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Transcript: Show Me The $: An investigation into incentives to increase job performance in the Northeastern Ontario pharmaceutical industry * changes in the pharmaceuatical industry * drugs going generic * no new drugs in the near future H1:Monetary incentives will not motivate pharmaceutical sales representatives to increase job performance. H2:Job security as an incentive will motivate pharmaceutical sales representatives to increase job performance. *Identify what incentives are currently being utilized to enhance job performance. *Determine what effect if any the current incentives have on job performance. *Identify incentives that would better impact job performance. *Formulate a recommended incentive system that would maximize job performance while minimizing company expenses. * NEO pharmaceutical sales representatives * n=~90 *Members of NOPRA list serve * Web savey *Web Survey *Based on Kovach, 1987 *Demographics *Identify current incentives * Rank current incentives to promote job performance *Identify incentives that may promote future job performance METHODOLOGY *Survey Development *Survey Delivery *Survey Completion *Survey Return * Presentation is key * Screen by screen design * Work closely with developer METHODOLOGY *Survey Development *Survey Delivery *Survey Completion *Survey Return * Invitation by a credible source * Simple & easy *Incentive *Time frame *Download data * Good pay and fringe benefits * Good operating procedures * Good supervision * Good working conditions * Interesting work * Job security * Job-related Factors * Promotion opportunities * Personal growth and development * Recognition for job done well * Supportive co-workers * Other * Good pay and fringe benefits * Good operating procedures * Good supervision * Good working conditions * Interesting work * Job security * Job-related Factors * Promotion opportunities * Personal growth and development * Recognition for job done well * Supportive co-workers * Other Research Objectives Question 2 Of the list below, rank from 1 to 12 the incentives that you believe will improve your future job performance: 1 being the incentive that will best motivate me to improve my job performance and 12 being the incentives that will least motivate me to improve my job performance. Limitations Question 4 Tool Web Survey Questions Of the list of incentives that you identified in question one, please rate how they impact your current job performance? Web Survey DATA COLLECTION * Negatively impacts my job performance * Somewhat negatively impacts my job performance * Some what positively impacts my job performance * Positively impacts my job performance * Not applicable Of the follow list, choose the item(s) that best reflect incentives that your current company provides you: (Check all that apply) * Good pay and fringe benefits * Good operating procedures * Good supervision * Good working conditions * Interesting work * Job security * Job-related Factors * Promotion opportunities * Personal growth and development * Recognition for job done well * Supportive co-workers * Other Question 3 A realistic representation of a population Issues Hypothesis Sample * Age * Sex * Education * Pharmaceutical sales experience * Annual gross salary METHODOLOGY *Survey Design *Survey Collection *Survey Completion *Survey Return Question 1 *Multiple submissions *Security *SPAM METHODOLOGY *Survey Design *Survey Collection *Survey Completion *Survey Return


Transcript: In order to produce consistent and ample information in the study, the comparative type method of research was utilized. Acceptability test was used to assess the sufficiency of shoe polish out of coconut husk ash with banana peel extract supported with the related documents and studies. The respondents were randomly chosen but with the consideration of their physical capability to rate the product based on the sensual properties. In this study, the data gathered from the respondents were interpreted accordingly. Since no experimental design for this research fitted, an improvised experimental design was formulated. This is a design wherein two treatments are being used; the commercialized shoe polish and the experimented shoe polish. After the treatment, observation is take place using posttest for the purpose of comparison. The independent variable or the variables being manipulated is the shoe polish out of coconut husk ash with banana peel extract and the commercialized shoe polish. And the variables that are difficult to control and can weaken or strengthen the outcome of the study is the dissimilarity of shoes which will be applied by the shoe polish in terms of texture and condition. While the variable which will experience the effect of manipulation is the effect of application of the shoe polish being experimented in the general properties of shoe polish. • 8 banana peel ¾ bar soap • 150mL of glycerin • 20mL of kerosene • Container Materials 1. Burn the dried coconut husk and collect the ashes. 2. Boil the banana peel with 250mL water for two hours to extract it. 3. Inspect the ashes and remove the big particle. 4. Measure 300mL of water 5. Cut the ¾ bar soap into small pieces and dissolve it on the water. 6. Add 200mL of ashes. 7. Heat the mixture until it boils; stir evenly so that so that it would not clot. 8. After two minutes, add 30mL of kalamansi extract, 20mL kerosene, 50mL banana peel extract and 150mL of glycerin. 9. Pour into container. The mixture needs to settle for five hours before used. • 300mL of water Time table This shows the time frame of the research specifically, the schedule during the experimental study and the days that will be used to conduct the study. • 200mL of ashes from burned coconut husk FONTS METHODOLOGY Statistical Tool After retrieval of the instrument used, the data was tabulated and tallied. In the analysis and interpretation of data statistical tool was used. From the purpose of comparison, Pearson Product Moment Correlation was utilized. Pearson Product Moment Correlation.Used to determine the correlation between the commercialized shoe polish and the shoe polish out of coconut hush ash with banana peel extract. The formula is: Where • n - the number of data. • Σx - the sum of all the x values. • Σx2 - the sum of the squares of the x values. • Σy - the sum of all the y values. • Σy2 - the sum of the squares of the y values. • Σxy - the sum of each x value multiplied by its corresponding y value • 30mL kalamansi extract Research Design Procedures

