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Miami University

Transcript: Post Secondary Research Project By: Brad Herbert Miami University 1824 Classes officially begin for the first time. 1873-1885 Miami closes due to lack of funding. 1885 Miami reopens due to government funding boost. 1900 3 of 16 women at Miami awarded Bachelor's degrees. 1912 Bishop Hall constructed as residency built for women 1919 Miami's "No-Horse Rule" replaced by "No-Car Rule". 1975 Goggin Ice Arena constructed for hockey and recreational sports 1997 Responding to the Miami Tribe, trustees change mascot from "Redskins" to "RedHawks" 2008 North Parking Garage completed Degrees Granted Admissions Requirements and Deadlines Tuition Information/Cost Starting Tuition and Basic Fees Room and Board: $10,640 Housing Information Rates Per Semester Financial Aid/ Scholarships Available and Deadlines Have to apply by Feb. 1 to be considered for general scholarships FAFSA is due by Feb. 15 Merit scholarships are based on the information on scores has of March 1 For specifics on individual scholarships or grants, check the website asap Student Organizations Fraternities & Sororities Fun Facts •The total cost of attending Miami during its first year was $93, including board, room, tuition, laundry, candles, and wood. •Arthur Wickenden headed the first Department of Religion on a public campus in America. •Miami produced ten Union generals and three Confederate generals in the Civil War. Designated (single room) $3,603 Academic Career Cultural& Diversity Fine Arts/Performance Honorary •William Holmes McGuffey, whose readers sold over 130 million copies, received only $1,000 and a ham every Christmas for sales of his readers. Only the Holy Bible has had greater sales. Total for Non-Ohio Residents Bachelors Academic Scholarship Deadlines Intercollegiate Athletics 501 E. High St. Oxford, OH 45056 (2 Semester-1st year) $2,549 •In the 1830's Miami was the fourth largest college in the United States trailing only Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth. Total for Ohio Residents Early Action Single Occupancy Additional Fees Scholarships Financial Aide $12,625 Premier Single $4,648, 11/14/12 •Miami is known as the "Mother of Fraternities", with the Miami Triad Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, and Sigma Chi being founded in Oxford. $27,797 Renovated $2,804 Miami University. (2011). Miami University. Retrieved from $4,673 •Miami is one of the very few universities in the country with its own cemetery. Double Room $4,210, 11/14/12 Ohio Resident •The oldest building on the Miami campus is the DeWitt log cabin built in 1804. Early Decision Masters 513-529-1809 Programming Religious Service Special interest Sports Clubs/Recreation Student Governance Work Cited Loans November 15 ROTC Doctorate (2 Semester-1st year) Gradutate student Health & Wellness Media/Publications Military Political/Social Action Special Recognitions, LLC. (2011). Miami University-Oxford (Miami). Retrieved from •The first intercollegiate football game in the state of Ohio was played in 1888 between Miami and Cincinnati. $38,917 Renovated Double Room $4,631 $228 Technology fee (on-campus) $120 Facilities fee $132 Metro bus fee Apartments Deadline February 1 Common Application $50 Application Fee Recommendation by teacher or counselor Official High School transcript ACT/SAT scores Requirements December 1 Double/Triple/Quad Occupancy rooms Regular Decision Common Application $50 Application Fee Recommendation by teacher or counselor Official High School transcript ACT/SAT scores Common Application $50 Application Fee Recommendation by teacher or counselor Official High School transcript ACT/SAT scores $23,745 Renovated $3,693 FAFSA Grants Associates, 11/14/12 •In the 1850's there were five colleges in Oxford. The Medina County Career Center. (2011). Medina County Career Center JVSD. Retrieved from Non-Ohio Resident

