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Marvel Presentation

Transcript: Eventually as his company grew he hired more and more freelance writers such as Steve Ditco and Jack Kirby resulting in the need for better distribution. That's Me! This name become so synonymous with his comics that Goodman eventually changed the name Timely Comics to Atlas Comics. To solve Timeley's distribution issues Goodman made his own distribution company called Atlas. At this time Timely Comics created some well known heros such as Captain America and the Human Torch Marvel started out as a company called Timely Comics created by Martin Goodman after the success of his first ‘superhero’ comic Marvel Comics 1. Unfortunately after WWII the comics industry took a hit in popularty casued by a psychiatrist named Fredric Wertham who questioned their affect on children... Because of Stan’s lack of experience with superheroes, who at the time were all perfect, he made them with flaws which in turn made them more relatable. This approach was a major success with Lees 1st Superhero comic, The Fantastic 4. Stan would follow this formula in his later heroes and would eventually rename the company Marvel. It was during this time that Stan Lee became Editor in Chief of Atlas, resulting in a change in literary styles. Comic books could affect even those children who were not engaging in deviant behavior. This happens by corrupting them through graphic examples and stories that taught them how to be criminals; hence the title, Seduction of the Innocent. As time went on the interest in comics dropped severely, so in response Marvel decided to make movies. After a few mediocre movies they struck gold with Iron Man, resulting in a $4 billion buy out from Disney.

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