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Transcript: simple random sampling METHODOLGY another type of interview is the focus group, this is when a group of respondents come together to discuss the related topic and the researcher is present and able to make notes or input questions to the conversation Snowball Sampling Who do i do my method(s) on? this type of interview is the equivelant of an open questionnaire. The unstructured interview is very different to the other styles, it's more like a conversation between the interviewer and the respondent, certain topics to be covered but no unstructured interview is ever the same. The data drawn from this will be qualitative a covert observation is one that is done secretely, so the observed are unaware they are being watched. REMEMBER: for really reliable results a structured interview is an interview that has preplanned questions that the interviewer simply reads to the respondent, its the equivelant of a closed questionnaire. Making the results quantitative data Observation Semi structured interview Overt TRIANGULATE Interviews Covert Participant observation Access this is just an issue that means you can't find out what you want to, maybe not having access to someone to interview or unable to find some information you need, by various hold backs A closed questionnaire uses questions that require 'tick box' answers such as 'Are you male or female?'. It's quantitative data.This is an incredibly reliable method as the results are very easily compared. it depends the subject you're studying, if you are looking at a subject to do with a certain C.A.G.E or a topic effecting a particular C.A.G.E it makes sense to envolve people of that relative C.A.G.E to your methods. However if you're looking at society as a whole you have to choose your sample, here are some ways to decide your sample group; methods! this is where the group being observed are aware the research is happening, they may have been informed by the researcher of their task or they know because of the researchers presence. this is not a representitve sample, you would make contact with one respondent and then the respondent will offer more names and the sociologist gets a sample. Unstructured interview this method is used to research the media, it works by choosing categories and to basically talley the amount it appears or is mentioned, such as if watching a female tennis game talley the amount of comments made about her physically and talley the sporting comments and compare the data. You must make sure all your categories and terms are operationalised so you don't make mistakes, you must do this to make your primary research reliable. this is a very cheap and accurate way to find your respondents. you have to ask a certain number of people from specific C.A.G.E's, this isn't random and only works if you know a lot about the group you're studying. Simple Stratified this is known as the 'fly on the wall' observation, it envolves no contact whatsoever with the researcher and the situation being observed, note taking is allowed. The population is divide into (strata) groups and the sample is taken from the sub-groups. Sysematic Sampling What practical issues could i face? Open Questionnaire Questionnaires we don't have enough time to conduct as much research as you want or to do it in enough detail. such as watch every tennis match ever made for content analysis. Closed Questionnaire Focus Groups stratified random sampling What Methods are there to choose from? this method is simply envolving every nth person from the sampling frame. e.g population consists of 1000 people, you would take every 10th name from the sampling frame. this relates to time, as they say time is money! unfortunately students dont have an unlimited access to money, so cant afford to travel etc... Content analysis participant observation involves the researcher taking on role of a member of the group that they're observing. The group is aware of the researchers aims. Structured interview Quota Sampling this is the most simple way to choose samples as it's like drawing names from a hat. The problem with it is that you may not get a representive from every society group. remeber you can always have a mixed questionnaire including some open and some closed questions! This will improve the validity and reliability of your results Non-participant observation your this is a type of interview that is in the middle of a structured and unstructured interview (the clues in the title). This is a useful method as it enables you to have preplanned questions but also allows you to miss out or add in questions that you feel is relevent to the respondents points. An open questionnaire is a survey that asks questions that require the respondents personal thoughts or feelings. Like 'How do you feel about...?'. Open questionnaires is qualitative data it's very valid as it's truthful and gives detailed answers.

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