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Mission Trip Background Presentation

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Mission Trip

Transcript: Mission Trip Mission Trip to Uganda Where: Uganda When: Summer of 2021 (Approximately) Why: You will grow in your faith and spread the word of God Mission Trip WHY UGANDA? Uganda is one of the countries known for poverty. In 2016, 1.5 million children in Uganda were homeless. Approximately 133,000 Ugandan children that are suffering from growth or development issues. Uganda has 2.5 million orphans. Of that 2.5 million, 1.2 million of those children lost their parents because of aids. More than 23 million people do not have clean water. WHY UGANDA? History History The first North American mission trip was in 1991. Teen missions started going over in 1992. 41 million people live in Uganda. English is spoken there, along with many tribal languages and dialects. Poverty and AIDS are two horrible realities that many Ugandan’s face on a regular basis. Purpose Purpose of mission trips in Uganda are to spread the word of God, provide medical attention, and children’s ministry. The purpose of mission trips are not only to help others, and to spread God’s word, but to grow in your own faith. Purpose of Mission Trips Ministries - Orphan Ministry — You will work with orphans at village schools and churches. Many of the children are orphans off the streets who lost their parents due to AIDS. You might to evangelism or medical check-ups for the children, as well as helping the kids with school. - Children's Ministry — There’s possibilities of having VBS or sports camps for kids in Uganda. - Maintenance — Maintenance is an ongoing need in Uganda Ministries in Uganda More Ministries - Medical work — Checkups for children and nearby clinics. Will involve — Clinic set-up, treat wounds or illnesses, pharmacy, packing medicines, and evangelism. (NOT required to be medically trained to work clinics!) - Revival services at several village churches - Teaching Sunday schools and Bible studies - Hut-to-hut evangelism - Teaching hygiene classes Ministries in Uganda Estimated Budget Double click to edit Estimated Budget Budget Before you go

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