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Lilly's conference template

Transcript: 3 Things I am good at... 3rd Quarter Conferences Handwriting Multiplication Finding common denominators Digestive system How to multiply & divide decimals Things I've learned this year... Typing We are reading a book called Secret Keepers. It is about a boy who found a watch that can turn him invisible for 15 minutes then he reappears. Turning invisible also makes him really hungry and tired. In social studies we are learning about the revolutionary war. We also planned and did a debate. Science & Social Studies Turn things in on time ELA N: plan a debate In DLI we are learning about where to put commas in sentences to still make sense. keep things organized Have a better attitude Reading Not blurt P: Not be late to class 3 Skills that will help me in middle school that I can improve on... Long Division In math we are learning how to multiply and divide fractions. We are also learning a new math curriculum which I think is boring, and I do not get the new math curriculum. Boston Tea Party -Student Led- Be more organized Things I need to work on... Math Turning things in on time Needs Improvement 3 Goals to Work Towards By Lilly Hollingsworth Not have a messy locker Estimating Fractions Exercises Self-Control *P Follows Directives & School and Classroom Rules *P Completes Quality Work *M Time Management *P Organizational Skills *N Shows Respect towards: Peers *P Adults *P Progressing Life Long Learning Skills Evaluation M: american revolution Subject Summary Meets Standard 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

Medical conference

Transcript: Tomas Castro & Maria Victoria Rodriguez Hyperparathyroidism & hypothyroidism Medical conference What is it What is it ? Hyperparathyroidism: The parathyroid gland secrete too much parathyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism: The thyroid gland does not secrete enough thyroid hormone Causes Causes This are the reasons why this are produced in our body Hyperparathyroidism This could be caused by... Infection between the glands with renal influence Infection between the glands with renal influence This could cause the calcium levels to decrease and the parathyroid gland to produce more hormones Thyroid gland growth Thyroid gland growth If the thyroid gland grows, the parathyroid gland grows as well and in consequence will produce more hormones If radiation is placed in either neck or head the gland is going to alter the production of hormones Radiation in neck and head Radiation in head and neck If the levels of calcium in blood are too low, the parathyroid gland is forced to produce more hormones in order to stabilize the calcium. Low levels of calcium Low levels of calcium in blood Hypothyroidism This could be caused by... Thyroid surgery Autoimmune disorder Autoimmune disorders Also called Hashimoto`s thyroiditis, happens when the immune system produces antibodies that attacks your own tissues like the thyroid gland Over-response to hyperthyroidism treatment Over response to hyperthyroidism treatment To treat the hyperthyroidism (the opposite of hypothyroidism), you need to have iodine, or anti-thyroid medication that may cause a permanent hypothyroidism Thyroid surgery In the thyroid surgery they may remove a big or important part of the thyroid gland and that my cause the gland to produce less hormone Radiation therapy Medications Congenital disease Pituitary disorder Pregnancy Iron deficiency Not frequent causes... Others Symptoms Hyperparathyroidism Hypothyroidism Fatigue Sensitivity to cold Constipation Dry skin Weight gain Puffy face Hoarseness Muscle weakness and pain Elevated blood cholesterol levels Irregular menstrual cycles Depression and mood changes Impaired memory Enlarged thyroid gland Fatigue Stomach ache Body aches Nausea and vomiting Lost of appetite Bone or joint pain Kidney stones High blood pressure Treatments Treatments This are the possible treatments for hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism. Hyperparathyroidism Possible treatments Surgery of the parathyroid glands Calcimimetics mimics the action of calcium Hypothyroidism Possible treatments Synthetic thyroid hormone Levothyroxine Natural extracts from pig thyroid hormone Hyperparathyroidism: More common in women Hypothyroidism: More or less 1,900,000 of Colombian population that is the same as 4% of population and most of them are women Statistics Statistics Real case Real case These are some real examples of people who has this diseases Hyperparathyroidsm Christina MacAuley She suffers form hyperparathyroidism She present symptoms like bone pain, fatigue, digestive issues and brain fog She got diagnosed when she was 24, because the glands turned into tumors Her treatment was parathyroid surgery 48 hours after she got diagnosed Hypothyroidism Nubia Teresa Cardenas Nubia is 44 years old, and suffers of hypothyroidism She present symptoms like humor changes, sensitivity to cold, fatigue and dry skin She got treated with levothiroxine; 50mg at 2004 and now a days uses 175mg She got diagnosed at 2002 after the birth of her first daughter References: References Mayo Clinic. (2019). Hypothyroidism - Symptoms and causes. [online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Oct. 2019]. (2019). Hypothyroidism - Diagnosis and treatment - Mayo Clinic. [online] Available at:,soon%20after%20you%20start%20treatment. [Accessed 16 Oct. 2019]. (2019). Cerca de dos millones de colombianos padecen hipotiroidismo. [online] Available at:,un%204%25%20de%20la%20poblaci%C3%B3n.&targetText=El%20hipotiroidismo%20es%20muy%20com%C3%BAn%20en%20las%20mujeres%20mayores%20de%2050%20a%C3%B1os. [Accessed 25 Oct. 2019]. (2017). Hiperparatiroidismo - Síntomas y causas - Mayo Clinic. [online] Available at: [Accessed 17 Oct. 2019]. and Prevalence of Primary Hyperparathyroidism in a Racially Mixed Population.[online] Available at: [Accessed 16 Oct. 2019]. Hyperparathyroidism- diagnosis, parathyroidectomy, post-op,

