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McDonalds Presentation

Transcript: By: Elias Hachem McDonalds History Business Ray Kroc was the original founder of McDonalds. Ray originally didn't have the rights to the name McDonalds. McDonalds was discovered in San Bernardino, California. Kroc was impressed by the effectiveness of the operation. It was originally run by two brothers by the names of Dick and Mac McDonald. They were looking for a new franchising agent and Kroc saw an opportunity and he took it. Origins Origins McDonalds offers drinks and all different types of food. It has its own website to order food on. Product Product Fun fact before McDonalds was a restaurant run by Ray Kroc it was a barbecue-centric restaurant. What came first Initial Products Fast-casual restaurants are also close competitors, and this group includes Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG) and Panera Bread Company. McDonalds is basicly the same as its competitors but it is cheaper. The Competition Competitors Ages 8-45 Usually customers are parents that have over 6 children in their houshold. Or anybody with a low paycheck. Target Customers. Target Customers When it comes to McDonald’s food failures, there’s none more notorious than McPizza. After Ray Kroc was gone the new orders started dabbing with the idea of sausages and hotdogs. The McLobster is pretty much lobster meat shoved in a hot dog bun with "McLobster sauce" and shredded lettuce. Failures Failures "It doesn't matter if you're visiting a McDonald's in California or Connecticut, America or Australia – you're going to have a similar experience wherever you are." "Over 65 million people eat at McDonald’s every day? " Successes Successes "Avertising has always played a key role in the development of the McDonald's. " The qualitiy of the food has been questioned before. Turning Point Turning point I know for a fact that McDonalds holds the McDonalds all American games for high school basketball stars Other McDonald’s endorsers include: Charles Barkley, Jason Alexander, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, and Usain Bolt. Marketing Marketing Two brands bought by McDonalds and still own are Krispy Kreme and Dairy Queen. Brands Bought Brands The name of the McDonalds stock is called McDonalds Corporation or MCD. Stock History Stock "In Raleigh, NC, Merab Morgan pulled off something astonishing by losing 37 pounds on a diet based solely on McDonald's food." This is ironic because McDonalds usually makes you gain a lot of weight because it is fast food. Not healthy food. Option 1 Funny Story Student Option

McDonalds Presentation

Transcript: Amber Thomas Shermanique Smith David Rawles Sidney Johnson The McDonald’s supply chain is comprised of many different local and regional supply chains around the world that are tied together globally by strategic frameworks and policies and the McDonald’s Worldwide Supply Chain department. Flowchart McDonalds Distribution McDonald uses several suppliers Tier 2 suppliers are the growers of lettuce, potatoes, and poultry farms Tier 1 suppliers takes the ingredients supplied by tier 2 and turn those ingredients into chicken patties, French fries, hash browns, etc Products are then transported in refrigerated trucks to McDonald distribution centers Those multi-temperature trucks are then transport the food to McDonald restaurants Distribution Strategy McDonald uses a sole distribution partner McDonald's products are distributed by Radhakrishna Foodland (RK) McDonald uses a pull supply chain which the restaurant issues orders to the distribution center and routes the order to the supplier and the supplier produces it RK also manages day to day activities such as: Purchase orders to suppliers Invoicing Timely deliveries payments Dick and McDonald’s opened Bar-B-Q restaurant in San Bernardino in 1948 In 1977 the 1st McDonald’s all American HS team Happy Meal in 1979 Website 1996 Plan to win in 2003(scratch and win prizes) Incorporated lattes in 2009 McDonald’s is now in 119 countries around the world Distribution Cont'd Ethics - McDonalds envision purchasing from suppliers that follow practices that ensure the health and safety of their employees and the welfare and humane treatment of animals in our supply chain. Environment - McDonalds envision influencing the sourcing of our materials and ensuring the design of our products, their manufacture, distribution and use to minimize life-cycle impacts on the environment. Economics - McDonalds envision delivering affordable food, engaging in equitable trade practices, limiting the spread of agricultural diseases, and positively impacting the communities where our suppliers operate. McDonalds Approach: Holistic Vision, Steady Progress Sustainable Supply Chain History 3E's: Ethics, Environment and Economics McDonalds

