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The Modern Poster

Transcript: Born 1948, in New York City Made by contemporary artist April Greiman What: Genre: It's eyecatching, which is essential for an advertisement. Text:The Modern Poster Most of her art is three-dimensional and spatial Two rectangles: one white, one red. Advertisement The white box fades into the red one in a polka-dotted texture, and the red one is fading into the black space. Famous for a poster created in 1982, created for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles Judgement Created on Apple computer, using MacVision Printed on Offset lithograph Created for the Museum of Modern Art, New York, made by April Grieman Analyze Introduces a new era of art, one dominated by technology rather than paint. Size: The Museum of Modern Art New York June 6-September 5 1988 How: One of the first designers to ever use Apple computers for graphic design Introduction In 1984, Macintosh was released, and most designers were skeptical of it. Made in 1988 Represents the computer revolution Represents a computer The two rectangles represent a screen, with text going into them. The swirling lines represent electrical currents. The two colorful boards represent circuit boards. Made in New York, Currently in the Museum of Modern Art, New York The End The Modern Poster Prefers to be called a "trans-media artist" Why: The two colorful boards seem to be coming out of the space below. April Greiman Marks the beggining of a modernist art era that uses more symbolism, rather than literal objects It has a modern feel to it, which made it unique at the time it was created. Studied at the Kansas City Art Institute to study graphic design and modernism Who: This piece is very effective in accomplishing it's purpose. 39"x 24½" Advertisement/ Modern Art When: Poster to attract people to an exibition in the museum Interpret Advertisement for the Museum of Modern Art in New York Text is spiraling into the center of the rectangles. "April Greiman was a bridge between the modern and postmodern" -Steven Heller, design historian Describe Despite this, in 1986, April Greiman adopted the new technology into the creation of her art Where:

Mini-Poster Template

Transcript: Survivorship Curve Before and After Influenza Vaccine Cady Houghton Procedure Background Experimental Design Methods Research Question 1) A data base of cemeteries was looked up to find death dates and information. 2) From the data base information was put into a google drive document. 3) 40 people dying before the 1945 influenza vaccine were put into one chart showing the ages of death. 4) 40 people dying after the 1945 influenza vaccine were put into another chart also showing ages of death. 5) Both charts of groups of people were converted into a life history table. 6) From each life history table the data was put into another chart to make two survivorship curve charts. 7) The survivorship curve charts were put into one survivorship curve chart to show the difference in curves. A laptop was used for this lab. If the influenza vaccine works then if we compare the survivorship curve of before and after the vaccine it will show people living longer because the vaccine will be decreasing the death rate. The independent variable in this experiment is the influenza vaccine. The dependent variable is the death rate in this experiment. The exponential variables in this experiment are the other disease epidemics during the time period the data was chosen from. The control is the survivorship curve before the influenza vaccine and the experimental is the survivorship curve after the influenza vaccine. The survivorship curves of before and after the influenza vaccine was created are both Type I survivorship curves. They also have the caracteristics for K-selected species. While they are both Type I and K-selected species, the survivorship curve after the influenza vaccine was created had a decrease in death rates between 20 and 70 years of age of about .5 #/1,000 surviving. Then, towards the 75 and 90 years range, the #/1000 surviving leveled out and became extremely similar in curves. Did people die younger before the influenza vaccine was created? In comparing survivorship curves a Log10 scale is used for its ability to show you greater numbers in a more readable way and to show same mortality with the same curve when two scales are put together. In a Log10 scale there are three Types of information. The first, Type 1, are mainly humans. Type I survivorship curves are characterized by high survival in early and middle life, followed by a rapid decline in survivorship in later life. Type 2 is mainly birds and Type 3 is mainly reptiles. Within these Types are two categories of species, K-Selected, or Equilibrium, species and R-Selected, or Opportunist, species. K-Selected species usually have stable resources and a stable environment, and this is usually what humans are categorized as. R-Selected species are usually whose population size tends to fluctuate greatly in reaction to variations in the environment. Comparing the survivorship curves, defined as a graph showing the number or proportion of individuals surviving at each age for a given species or group cohort, before and after the influenza vaccine was created will show if the vaccine helped increase the population. Before the 1940s when the influenza vaccine was created, the epidemic was particularly deadly in US Army training camps, where the death rate was as high as 80% in some camps. Death rate is usually calculated as the number of deaths per one thousand people per year. usually calculated as the number of deaths per one thousand people per year. The US military was getting hit with influenza the most forcing them to developed the first approved vaccine for influenza, which was used in the Second World War. Studying this specific survivorship curve will also help to tell if their were more survival rates in the US military during the time. Results With the original research question in mind, before the influenza vaccine was created people were dying younger. This question was answered by the survivorship curve graph comparing the curves before and after the influenza vaccine. As the graph shows between 20 and 70 years of age there is a significant difference in curves, meaning that the death rate before the vaccine in that time period was increased more than after the vaccine was created. From that specific area of the graph it can be concluded that people were dying younger before the influenza vaccine was created, thus the hypothesis was correct. For future study it would be interesting to see the survivorship curve in the US military before and after the vaccine not just the population in general. Because the US military was the one who invented it because they were the one being impacted with the death rate from the influenza epidemic the most, the survivorship curve would have a chance of being more predominant. Graph Clear Digital Media, Inc. (1997-2011). Cemetery Records Online. October 1, 2013, Genealogical Gleanings. (1997-2004). Plagues and Diseases. October 3, 2013, Introduction

Modern America Poster

Transcript: The 21st Century and Globalization Modern America Poster In the 2008 election, the main candidates were Barack Obama (Democrat) and John McCain (Republican). Barack Obama won the election with 365 electoral votes and became the first African-American president and the first president born in Hawaii. Obama would go on to win the 2012 election as well for a second term in office. In response to 9/11, conflicts arose overseas. Those responsible of 9/11, the Afghan rebels called Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the leader Osama Bin Laden. War continues in Afghanistan even after Osama’s death, killed by American troops in 2011. Recently, American deployment as decreased as Americans urge for peace in concern for military spending and American lives at risk. After 9/11, the War on Terror in America began and terrorism became the reality. We had to figure out ways to prevent terrorist attacks on American soil from new threats in the Middle East. Ten years after 9/11 the Patriot Act was passed by Congress. Now in result of 9/11, airport security is much stronger than it was before and we are much more prepared. War was also arise in Iraq due to the country’s possession of massive destructive weapons. America feared that they would use these weapons for terrorism on the US or another country. To protect itself and other countries from war and destruction, the US intervened. This war was fought against Saddam Hussein and his followers, leading ultimately to Saddam’s execution in 2006. After 8 years of conflict, the Iraq government has been granted security. By: Mohnik Rajkumar

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