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Meeting Agenda

Transcript: Medical Coordinator- Flo Update on supply inventory VP Dental- Alaina We are all at a fantastic start on raising dental supplies. As of now, we have enough adult toothbrushes to bring on our brigade. We will begin to focus on collecting children toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste* *we will have to pay attention to expiration dates A few of you have contacted me, so please follow up if you know a dentist willing to donate. Florencia's Spanish Meeting Agenda Medical Update We will be taking tank orders starting the day of the first event and ending the day after the second event! Tanks are worth 2 points! 15-30 / 625 / 123 / 245 / 795 / ~200 / 0 / Deodorant- 265 Yeauxga with GB $3 per person 1 point for yourself. 2 points per extra (non GB member) brought At LSU Lakes on Stanford Avenue (Milford Wampold Memorial Park) Bring a towel/mat! Water Provided Dates/Time This Thursday, Nov. 10 @ 5:30 PM Next Tuesday, Nov. 15 @ 5:30 PM Rain? Last Fundrasing Opportunity! Stadium Clean up Intersting experience 5 points per hour THANKS X 100 to everyone that helped! Membership Membership Applications and dues are due today by 11:59 PM. If membership applications and/or dues are not submitted, you will not be considered for a volunteer position. The Membership Application is 10% of your total score, which we rate in order for you to become a volunteer $20 dues can be submitted via PayPal on our website, or you can give me cash immediately after the meeting. Supply Update Spanish Quiz General Meeting V Date: 18 November 2016 Time: 6:30-10:00pm Location: 1111 Pelican Lakes Pkwy, Apt 201 Last Opportunity to earn points: 2 points for attending 2 points for bringing an item Excel sheet will be sent out on Nov 13, 2016, so start thinking about what you want to bring! **Same rules as Halloween Party** Do not move. No se mueva. VP Medical- Carlie Contact me if you want to set up a drive!!!! We still need A LOT of supplies! *Even once its too late to get points, please still try to reach out to friends/family to get donations! DONATIONS ARE HOW GB SURVIVES Contact me if you have any questions/want to set up a drive or donations! Dental Update It's About that time: Friendsgiving Pt II Upcoming Fundraisers Social Events Medical/Dental Details Membership and Volunteering Cover your eye. Tapase el ojo. Work on points!


Transcript: Welcome to JFA's Weekly Zoom Huddle It's July 6th, 2022 Thank You... It is week #28 of 2022, we have 176 Days left to GO AFTER your 2022 JFA Yacht Sales Goals 51% of the Year is Behind YOU!!! Updates Monaco Yacht Show 28 September - 1 October 2022 Since 1991, the Monaco Yacht Show has been committed to promoting creative excellence in the world of superyachting. Visit the exhibition of the year's superyachts available for charter and purchase. Discuss your yacht project with industry experts and future yachting trendsetters. Your superyacht experience starts in Monaco. Upcoming Events July 2022 September 2022 August 2022 Round Table R.J.F Let's Talk Numbers... James, M.S Mike, Let's Talk Numbers... Capt. Z Captain Z, Let's Talk Numbers... M.O Mark, Let's Talk Numbers... R.R Robert, Let's Talk Numbers... Capt. Rick Captain Rick, Let's Talk Numbers... A.S Ashlee, Let's Talk Numbers... William William, Let's Talk Numbers... Year to Date JFA Team #'s Listing Updates Listing Updates... Active Listings We need listings for ready Buyers in search of: Azumit 45-50s 650k Budget 2008 or newer Mainship 45 Trawler 2018 or newer Leopard 53 Power cat 2018 or newer Galleon 55 Fly Motor Yachts 60-70ft 5-600k budget Sail Cats in the 300-600k range 40+ft range Mar ‘22 Production slot Aquila 54 3.1mm!!! 2021 Zeelander 72 Brand new!!! MED Owners Lagoon 400 S2 45-50ft enclosed cockpit motor sailor OA 74 2M budget Scout CC 33ft Late Model 350k twin engine 2002 or newer Carver 42 Aft Cabin Leopard 43 PC 400-600k Nordhavn 50 $500-2.5M Down East Backcove 37 300-400k ’08-15 Monohull 38-40 sail 200-250k Beneteau 473s 2008 or newer Mainship 45 Trawler - James & Z ... ... ... MS- 1978 Hatteras 46' Convertible Refit 2015-18 144.9k (USE JFA LISTING LINK) MS- 2024 Aquilla 54 Power Catamaran $3,220,000 MO- 1968 Osprey 98’ Research/explore/survey vessel Reduced 260K MO - 2005/2018 Symbol 68 MY $1.1m - FL mid-June MO - 1997-2015 Major Refit Mainship MY Aft-Cabin $110k (Back on the Market SOLD AS IS) JF- 2021 FP Alegria 67 Sail (FLIBS 2021) BVI —> Grenada $3.3m JF- 2021 SUNREEF 60 Power in France Otoctone - 4.7m EUROS = $5.09m JF- 2021 SUNREEF 60 SAIL in FIJI OCA - $2.95m USD VIDEO JF - 2018 SUNREEF 74 SAIL in Panama 10 days —> Tahiti - EUROS 3.75m EUROS JF- 2020 FP SAONA 47 $1.29M 5 CABIN 5 HEAD + CREW - USVI CYOA + More Photos JF- 2015 FP MY 37 $425k Lots of new stuff! JF- 2019 Jeanneau 440 $451k (Lighting Strike) Survey & Sea Trial REJECTED JF- 2014 FP Lipari 41 $440k 4/2 Key west Z - 2017 Marlow 66E - 3.9MM in Bahamas coming back to St. Pete, FL end of MAY Z - 2014 Marlow Pilot 32 $214k St. Pete S&S Complete Port Engine overheat ?AOV? Z - 2008 NAVIGATOR 58 - “BOOM” Offer Pending before Listing going live (old media $$) Z - Cabo Rica Sailboat $100k coming out of yard in a week in St. Pete Z - Regal 33’ $90K Photos coming Z - 1991 Alex Simons 55 (57) Catamaran Z - 2004 MARLOW 70??? RM - 44 Zeelander Available for Charter $?? NJ for a month JULY 1 in NANTUCKET Old Business Unfinished Business... New Business New Business... Briefings Briefings (30 min) Geo Briefs GEO Briefs Nothing to note... CIO Brief CIO Brief Zoho Mobile Apps Refresher Operations Brief Operations Brief Referrals: Who, why, when? Fundamentals in Focus Fundamentals In Focus How to get from Here to Z (Capt. Z) Coach's Couch Coach's Couch Vision OUR VISION Remember These and You WILL Succeed.... Accountability breeds response-ability. - Stephen R. Mission Statement Our Mission Statement JFA YACHT & SHIP brokers provide the highest possible quality service to Yacht owners globally. Our Success is dependent on the benefits we provide to you, our life long clients, in our endeavor to help make your yachting dreams reality. JFA Yacht & Ship Our motto has consistently guided the JFA Yacht & Ship Team in setting ourselves apart, raising the bar of excellence, and leading the yacht brokerage industry by example one yacht & ship acquisition at a time. JFA Yacht consultant’s combine over 100 years of yachting experience efficiently bringing Buyers & Sellers the emotions most desired—Pride of Yacht ownership, enjoyable yachting experiences, peace of mind, and support through the best yacht owner’s care possible. To know the real JFA difference, one must experience the relationships we foster long after closing. Whatever the situation calls for we have the resources and nautical network of industry experts at your finger tips. Yacht acquisition, ownership, and operation has never been easier to achieve when you have a JFA Yacht Consultant supporting your yacht projects. Remember, the JFA Yacht & Ship TEAM continuously raises the