McDonalds Presentation

Transcript: Positives: Organisation, successful restaurant What is measuring employee performance? McDonalds: Measurement and managing the employees Positives: organisation, sucessful restaurant, happy employees Positive and negative effects of measuring employees performance - Punctuality - Target settings - Attendance - Business managers, - Assistant managers, - Training squad - Crew members. Negatives: Money, time consuming, a lot of concentration is needed It is important for McDonalds to measure their employees performance because they can see how they are handling customers and whether or not they are doing their job role properly and to a high standard. Why is managing employees performance important? Why is measuring employees performance important? - Training - Monitoring the money made - Monitoring the amount of sales - Rewards They look to see what actions are taking place and seeing what can be improved and how. It is important that these are monitored properly so the restaurant can see positive changes and run smoothly. Measuring employee performance benefits McDonalds because they can see how well the employee is doing and how each employee takes their job role. Measuring performance allows McDonalds to make any changes if need be and to make sure the staffs performance is good and as expected. Managing employees performance is important because McDonalds can see how their employees are doing and what the performance rate is like for each individual employee. What is managing employees performance? It is important that McDonalds measure and manage their employees performance so they can see what is happening within the restaurant and pick out any changes or weaknesses that needs to be changed. They can see how the employee is performing and see if they are doing their job right and how its expected to be done How does measuring employee performance benefit McDonalds? Positive and negative effects of managing employee performance Negatives: Time consuming, difficult How McDonalds identify suitable performance indicators with individual staff. How does employee management benefit McDonalds? Measuring employee performance is looking at how the members of staff perform within their job role. Ways in which they can manage their employees performance McDonalds managing their employees performance will benefit the restaurant because they can see what their employees are doing and what their performances are like. If managed effectively the business should run smoothly and any weaknesses should be pointed out and changed instantly. The four members of staff and their indicators. Managing employees performance is managing how the employees act and manage in their work space and job role. It provides them with any help or support if needed. Ways in which they can measure their employees performance

McDonalds Presentation

Transcript: Corporate Social Responsibility By: Philip D'Costa and Joshua Lakdawala 04.05.2018. McDonalds Ronald McDonald House Charities What is it? Ronald McDonald House Charities, otherwise known as RMHC, is a Non-profit organization that provides homes for families with seriously ill children undergoing treatment. The first Ronald McDonald house in Canada was opened in 1981. Since then, 321,393 families have been supported by RMHC programs across Canada. McDonalds (the Founding and business partner of Ronald McDonald House Charities) is dedicated to donating 10¢ from the sale of every Happy Meal to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Past, Present and Future They strive to provide a "home away from home" for seriously ill children and their families to heal better together, as a unity. In the future Ronald McDonald House Charities aims to be the leading service in providing a family-focused environment and innovative support for families with severely ill children. Mission and Vision For the Community, Ronald McDonald House Charities aids over 30,000 families from 1,800 communities across Canada For shareholders, RMHC creates a positive image for the company, boosting the Public Relations and the stock For consumers, it gives them a sense of gratification when they buy from the company Ronald McDonald House Charities impact employees and suppliers working for the company by giving them a sense of gratification and purpose while working for the company. For pressure/lobby groups fighting for lower or no healthcare prices in the US and other countries, Ronald McDonald House charities provides a backing for them, since the families only have to worry about paying the healthcare bills, and not the housing accomodations. Impact on StakeHolders What Is It? Packaging and Recylcing Program A mission to help improve packaging while reducing waste Past, Present and Future Nearly 3 decades ago, McDonalds partnered with the EDF to eliminate 300 million pounds of packaging, recycle 1 million tons of boxes and reduce waste by 30 percent History Currently Currently 64% of fiber packaging comes from recycled or certified fiber sources and 12 of our their 16 markets now have recycling and litter programs and partnerships in place Latest Objectives Latest Objectives All Mcdonald’s guest packaging to come from renewable, recyclable, and certified sources, and for all McDonald’s restaurants to recycle packaging by 2025. Impact on Stakeholders Impact on Stakeholders