Medical conference

Transcript: Circulatory May,28, 2018 Medical conference System What is the circulatory system? The circulatory system is the system that circulates blood and lymph through the body, consisting of the heart, blood vessels, blood, lymph, and the lymphatic vessels. What is it? system that transports nutrients, respiratory gases, and metabolic products throughout a living organism, permitting integration among the various tissues. STRUCTURE: STRUCTURE 1. The heart The heart provide oxygen and nutrients for the body. The lungs provide the Oxygen that the circulatory system needs Arteries and veins carry blood from your heart to the body. Coronary and portal vessels deliver blood to the heart muscle. 2. The lungs 3. Arteries and veins 4. Coronay and portal vessels Parts from the circulatory system and function Diseases Hypertension Hypertension is an abnormally high blood pressure, it is the amount of force extended against the walls of the arteries. High blood pressure, or hypertension has been called the silent killer, because it often has no warning signs or symptoms, and many people do not even know they have it. symtoms: are, headache, nausea, double vision, nosebleeds, very fast palpitations, breathlessness, etc. Such diseases as heart attack, kidney failure, etc come from hypertension. Causes CAUSES Hypertension can come from many things such as: There are two types of hypertension, the firt one called primary hypertension that is produced by age, and the secondary hypertension that is produced by many things such as too much sodium ( Salt) or many other things, this one appears suddenly and it might come with the arrival of other diseases like kidney problems, gland tumors, thyroid problems, drugs and many others. Some other things that may cause hypertension are: the excess of sodium, genetics, age, family history, overweight, smoking, not enough exercise, drinking too much alcohool, stress, Certain chronic conditions such as kidney disease, etc. Treatments TREATMENTS Depending on the type of hypertension the treatment is different, sometimes it is treated with diffent drugs or with lifetime changes such as, loosing weight, stop smoking, healthy diet, reducing amout of sodium, doing exercise and reducing alcohool. It might also be treated with therapy. Some of the drugs: enzyme (ACE) inhibitors Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) Diuretics Beta-blockers Calcium channel blockers Alpha-blockers Alpha-agonists Renin inhibitors Combination medication Stadistics of Real life cases Woman are more most likely to get hypertension and die from this one STADISTICS RECOMENDATIONS 1. Avoid obesity 2. Do exercise 3. Healthy diet 4. Reduce sodium 5. Limit alcohool 6.Stop smoking 7. Reduce caffeine 8.Reduce stress TRANSPLANT Although hypertension it self does not need a transplant this diseases bring a lot of other diseases that do need a transplant and it mught also be brought with the transplants from organs. I agree with the transplant of organs because this ones give them an opportunity, when one organ is not working well many other organs may be damaged and many parts of the human body may fail, so when you have a transplant you heal and help all the other organs to get better. Transplants can be very dangerous but they are also very important, without them be will risk not only the damaged organ but all the other things that this organ is connected to and makes function. DO YOU AGREE WITH A ORGAN TRANPLANT?

Bella's Conference Template

Transcript: 3 Things I am good at... 3rd Quarter Conferences cleaning my desk Multiplication Turning in my fished work How to add,subtract, and multiply decimals Things I've learned this year... getting all my stuff done more often - Similes - Metaphors - Understatement - Personification - Fact and Opinion - Key Qualities of the Organizational trait - Key Words -Organization of Nonfiction Texts -Decimals -How to add and subtract fractions -Different strategies addition and subtraction -How to divide better -How to estimate better -Trying different ways of reading problems -Matter -How animals interact with each other -A bit about gravity -The Engineering process -Native Americans and how they live -Slaves -The Revolutionary War -The colonies Science & Social Studies Being on time ELA N: How to whisper read better -Comparatives -Superlatives -Quotes -Letters How to write numbers -Where to put commas -Similes -Metaphors Managing my impulsivity Reading Typing the right way How to make an Imovie Thinking flexibly P: not causing drama 3 Skills that will help me in middle school that I can improve on... Participating How to manage my inpulsivity -Student Led- getting a higher reading level Things I need to work on... Math Reading out loud Needs Improvement 3 Goals to Work Towards By Isabella Coalter Getting more organized Striving for accuracy Exercises Self-Control *P Follows Directives & School and Classroom Rules *M Completes Quality Work p Time Management *m Organizational Skills *p Shows Respect towards: Peers *m Adults *m Progressing Life Long Learning Skills Evaluation M: How to convert fraction into percents Subject Summary Meets Standard 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

Phil's Conference Template

Transcript: 3 Things I am good at... 3rd Quarter Conferences learn how to multiply Finding common denominators Adding big numbers By: American Revolution How to add fractions big numbers Things I've learned this year... manage impulses In reading we have been reading a lot on the American Revolution. We have been having vocabulary quizzes because of the words. The words are very important. We are going to use those words a lot. In math we are doing a lot with Social Studies: WE are focusing on the American revolution. I really like this topic Science: In science we got finished with the transfer of energy unit and right now are focusing on space. Science & Social Studies learn self control use time more resourcefully ELA N: National Parks In ELA we have been doing DLI. in DLI we do grammar and types of language Philip learned about blood adding decimals Right now were on adding and subtracting fractions. We also got finished with finding common denominators. Reading P: Don't get frustrated quickly 3 Skills that will help me in middle school that I can improve on... Adding fractions The American Revelution -Student Led- organize better Explorers Things I need to work on... Math Needs Improvement 3 Goals to Work Towards get to work quicker fractions getting distracted Exercises Self-Control p Follows Directives & School and Classroom Rules * p completes quality work m Time Management * m Organizational Skills * p Shows Respect towards: Peers * p Adults * m Progressing Life Long Learning Skills Evaluation How to multiply big numbers M: Subject Summary Meets Standard 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c

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