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military presentation

Transcript: Navy Between 13 October 1775, and the end of that year the Navy was formed. To protect and secure American ports and waters. In 1794 they had to reestablish the Navy while the french revalutionary war came into alantic water they needed some sort of power to stop them from stopping their ships from transporting goods to other countries. Marines the Marines were established on November 10, 1775 to assist the naval forces or the continental navy. They're first raid was off the coast of the bahhamas it was an anphibius raid. Topic After the revolutionary war they had to reestblish the marines on the 11 of July, 1798. Army The Army was built on June 14, 1775 because they wanted more military in the Revolutionary war. As soon as they were trained they were sent to march to boston and be light infantry men. Topic The Army had to have a commander chief in charge and that man was George Washington because of his exstensive military record they chose him to fit best leader. coast guard The Coast Guard was esablished on August 4, 1790 they were first called the revenue cutters before the coast guard. Topic The Cutter is deemed to be the first ship made in massechutes for the branch The Cutters. Air force,Space force The Air Force was established on August 1, 1907 their first real fight was WW1 because that's why they bought that plane from the wright brother for 25 thousand was to figure out if and how flying could help in war. Topic The space force was esalished December 20, 2019. They have not ever been in war and protect the national cyber security side of things. Topic

Military presentation

Transcript: The US Military After High School Jack Temple How to Join Requirements and Branches Requirements and Branches Army Navy & Marines Air Force Coast Guard -Be a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder Non-citizens must speak, read, and write English fluently. -Non-citizens must currently live in the U.S. -Be in good health -Be 17 to 40 years old (different branches have different age requirements) -Have a high school diploma (some branches will accept a GED) -Pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test Requirements Requirements Ways of joining Ways of Joining Enlistment Easiest way of joining, makes up 82% of military members Enlistment ROTC ROTC The Reserve Officer Training Corps is a four year college program that prepares students to be US Military Officers. A highly selective and elite military college's that offer free tuition for military service as a US Military Officer. Academy Academy -Contact a Recruiter - Talk about Roles -Take the A.S.V.A.B -Go to M.E.P.S -Choose your Role -Swear in to the Military Enlisted Process Process Roles in the Service Roles in the Service Any job you can imagine they have - Combat/Special Forces - Technical jobs -Medical -Auxiliary jobs (doctor, lawyer, Chaplin) Benefits Benefits -A guaranteed paycheck and Cash Bonuses -Education Benefits -Advanced and Specialty Training -30 days annual paid vacation -Travel -Option for full-time or part time service -Tax-free room, board and allowances -Health and Dental Care -Use of commissary and Military Exchange stores -Special home loans and discounts -Unparalleled sense of patriotism, duty, honor and selfless service -Highly sought-after skills, leadership and training experience