Meeting Agenda

Transcript: What is the capital of France? Nice Marseille big idea Set a regular time to study Remove distractions Have necessary supplies Record assignments in an assignment book or on a calendar Developing Smart Study Skills Created By Lynn Husen Good Study Habits Produces Good Grades! During Class! Make sure you have the following: Clock Eliminate all distractions Computer (optional) Wear your glasses (if you are suppose to) Good Health Something to drink (if needed) Study Tips! Form a good habit – good listening in class! Concentrate on what is going on in class – do not daydream! You can not listen if you are talking! Learning to Listen! Study Tips! The Pitcher & The Catcher! ... small Set a regular time to study Remove distractions Have necessary supplies Record assignments in an assignment book or on a calendar What is likely to be on the test? What is the teacher going to say next? Listen carefully to the assignment and write it down in your assignment book. Listen for these essential phrases from the teacher: “This is important…” “It is essential that you know….” Find A Good Place To Study! Think of it this way: The author is the pitcher When you read a book You want to catch the Meaning. Review your notes and think about what was covered in class. Some people like to rewrite their notes as they study. Some people like to underline and highlight important ideas and vocabulary. A good reader does as many of the following as possible: Seizes the main ideas Thinks about what the author is saying Is active, not passive Concentrates on what is being read Remembers as much as possible Applies what is being read to personal experience. Before Class! Good Study Habits Produces Good Grades! Take notes in class Manage your time Study for tests Study Tips! Learning to Listen! Good listening means you are paying attention. Try to hear what is said, not what you want to hear. Think “around” the topic and “between the lines”. Relate it to what you already know. What is the main point? Be prepared to take notes when class begins. Avoid any distracting conduct. Participate constructively in class discussions. Ask Questions! Write notes in a concise, organized manner. Does your general knowledge provide any information about the subject being taught? What comes to mind during the instruction that may be helpful? Concentrate on the subject being taught Take notes on the main points Your assignment notebook or calendar Solid flat surface for writing Good lighting Chair Books Supplies Developing Smart Study Skills Created By Lynn Husen After Class! Improving Reading Skills! This means a desk with nothing on it except what you need for the task you’re on: STUDYING! Have a regular time and place for studying. This means a desk with nothing on it except what you need for the task you’re on: STUDYING! Have a regular time and place for studying. Big and.... Find A Good Place To Study! How to Listen Better! Taking Notes In Class! Think about what the class is going to be about What were the main points covered in the last class Review what your assignment was for the class Have your Homework Assignment out on your desk – ready to turn in. Prepare for every subject in this manner. Make sure you have the following!

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