Miami University

Transcript: I hope to gain admission into Miami University because it is a smaller school and is close to home. This university stands out because it seems like a good school, has a lot of clubs I would like to join and is a good size for me. Student Life Miami University By: Tia Hoosier Tuition for four years -Ohio resident: approximately 100,488 -Non Ohio resident: 164,916 - Miami University does have on campus living. This is not a commuter campus most students live on campus. Ohio freshmen must live on campus. - 49% of students are in a sorority Why I Want To Go Here Tuition -University Merit Scholarships -Special Recognition Scholarships -Miami Access Initiative -Scholarships Awarded by Academic Departments -ROTC Scholarships -Intercollegiate Athletics Scholarships Facts and Information Facts 91% of the 2013 class found jobs 3 months after graduation. - Application deadline is February 1st - SAT Critical Reading: 540 / 650 - SAT Math: 580 / 680 - SAT Writing: - / - - ACT Composite: 25 / 30 - ACT English: 25 / 32 - ACT Math: 25 / 29 Job Statistics Living Conditions -In the 1850's there were 5 colleges in Oxford -Oxford, Ohio is the first Oxford in North America -Miami is one of the few universities in the country with its own cemetery -The official seal of of Miami that was adopted i 1826 -Miami is known as the "Mother of Fraternities", with the Miami Triad Beta Theta Pi, Phi Delta Theta, and Sigma Chi being founded in Oxford. Admission Schedules Citation of Sources - Semester system - Miami University does have an Honors program. There is no minimum criteria to be excepted. You want to be in this because you get different housing and priority scheduling. - Founded in 1809 - Main campus is located in Oxford, Ohio - Rural district - Public University - Mascot is the Redhawk - approximately 17,720 undergraduates - - 230 students leave each year to attend another university - Ranking is #76 -Academic Team -Accounting Association -Adopt A School -ICA Sports Marketing -Inklings -Inside Washington -Office of Resident Life -Ogden Hall -Open Fifth and etc... Scholarships

Miami University

Transcript: "The most beautiful campus there ever was." -Robert Frost The End! Miami offers many majors, but there are a few they are most known for. Three reasons Business is a good major: plenty of oppurunites for specialization, demand for this major is high, and it's a practical major. During the 1870's and 80's, the school closed because of a lack of funds. Most known major is Business (in general). Ensuring Good Luck: Delta Delta Delta sorority once donated the Tri Delt Sundial. If one rubs the heads of the turtles on the sundial, it is sure to bring good luck. By: Jamie Schroer No student wants to be bored at college; it is a great thing Miami's campus has many activites to offer. 11% of student body chooses social sciences as their major. This major deals with a field of study all about society and human behaviors. If extra studying is needed, there are many campus resources available- Center for the Enhancement of Learning, Teaching, and University Assessement, Howe Center for Writing Excellence, Miami University Libraries, and Rinella Learning Center. Kissing Under the Arch: if couples kiss under the Upham Arch under the lantern at the stroke of midnight, they are destined to marry. It is said getting a job on campus is a very good idea because it provides income, faster responsibility, and teaches how to budget time wisely. Random popular places: King Library, Bell Tower, outside in the Quads, Uptown, King Cafe. churches, and restaurants. The school was chartered in 1809; this is when the village of Oxford began. The village was laid out, and then lots were sold, to soon make a population of 700. In order for a student to tell if Miami University is the right college for them, they must look at the history behind the opening, student activities on campus, and what majors Miami is known for. Miami University was named after the Miami Indians who had once inhabitted in Ohio. What are Miami University's key majors? (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr What is the history behind the opening of the school? Avoiding the Seal: the University seal is embedded into the sidewalk; one is not supposed to step on it out of respect for Miami's history and values. If it is stepped on, then that person will fail their next exam. 9% of student body chooses education as their major. This major studies how people learn, and how to best teach them. What kinds of student activities can be found on campus? Much happened in order for Miami University to stay open, and thrive. The first years were somewhat lean, relying on tuition and rent from the college. But the university reopened in 1885, because the Ohio legislature gave Miami $20,000 to reopen. Miami opened to students in 1823, and it quickly became known as the "Yale of the West." 7% of the student body chooses biological and biomedical sciences. 6% of the student body chooses English Language as their major.

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