Military Presentation

Transcript: Devon Williams Air Force cadet 4th class Cousin of Susie and Lillie Baxter Josh Wilson US Navy Father of Anna, Piper and Zoey Wilson Margorie Ball Wright US ARMY AIR CORP WACS Staff Sergeant Makayla and Annalyn Browder's great grandmother Major Michael Williams Air Force Uncle of Susie and Lillie Baxter Major Alan Copeland Retired Marines Gulf War George Inge U.S. Coast Guard- Retired Grandfather of Elena Inge Senior Chief Nicholas B Powell US Navy Father of Ashley & Jessica Powell Craig Diamantopoulos Lt. Commander U.S. Navy Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force Reserve Uncle of Rachel Bond Lieutenant Colonel Rodney Scott McKelroy, Jr. U.S. Army Uncle of Madison Frierson Earl Keene U.S. Army Father of Mr. Daryl Father-in-law of Miss Lisa Grandfather of Amy Smith & Ashley Briggs Eric Inge U.S. Marine Corps Father of Elena Inge Casey A. Callais U.S. Army Father of Monique and Sasha Callais Andrew David Michel, U.S. Army Husband of Miss Lori Ronald Cassagne U.S. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Korean War Grandfather of Cebrynne Cassagne Jerry Lee Bond U.S. Air Force E-6 Grandfather of Rachel Bond D&L Dance Center Presents... Private 1st Class George Arnold Brown Jr. U.S. Army Grandfather of Madison Frierson Steven Kirk Bond Sergeant First Class (E-7) U.S. Army (Retired) Uncle of Rachel Bond Sargent George R. Beorn US Army Great Grandfather of Ashley & Jessica Powell Richard O. Kiern, Sr. U.S. Marines Father of Miss Lisa, Miss Dena, Miss Lori and Miss Debbie; Grandfather of Abby Guy, Amy Smith, Ashley Briggs and Jamie Penton Tina M Powell US Navy Mother of Ashley & Jessica Powell Arthur Aull U.S. Air Force Great Grandfather of Juliet and Audrey Dabelstein SSG Floyd M Ulmer 26 Years US Army Grandfather of Kaydence Lee Jackie S. Anderson, U.S. Army Father of Brooklyn Hutcherson Arthur Houston Henley Jr US ARMY Delta Co. 3rd/187th 101st Airborne Division Vietnam 1970 Grandfather of Ashlynn Kirkland Sgt. Jacob Dale Smith U.S. Air Force Husband of Miss Amy; Son-in-Law of Miss Lisa Brother-n-Law of Ashley Briggs Captain Brian Copeland Marines C-130 Pilot Uncles of Taylar Copeland Anthony Richard Navy Gunner's mate World War II veteran South Pacific Great Grandfather of Selma Newbill Eljie Bennett III MS Army National Guard Supply Sgt. Father of Emma Bennett Specialist James Edward Fleming Army National Guard Veteran Father of Emily Fleming 1st Lieutenant Michael Haley U.S. Air Force Great Uncle of Madison Frierson Sgt. Larry Barnes Combat Veteran Iraq 2003 US Army Paratrooper 82nd Airborne Division 2000-2004 Proud father of Averi Elizabeth Barnes Fred E. Spiers, U.S. Army Vietnam veteran Grandfather of Brooklyn Hutcherson Norman Green, Sr. U.S. Army Grandfather of Autumn Green Jace A. Callais U. S. MC 1989 Uncle of Monique and Sasha Callais Lowell E. Webb. Lt. Commander Father of Michelle Berdux Captain Lee Roy Haley U.S. Army Great Grandfather of Madison Frierson Carlos Xochihua U.S. Navy Uncla of Elena Inge Walter Ruby Army Great Grandfather to Anna, Piper and Zoey Wilson Wilbert H. Callais U. S. Army Grandfather of Monique and Sasha Callais CWO3 Dean Smith USMC Uncle to Anna, Piper and Zoey Wilson Petty Officer 3rd Class Roy William Hendrickson Navy Grandfather of Madison Frierson Michael Twarog Navy Lieutenant Uncle of Selma Newbill Uncle of Abby Guy, Ashley Briggs, Amy Smith, and Jamie Penton Elmer Jones U.S. Air Force Great Grandfather of Juliet and Audrey Dabelstein Sgt. Theodore J. Fenger, Jr. U.S. Marines Father of Amanda Fenger Brother-in-law of Miss Dena, Miss Lisa, and Miss Debbie 10th Anniversary Dylan Newbill Navy Corpsman (currently serving) Brother of Selma Newbill Robert Maggio U.S. Marine Corps Great Uncle of Elena Inge Private 1st Class Austin William Mistretta U.S. Army Brother of Madison Frierson Blake Jones U.S. Army, 14 Echo Brother in law of Ashley Bourg and Cebrynne Cassagne Sgt. Herschel Copeland Manes 2nd Marien Air Wing Korean Conflict Grandfather of Taylar Copeland Horace Mitchell US Navy E-5 submariner TM2SS Makayla and Annalyn Browder's great grandfather SBC Brad Rumbaugh Father of Annalynn Rumbaugh Richard Diamantopoulos Senior Master Sergent U.S. Air Force Grandfather of Rachel Bond Ronald Merritt Jr. U.S. Army Uncle of Elena Inge Ronald Merritt U.S. Army Dabled Vitenam Veteran Granfather of Elena Inge 'Counting Our Blessings... Forever Free' A tribute to our courageous military and their families. Major Douglas Joe Estey, Sr. U.S. Army Uncle of Madison Frierson Bryson Green U.S. Navy Oldest Brother of Autumn Green