Mcdonalds presentation

Transcript: This product will be and extension of the healthy choice range. With a small variety of medium-high quality ingredients, the customers are able to choose their meal according to personal preference without the store throwing away a lot of unsued foods. Environmentally friendly packaging can be recognized with the 3 arrow triangle. This enables the community to purchase the products and know that their waste is not going to harm the environment Obesity worldwide is a severe issue, the aim of this new company movement is to make a turning point in this issue Market environment and competitors Physical evidence NO MORE! With the similar choices of food throughout our competitors we have identified that the market has changed and customers have become more health conscious. in order to appeal to our consumer's wants of healthier food menu, we at mcdonalds have come up and implemented a variety of changes to our menu, service and objectives to overcome our consumers wants and to overcome our competitors. We at Mcdonalds aim to be the main leaders and innovators in the market. With this determination, we have made the mcdonalds franchise a greener place, to coincide and help promote our healthy food choices. In order to differentiate from our competitors and to look greener we at Mcdonalds have implemented protocols such as biodegradable items. To help promote the new healthy food choice menus, we have integrated biodegradable materials into every pary of our franchise. This includes biodegradable paper bags, cups, french fries holder, straws and many many more. We hope this leap into a greener way to operate allows us to promote and appeal consumers to our healthy food choices and to out stage and lead our competitors and market. Based by these statistics our main target areas will be any place with an obesity percent above 15%, this is because the target market is bigger in these areas. Obviously the unites states will be our first primary location Company background Product We at mcdonalds know we are in a very competitive market Process Improving social interaction between trained staff and customers will improve the restaurants social status with their potential consumers, showing that it is a friendly environment for all demongraphics. This will create a relationship between company and customer, keeping them in Mcdonalds and not another store People Mcdonalds is an internationally recognised fast foodfranchise icon with over 31,000 stores worldwide, servingmore than 58 million people daily. Over the pastdecade the idea of a healthier lifestyle has driven people to seek healthier fast food alternatives. In response to this market segmentation we have come up with the conept of allowing the customers to see their food being made, allowing them to clearly see their food cooked and assembled, on site behind a glass barrier, straying away from the unhealthy and poorly cooked burgers our company has been stereotyped. By doing this customers are able to add and remove ingredients freely, showing that we are all about customer satisfaction and are able to provide consumers with fresh healthy meals The implimentation of the healthy choices menu and salad bars have given us a major competitive advantage over our competitors as we still serve and provide the same Mcdonalds that everyone loves but they now have the choice to consume our health tick approved food from our healthy choice menu. the 7 P's We at Mcdonalds aim to prevail over our competitors by advertising and informing that our health choices menu has the health tick approval. Mcdonalds is the first big food chain to be granted the widely recognized tick symbol by the government health organization, this is used to gain a competitive edge in advterising advatanges over our competitors. Target market The target market we are reaching is generally all consumers of fast food, and all obese and overweight people. To specify our target we are more aiming towards the health conscious and all current customers of Mcdonalds fast food. Price Market environment and company background information Company background This will be incorporated slowly throughout all stores, starting in the slightly busier restaurants in areas such as sydney CBG. By starting in a busier store there are more people that are able to notice and consider this new option A viral marketing campaign would be most affective, as a large portion of the community involve themselves in activities linked to a social connecting network. For example: Facebook, myspace and youtube. Clever posters and billboards will alert people in the busy city as they attract and influence the customer Services are mostly intagible, although a way of measuring customer satisfaction would be through the completion of a survey. By completing a survey the customer could potentially get a free toy or food item/coupon Placement the 7 P's We at McDonalds have introduced a policy to allow consumers to see their food be made.

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