance of Ahwach group The berber music Content Location El fna square at night Components of Tajin The oldest university in the world Tea occupies a very important place in Moroccan culture. Morocco is one of the biggest tea importers of the world. Moroccan mint tea is a green tea with mint leaves. Mint tea isn't just a drink in Morocco. It is a sign of hospitality, friendship, and tradition Andalousian music As its name indicates, it comes from Al-Andalus or Andalusia. It is a mixture of Arab and Spanish music which is sung in classical Arabic. It makes use of many musical instruments such as the violin, lute and many others. French : used at schools, offices, media business, government, and diplomacy. English, spanish and german : used at schools as foreign languages and in tourism Spanish is spoken widely in the north of Morocco The Moroccan dialect is the most used in dialy life Berber is used widely in some regions Hassan 2 Mosque Religion Gnawa music in the square Arabic and recently Berber (Tamazight) are official languages French is the second language Others languages Samples of Keftan Moroccan Tajines often combine lamb,fish or chicken with a mixture of ingredients and spices, olives , vegetables,raisins,prunes,with fresh or preserved lemon. Casablanca The biggest city El fna square El fna square at night Women’s clothes Men’s Djellaba Types of Moroccan music Location Andalousian music group The Moroccan wedding The kingdom of Morocco The Moroccan Tajin Location Religion Fes city: The cultural and spiritual city Moroccan Food Others languages Marrakech city Other forms of Tajin Hassan 2 tower in Rabat Pouring tea The bride and the bridegroom Moroccan Music Rabat : The capital city The kaftan refers to the Moroccan garment that looks like the djellaba but without a hood. Moroccan tea Morocco mall Location Eating Couscous on Friday رقصة احواش Dance of Ahwach In Morocco, the marriage celebration includes several well organized ceremonies that can last from 3 days to a week, depending on the family and region of Morocco. These festivities are always the ideal opportunity to bring Moroccan families together and show the richness of Moroccan customs and traditions. Couscous Rabat : The capital city Casablanca : The biggest city Marakech : The red city Agadir Fes Meknes Location The Moroccan kaftan Hassan 2 Mosque Tea occupies a very important place in Moroccan culture. Morocco is one of the biggest tea importers of the world. Moroccan mint tea is a green tea with mint leaves. Mint tea isn't just a drink in Morocco. It is a sign of hospitality, friendship, and tradition The wedding ceremony Driss Sadiki Fulbright FLTA Morocco languages Fes city: The cultural and spiritual city Djellaba Marrakech city Eating Couscous on Friday El fna square Ahidous group dance Hassan 2 tower in Rabat Driss Sadiki Fulbright FLTA Morocco رقصة احيدوس Ahidous dance Marrakech , known as the "Red City", is the most important former imperial city in Morocco's history. Marrakech has the largest traditional market in Morocco and also has one of the busiest squares in Africa and the world, Djemaa el Fna. Moroccan tea Rabat : the capital city Arabic and recently Berber (Tamazight) are official languages French is the second language languages Men’s clothes Moroccan Food Main Cities Couscous Content Rabat : The capital city Casablanca : The biggest city Marakech : The red city Fes : The spiritual and cultural city Location Language Religion Main cities Food clothes Wedding ceremony Music Family life Main Cities Ahwach dance Casablanca The biggest city Islam is the official religion in Morocco Morocco mall Djellaba with a scarf ( hijab) Location Language Religion Main cities Food clothes Wedding ceremony Music French : used at schools, offices, media business, government, and diplomacy. English, spanish and german : used at schools as foreign languages and in tourism Spanish is spoken widely in the north of Morocco The Moroccan dialect is the most used in dialy life Berber is used widely in some regions The kingdom of Morocco Marrakech , known as the "Red City", is the most important former imperial city in Morocco's history. Marrakech has the largest traditional market in Morocco and also has one of the busiest squares in Africa and the world, Djemaa el Fna. Islam is the official religion in Morocco The oldest university in the world A group of berber music Other forms of jellaba and jabador Gnawa music in the square Moroccan clothes