Military presentation

Transcript: Military Awareness Presentation Samantha Munoz Architecture and construction Listed careers within field Construction specialist Building Electrician Service branches U.S Army Marine U.S Air Force Military status-Enlisted Salary-$48,770 Construction specialist Overview- Construction Specialists manage the construction of buildings,bridges,etc. Military Training-Construction Specialists training consists of on-the-job instruction including practice with tools. Construction specialist Helpful Attributes Ability to communicate effectively Ability to understand and apply math concepts Ability to coordinate and prioritize the work and activities to detail Construction specialist Related Civilian Careers Civil Engineering Technician Cost Estimators Construction specialist Construction specialist Civil Engineering Technician Salary-$55,614 Overview-Helps determine geographic areas or features Military training Classroom study Simulated combat conditions Helpful attributes Ability to convert ideas into drawings Interest in maps and charts Cost Estimators Salary-$114,900 Overview Financial managers direct and coordinate financial management functions. Military Training Complete a comprehensive training program covering responsibilities Helpful Attributes Interest in planning and directing the work of others Interest in work requiring accuracy and attention to detail Construction specialist Building Electrician Building Electrician Service Branches U.S Army Marine U.S Air Force Status- Enlisted Salary-$58,491 Overview install support, and troubleshoot electrical wiring systems Military Training Practice in the installation and repair of electrical wiring systems. Helpful Attributes Ability to use hand tools Interest in electricity Preference for doing physical work Building Electrician Related Civilian Careers Electricians Automotive and Heavy equipment Mechanics Building Electrician Electricians Salary-$80,378 Overview Electricians supervise,repair and coordinate electronic devises Military training Consists of on-the-job learning Helpful attributes Interest in engineering Interest in planning and directing research projects Building Electrician Automotive and Heavy equipment Mechanics Salary-$59,569 Overview Automotive and Heavy equipment Mechanics maintain and repair various vehicles and systems. Military Training Automotive and heavy equipment Mechanics training consists on working on vehicles and equipment Helpful Attributes Interest in automotive engines and how they work Interest in troubleshooting and repairing mechanical problems Building Electrician

Military Presentation

Transcript: **"We should help those that need it, and embrace those ready and able to serve. The military community is a great place to recruit volunteers because they already understand the military lifestyle and have an esprit de corps, learned through that military lifestyle where everyone is stronger when they work together" Military Involvement Volunteer Onslow collaborated with Volunteer Onslow as a community partner to identify a veteran who was in need. and more to come.. donated the supplies needed for the project 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines In 3 months... One group who answered the call. Asking volunteers "where do you best fit?" and finding how to leverage that partnership for both. contacted United Way looking for opportunities to volunteer in the community. ...for 2 projects. established project, community and public relations and partnerships. Volunteer Onslow ** ..."veterans and their families are talented natural volunteers with valuable skill sets easily adapted to the challenges facing our communities. Their families have consistently stepped up to handle unmet needs - military family members volunteer at much higher rates than the rest of the population. Best of all - they are waiting to be asked to serve". 95% Serving Wounded Veterans Percentage of OEF/OIF Veterans who cited this volunteer opportunity as important to them. Asking nonprofits "what are your needs?" and helping to fill those needs. What is Volunteer Onslow? Battalion Goals Met Through Volunteering: Citizenship Character Development Team Building Give Back to Our Community 91% Disaster Relief Semper Fi Fund Connecting Nonprofits with other Nonprofits to collaborative on service projects 94% After School Programs/Serving at Risk Youth 90% Serving Military Families Let's work together to help build capacity for local nonprofits in the community you serve. Great! How can I get involved? **Points of Light Institute 52% Environmental Efforts Jacksonville-Onslow Volunteer and Nonprofit Resource Center 2/8 gave 787 hours, $14,258 in sweat equity to local nonprofits. 2/8 Initiative Model ongoing connection to community opportunities project support and planning and hour tracking for unit purposes. Nonprofits connecting with Volunteers with opportunities: One time, ongoing, service projects, specific skills, boards and committees. How do we do that? What will it look like for you? Developing initatives and programs to better serve. It is your community. Home Depot It is your Community. How do I impact it. Members of the Military Community serving as volunteers help build better communities. You want to serve. Onslow County has the needs. Lauren Welch, Volunteer Onslow Director United Way 8 Ruth Street Jacksonville NC 28540 910-938-4357 Helps to build capacity for local nonprofits. Resource Center for nonprofits. Help connect volunteers to local needs

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