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Mind Map Presentation

Transcript: What Words Best Describe Me Mark Lore ENGL 1100 Determined Determined This is a huge part of who I am as a person and has made me a stronger person from the qualities of this word Goal I am determined by any event that has led me to become a healthier person Goal Definition: having made a firm decision and being resolved not to change it. Thoughtful Thoughtful Throughout the last few years COVID-19 has taught me to be a more thoughtful person rather than focusing on myself. Others needed help too. Strategy I am thoughtful in ways that whenever my family is in need I do something without even asking Objective Definition: absorbed in or involving thought. Kind Kind Being a kind person has always been a huge part of my life. I think when you meet me for the first time I would greet you with a smile. My mother even says I embody my great grandmothers kindness Strategy When I am kind my actions tend to vary between helping others when needed, and giving a smile to random people who need it. Objective Definition: having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature. Self-sufficient Self-Sufficient If I couldn't provide more for myself within these last few months I don't know where I would be without this trait. I was able to provide more for myself than most of my pears within the last year and a half Strategy When I became very sick in the last year I had to learn this trait by making sure I was doing the right things and asking for the right help when needed Posters Definition: needing no outside help in satisfying one's basic needs, Dependable Dependable Whenever people are in a cry for help or need help I feel like this trait is the most important to who I am. I never fail to the call of action :) Strategy Being dependable is my main focus even for my job. If someone is sick I will be the most dependable I can to show up Posters Definition: trustworthy and reliable.

Mind Map Template

Transcript: Inside the mind, chaotic, confusing paths? Progression of put together to insane? First half: smooth Second half: gesture line Inspirations History of art History of the world Religion and beliefs? Greek and Roman mythology History of styles of art Manipulating space between forms Hanging objects? Gluing together? Using forms to create new form Ex. buttons making a face Possible project ideas Architecture and manmade structures 3D building Mediums Clay Wood Carving? Style: Block printing Wire Create figures Principle of Art: proportion and scale We don't know what will come Emphasize fear? Intense value Emphasize multiple outcomes? Angel versus devil History Color Gothic Renaissance Baroque Romanticism Realism Impressionism Expressionism Cubism Surrealism Pop art Proportion and scale Harmony and Discord Family conflict Versus good memories Divorce versus marriage Twins? Identical but still 2 individual people Art through time Split figure portraying society's standards of beauty versus personal inner beauty Caricatures of "perfection" Peeling off skin of makeup to reveal bare flesh/muscle underneath Negative side effects of surgery, makeup, etc Harmony and Unity EMOTION Possible project ideas emotions inspiring my art... The Mysterious Maze of Caitlin's Mind... Melanie Martinez: Mrs. Potato Head Why color? Line Emotional and personal dilemmas Simplicity/Minimalist Distorted/Abnormal caricatures playing off concept of "perfection" what lengths do we go to to fit the standard of "pretty"? "Don't be dramatic it's only some plastic No one will love you if you're unattractive" Leonid Afremov Hiromi Moneyhun Central Topic/Inspiration Inspirations Hobbies, interests and activities Use objects to create larger version of that object? Ex. Use shells to make a larger shell Miniature model of clothing? Portraiture and the human form The unknown My personal interests Art Swim The Cummer Museum Conflicting interests Me: Art Brian: Boy Scouts Patrick: Music Principle: Harmony and Unity Heavily inspired Leonid Afremov piece Portray person Elongated and graceful Dancer? Swimmer? Theme of love A couple at the beach Highlighting one or more specific aspects of the piece Central focus point of piece Possibly emphasize a minor detail? Single shape in the corner in a detailed piece? Paint Acrylic Watercolor Pastel Dry or oil Colored pencil Colored ink Marker Copic Perception of unity? Balance with unity and chaos? Different people, but unity in the bond of siblings Music Different notes put together sound pleasant Vanitas Inspirations Scratching at surface Xacto knife? Papercutting Simplistic subject Form and Space Odd Unusual Different Unique Avant garde Possible project ideas In my life? In my family? In friendships? At Stanton? In the US? In the world? Emphasis....Color? Series of pictures showing conflict then harmony in siblings Photographs? Use own siblings Different types of family interaction Paper cuts of figures Full body Face only Paper cuts over figures Mask-like? Sketches of figures showing emotion Word shading with emotion Inspirations I don't usually enjoy working in color, even though I love colorful artwork and the harmony in colors Colors show strong emotion Color guide Show passage of time Positive and negative aspects Mixed media? Different mediums represent different time periods? Paint versus sculpture? Art history Possible project ideas Sculpture Natural/Normal proportionate human figures concept that "perfection is normal" modern beauty standards? Conceptual and theoretical ideas Possible project ideas Inspirations Possible project ideas Inspirations Contour Gesture Shading? Chaotic hatching? Word shading Show movement and emphasis Abstract idea portrayed in art Love Time Beauty Etc. What we cannot see The unknown Heaven and hell? Internal conflict Emphasis Drawings Word shading Describe person Charcoal Pen Papercutting? Layered cutouts? Scratchboard Technique: Sgraffito Time Possible project ideas Chaos Emphasis Inner versus outer beauty Fixation on creating the best exterior possible weight loss, makeup, surgery, etc "real" bodies versus magazines Beauty over time 100 Years of... Beauty Eyeliner Pageant makeup Dresses Beauty icons Inspirations Sean Kelly (Project Runway season 13 winner) Kini Zamora (Project Runway season 13 and Project Runway All Stars) Everyday objects Transformed into new objects Recycling "Found" objects Shells, stones, leaves, etc Elements of art Form Space Beauty Possible project ideas Paint styles of art on people Different ways of painting people through time Or: White paint to be sculpture Just face? Or full body? Maximum Ride by James Patterson Inspirations Arturo Leal Personal inspiration Showcasing my emotional journey? Mental illness Mediums Charcoal Ink Pastel? Pen Word shading Element: Line You can't have a lot of detail if you want to use a sgraffito technique Sgraffito would interfere with the detail Looks messy Simple human form/face without depth?

