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Martinos Center Presentation Template

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Martinos MRI instruction

Transcript: + Space Travel + @Martinos Introduction for MRI study at Martinos Center + + + Roffman Lab PFAS social story We all support your adventure Our crew At Martinos center, we are always with you. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions! Hospital At Hospital LESSONS & UNITS TEACHING CLIMATE CHANGE & PUBLIC OPINION Martinos @ Martinos Center Before arrival Visiting our center We'll call you ~3 day prior to your visit. If you don't feel well or have any symptoms (fever, cough, ) before the day visiting, please let us know. We can talk about your situation and reschedule the scan date. We'll meet at the 149 building entrance. Only one parent or guardian can get into the building with the child participant. If you come with other family members or friends, we ask them to wait in your car. On arrival See you at the building entrance! Grub your mask and bag Mask You can find a mask, a bag, and hand sanitizer at the entrance. You can pull out a clean mask from here!! COVID Hand sanitizing Please follow the guidance from us and wash your hands or use hand sanitizer. when to do: touching own mask/face touching public environment before/after eating after using bathroom We are disinfecting MRI camera room and changing room. You can check it with "DISINfected =READY" sign on the door You can find hand sanitizer everywhere! Let's get into the MRI camera getting into the MRI camera Get Ready! Get on the spaceship! The MRI camera is like a spaceship! To take the pictures, you will need to lie down on abed that slides into the camera. On BOARD Getting into the room Can you see these green lights? Close your eyes Close your eyes Adjust screen view Check the screen Make it sure that you can see the screen through the mirror for the mission and movie Button box Hold command button To Comprete your mission in the mri camera, you'll use special button box. please hold it in comfortable position. Mission in the camera Your mission in MRI camera Blast off Mission 1 Interlude Once you've finished the first mission, you can take a rest in the camera. Please keep open your eyes and relax ...!! interude Let's guess their emotion!? Mission 2 You'll see various faces on the screen. Guess how they are feeling! There's 5 choices: Angry, Fearful, Happy, Neutral, Sad Answer with 2 buttons! button 1: moving ↓ button 2: choose! Take a break! Enjoy Movie! Mask policy Hygiene We have a number of lesson/units for grades 4-10. Take a look! Navigating Atmospheric Climate Change: The Science & Data Climate Change: A Look at Our Carbon Footprint & Ecological Handprint Oceans & Seas: Investigating Climate Change Breathe Easy with the Climate Crisis? Not Yet Polar Melt: Investigating Massive Melting Ice Climate Refugees: The Where, How, and What Will Be Here Comes the Sun: Capturing Solar Energy Polymers for the Planet: Finding Solutions to Plastic Advocating for Climate Change: Youth in Action Search for them on Prezi using "Prezi on Climate Change." CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT See you The UN covered a lot of territory at the Climate Change Summit. A number of commitments were crafted, leading the way to change: France, Norway, the Republic of Korea, and Sweden have all committed to doubling contributions to the Green Climate Fund. This also includes climate finance pledges from the UK, Qatar, Spain, Singapore, and more. CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT Vulnerable countries like Djibouti, Fiji, and Seychelles have committed to achieving 100% renewable energy and strengthening adaptation efforts. Germany and Slovakia announced national plans for climate neutrality by 2050. Denmark will reduce carbon emissions by 70% by 2030, and the Netherlands will reduce its carbon emissions by 95% by 2050. The private sector is committed to change as well. For example, the power company Ørsted is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025. And Amazon pledged that 80% of its energy will be renewable by 2024. By 2030, Bezos hopes to run Amazon on renewable energy alone. The Russian Federation announced its ratification of the Paris Agreement. Prezi hopes you join us in joining the movement! Keep fighting and don’t get discouraged. As you can see from the UN Summit, we can do this together — let’s drive inter-generational change. We hope to see you educating, learning, marching, and mobilizing to save our only home. JOIN US + + + + + + If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our study team! PFAS study group

4-D PET-MR with volumetric navigators and compressive sensing.

Transcript: Keith Heberlein MARTINOS CENTER, SIEMENS vNAV 275 ms .. Reg. 80 ms EXAMPLE PET RECONSTRUCTION TI gap MOTION-FREE PET MR MARTINOS CENTER, SIEMENS -OCCIPUT.IO- Dylan Tisdall MARTINOS CENTER MARTINOS CENTER MARTINOS CENTER, AALTO UNIV., DTU SLOW DRIFT COUNTS alternated direction method of multipliers (ADMM) SPORADIC EVENTS - DIRECT COMPRESSION TI gap PET RAY-TRACER iLang PET RAY-TRACER Stefano Pedemonte, Ciprian Catana, Koen Van Leemput MOTION SENSING MARTINOS CENTER MARTINOS CENTER automated algorithm synthesis LATEX PILLOW (3 cm thick) ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Ciprian Catana MICCAI 2014 -VOLUMETRIC NAVIGATORS- Reg. 80 ms TI gap SOFTWARE vNAV TR gap Web-based computing engine for medical imaging -SPATIO-TEMPORAL TOMOGRAPHY- Himanshu Bhat FREE MOTION INFERENCE LANGUAGE MARTINOS CENTER MPRAGE readout TR gap DIRECT 4D 4-D Generative Model for PET/MRI Reconstruction, MICCAI 2011 TR Andre Van Der Kouwe INFERENCE LANGUAGE - HEALTHY VOLUNTEER automated synthesis -RECONSTRUCTION AS REASONING- - vNAV vNAV 275 ms Shirley Hsu vNAV 275 ms ACTIVITY inv. pulse - UNIFIED GEOMETRY ALGORITHM SYNTHESYS *at the core of the Insight Reconstruction Toolkit (RTK) -PROJECTION REVISITED- PERFORMANCE of NiftyRec*: PHANTOM - CYCLIC MOTION inv. pulse - 4-D SINOGRAM - Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH - Harvard University - Aalto Univerisity, School of Science and Technology - Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Reg. 80 ms non-negativity, sparsity 4-D PET-MR with Volumetric Navigators and Compressed Sensing Koen Van Leemput MODEL BASED MOTION MPRAGE readout Computational Methods for Molecular Imaging fast convergence Explicit deformation model Grae Arabasz inv. pulse iLang MPRAGE readout vNAV Likelihood Gradient Activity Gradient Motion projection projection projection back-projection Likelihood: projection back-projection Gradient: activity photon counts MICCAI BAMBI workshop Thursday 2 pm MOTION EVENT DISCRIMINATION

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