Morocco Presentation

Transcript: MOROCCO Dakota Suresh Diebler Rylee Alexis Kaczmar Policy Briefing Rachel Ann John Solutions Efficient and Inefficient Solutions Efficient Solutions Droughts Economic aid would be best in this scenario as... it could be used to develop programs that are already in place to help those in need. it could be used to develop the 90 km pipeline that is being built to deliver water from the rivers and mountains of Northern Morocco to Southern Morocco to help farms and citizens. Developmental aid would be useful in this scenario as... it could be used to send workers to help with building the pipeline to deliver water. it could be used to build better water systems so that the situation does not reoccur. Sex Trafficking Economic aid would be the most effective in this scenario because... it could be used to fund programs that allow for the independence of prostitutes. (i.e. assistance in finding a job) (i.e. assistance in finding housing) it could be used to fund safe havens for people running from "slave masters". it could be used in funding programs that allow for the tracking and jailing of "slave masters". Developmental aid would also be effective in this scenario because... it could also be used to develop safe havens for people running from "slave masters". it could be used to develop housing for those in need of it. Inefficient Solutions Droughts Through humanitarian aid, the U.S. could send supplies to those struggling with drought. This would not solve any problems because... the problem itself would continue. it would only provide very short term relief. This would be detrimental because... it may cause the drought crisis to lessen in priority. it may bring attention away from those in need. Sex Trafficking Through military aid, the U.S could potentially send over troops to Morocco to assist the Moroccan police and officials with getting rid of prostitution and sexual exploitation. This would be too overbearing because... it would mean recklessly throwing around resources. it could also cause many in the illegal business to be more cautious about how they continue their dealings as to not attract any attention. it would frighten the citizens and may cause panic. Conclusion The Legacy of Imperialism on Morocco The French caused a slew of problems due to greed and their ideals towards prostitution. The French began their rule over mostly Southern Morocco in 1912, Moving forward, the U.S. can offer various types of aid in order to help the Moroccans in their time of need. Detrimental Farming = Droughts Prostitution = Sex Slavery This was a direct rule. This ended in 1957. Prostitution = Economical and Developmental Aid Drought = Economic and Developmental Aid Issues Facing Morocco Issues Issues From Imperialism The French wanted to make a profit off of Moroccan land. They took the natural resources. They forced Moroccans to farm crops such as... watermelons. wheat. These crops had adverse effects such as... making Morocco's economy agriculturally based. changing Morocco's local plant life. having Moroccan crops require more water. Morocco to this day still carries on with the agricultural traditions of colonial times. Forced Farming France was generally accepting of prostitution in colonial times. Morocco at the time was very religious (mostly Muslim), and therefore was not very accepting of prostitution. France introduced the idea of celebrating courtesans. France also introduced the idea of sexual slavery. (a.k.a. pimping) This type of behavior evolved into present day prostitution. Prostitution Current Issues Droughts There is a huge lack of water in Southern Morocco. This is primarily caused by... farming exotic plants. farming crops that take up a lot of water (i.e. watermelons). This has caused a variety of issues, such as... unclean water for the citizens. little water for the rest of the crops. this in itself has caused the overall GDP to drop as Morocco is agriculturally based. a huge monetary issue to fight the drought ($3.6 billion total). There is a huge problem with sex trafficking, especially in women migrants. There is a cycle of abuse within Moroccan immigration, what with... 1/3 of women being abused (1/2 of those women being forcibly impregnated). women both selling themselves and being sold to have better lives. women who are sold ending up having awful lives. The U.S. is not helpful because... they do not see the Moroccan sex trafficking situation to be serious enough. which means that they refuse to help women seeking asylum from their abusers. they refused to support efforts to stop sex trafficking in Morocco. Sex Trafficking A Look Into Morocco's Past Introduction Background Information Colonial Morocco Background Information The current population is... 34,314,130 (July 2018 est.) The current form of government is... a mixed legal system of civil law based on French law and Islamic law. consisting of judicial review of legislative acts by Constitutional Court. The suffrage age is Exports

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