Mind Map Presentation

Transcript: Mind Map Assignment Progamming Languages A Programming Language is a computer language that is used by programmers to "communicate: with computers. In other words, It is a set of instructions given to the computer to perform a specific task. Depending on the language used, it can be used to develop desktop applications, websited, and mobile applications. This presentation will show you 4 of the most used programming languages. Programming Languages Python Python Python is a high-level programming language with dynamic schematics. Its data structures, synamic typing, and binding make it usefull and popular for many things. It is also known for its easy debugging and easy-to-learn syntax. Python Uses Data analysis and machine learning Web development Automation or scripting Software testing and prototyping Everyday Tasks Uses Python History History Python was created by Guido van Rossum, and was first released on Febuary 20, 1991. Its name came from an old BBC television comedy sketch series called "Monty's Python's Flying Circus" Something that makes Python unique is that it was developed by one man, rather than a large company. Java Java Java is a widely-used programming language for coding web applications and has been a popular choice among developers for decades. It is a multi-platform language that can be used as a platform in itdelf. It is fast, safe and reliable, and can be used for coding everything from mobile apps to big data applications. Java Uses Game Development Cloud Computing Big Data Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things Uses Java History History Java was created at Sun Microsystems, Inc., in a researcher team led by James Gosling. Work on it started in 1991, and it was released in 1995. By the late 1990s Java had brought multimedia to the Internet and started to grow beyond the Web, powering consumer devices, computers, and even the onboard computer of NASA's Mars Exploration Rovers C++ C++ C++ is a cross-platform language that can be used to create high-performance apllications. It is known to give high level of control of system resources and memory. It is one of the one of the world's most popular programming languages and be found in a lot of today's operating systems. C++ Uses Developing Browsers Operating Systems Creating Applications In-Game Programming Software Engineering Data Structures Uses C++ History History C++ was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Laboratories. It started developing in 1979, and after many attemps to add different features and improvements, It was published in 1995. The name C++ suggests "C incremented". SQL SQl Structured query language (SAQL) is a programming language for storing and processing information in a relational database. Relational databases use rows and columns to represent different data attributes and the relationships between data values. SQL Uses Storing and Processing Information in a regional database To work with other programming languages Retrieve and Manipulate Data Analyze Data Uses SQL History History SQL was developed in the 1970s by IBM researchers Raymond Bayce and Donald Chamberlin. The programming language, formerly known as SEQUEL, was created following Edgar Frank' Codd's Paper, "A relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks,"

Mind Map Presentation

Transcript: By: Ian Kim Mind Map Climate Change 1 Earth's temperture is constantly rising because of human activities such as burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) and cutting down trees. A changing climate change could have many negative effects on the environment, indivisuals, and countries. If don't take action now it could be very difficult for us and for the future. To stop climate change we have to stop burning fossil fuels. #1 The world is getting hotter causing glaciers to melt. This causes sea level to rise creating floods. Biodiversity 2 Biodiversity is a different name for a variety of living things living on Earth. Biodiversity provides us humans clean air, fresh water, clothes and most materials we get from nature. All living things are connected in a way. If we lose even one species it could have a devastating effect on an ecosytem. Losing biodiversity makes the Earth unhealthy and we may lose important resources that we need for survival. Pictures These are pictures of Biodiversity. A variety of all living things Detail If we lose Biodiversity it could lead many species to extinction including humans. Climate change is the main reason why species are going extinct. Extinction 3 Species going extinct means the last of its kind dying. Species go extinct because of human activities such as cutting down trees, breaking down habbitats, and burning fossil fuels causing the climate to warm. The warm climate causes the icebergs to melt making it hard for polar bears to live. Detail If we lose Biodiversity it could lead many species to extinction including humans. Climate change is the main reason why species are going extinct. Greenhouse Effect The ability of the atmosphere able to trap heat is called the greenhouse effect. The trapped heat warms up Earths surface. Some of the heat energy esacpes to space but most of it gets absorbed into the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect causes the Earth to get warmer. 4 GreenHouse Gases. 5 Other GreenHouse gases. : Methane :Nitrous oxcide :Flourinated gases Methane is the main component of narual gases. Over 60% of the Methane comes from human activities. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas, occurs in small amounts natrually. 40% of the nitrous oxide comes from human activities. Flourinated gases. 100% of the flourinated gases come from human activities. They are the most powerful GHG's. Albeto effect 6 When light energy hits Earth, some is absorbed and some is reflected. The Albeto is the measure of how much light energy is being reflected. Snow and ice reflects about 80% of the light energy. Water reflects only 10% of the light. Dark landscapes and forests have a low albedo. Carbon dioxide is a gas formed by burning fossil fuels. We create carbon dioxide in our everyday life such as driving, or even burning wood, coal,natrual gas and gasoline. When carbon dioxide is released it goes into the atmosphere and creates a blanket which traps even more heat then before. Most of the carbon dioxide is formed because of human activities. Carbon Dioxide 7 A invasive species could be any type of living organism that is not native in the ecosystem and will cause harm. They could harm the enviroment the economy, or even human health. Invasive species could be brought by human activities. People who travel could bring uninvited species to a different place causing it to spread. Invasive Species. 8 Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natrual enviroment that causes change. Pollution could take the form of many things such as chemical substances, or energy such as noise, heat, and light. Pollution is formed when people burn fuels. Pollution is very dangerous and could harm living organisms. Pollution 9 Overharvesting is when humans are being greedy about there resources and food. People often take more then they need or catch more animals. People sometimes cut to many trees destroying habitats that animals live in. Overharvesting 10 Kiribati is a drowning paradise in the south pacific. Kiribati is less then two meters above the sea level. Many floods happen there making it a very dangerous place to live. Some people living in Kiribati use chunks of coral and rocks to create walls to protect there houses from the water. In Kiribati there many coconuts and use it for many things. Kiribati 11 Habitat loss is usually caused when humans are cutting down trees or taking up to much land. Animal losing there habitat could effect biodiversity. When animal lose there home they would have to move to a different place or they could die. A habitat is very important to an animal. But humans are always cutting down trees and breaking habitats. Most of the habitat loss comes from human activities. Habitat loss 12

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