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Record Book

Transcript: Page one contains personal information about the 4-H member. Signature needed are: 4-H members’ Parent or Guardians’ 4-H Leaders’ -Personal information about the 4-H member. -Signatures needed are: 4-H member Parent or Guardian 4-H Leader Community Service is: “What you as an individual or with others perform to help your community OR any planned activities (projects, programs) that benefit others outside your group. Activities can include single-service events, a seasonal project or an ongoing project.” Where to get help! -Cloverbud (5-8) -Beginner (9-12) -Intermediate(13-15) -Advanced (16-19) Community Service Continued In 100 words or less describe what differences 4-H has made in your life. Questions? Competitions Consumer experiences Interviews made Websites visited Books read Pamphlets read Photos -Learning Life Skills -Prepare for scholarship, college & job applications -Limited to 5 pages Includes: Introduction Body Conclusion Should emphasize the impact of 4-H on the member, their family and their community Should include personal experiences and feelings I just thought this was pretty! Main Project Work Overview Community Service -Use chart/table to report all the things done in main project -Judges will be looking for 3 basic things Amount of project work Variety of project work Quality of project work -Explain “How and what did I do to lead or teach others in 4-H -Be sure to indicate level (L=local; C=county; D=district; S=state, R=regional, N=national) -Place an * by those experiences that relate to the main project Plan Lead Teach Conduct Organize Coordinate Direct Guide It All Starts With a Project…… Indicate level where educational experience took place (L, C, D, S, R, N), numbers reflect activities, not contacts List: Tours Talks or demonstrations seen or heard Judging Events Interviews Exhibits Workshops Camps Interviews 4-H Record Books Due February 1 to State Office Page One Whatever age the 4-H'er is when record books are due determines the category they are entered in. -Limited to 4 pages (exception-photography project 14 [4 in front of camera and 10 4-H'er took]) -9 photos per page limit (all captioned) Photo page order Main Project Work Other Project Work Leadership Community Service The End Result..The Record Book Educational Experiences in Other Projects and Activities 4-H Awards -Should reflect 4-H Project Objectives -Goals should be SMART Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Timely Overview of Other Projects & Activities -List by year those activities you have done which help someone else (first year first) -Give the number of items contributed or the number of hours served -Place an * by those experiences that relate to the main project Ages It All Starts With a Project…… 4-H Impact by Angie Freel The End Result..The Record Book 4-H Marketing/Promotion 4-H Record Books Key Leadership Words Scoring Guide -List by year the most important awards in 4-H -Add level to award received -Place an * by experiences relating to main project 4-H Record Books Elected / Appointed Leadership -Project Work {41 points} -Leadership {21 points} -Community Service {20 points} -4-H Awards, Marketing & Impact {7 points} -4-H Story & Pictures {16 points} Total 105 points Resume’ (Advanced Only) {4 points} Page One -List the top three things learned this year This should reflect the goals that were set this year Community Service is: “What you, as an individual or with others, perform to help your community OR any planned activities (projects, programs) that benefit others outside your group. Activities can include single-service events, a seasonal project or an ongoing project.” Learning Life Skills Prepare for scholarship and college applications Job applications and interviews Project Work 41 points Leadership 21 points Community Service 20 points 4-H Awards, Marketing & Impact 7 points 4-H Story & Pictures 16 points Total 105 points Resume’ (Advanced Only) 4 points Foundation of a Quality 4-H Experience Project – Something the 4-H’er wants to learn more about 1 Main Project (Exception is Achievement and Animal Science) 2 – 3 Other Projects Scoring ½ page list of 4-H marketing and promotion Includes: speaking on radio riding on 4-H float news paper articles 4-H promotion displays Does not include wearing 4-H shirts Include year and level -Report experiences in projects and activities not reported on page two -Report no more than 3 projects -List name of each project and then list activities -Use numbers -Show financial information Goals Educational Experiences in Main Project -4-H Offices (President, Report, etc.) -4-H Committees (Programs, Extension Expansion & Review, Awards Banquet, etc.) -Indicate level (L,S,D,R,N) -Record activities and learning experiences in other projects -Use same list of types of experiences as main projects -Indicate level Types of Experiences (continued) 4-H Story Knowledge Gained -Foundation of a Quality 4-H Experience -Project – Something the 4-H’er

Marketing Presentation - Template

Transcript: 1. Business Strategy - Formulation, Implementation, Management 2. Corporate Branding - Company Identity, Logos, Corporate House Style, Collateral, Trademark and Patent Registration 3. Market Research – Online Research, Data Collection and Field Work Services 4. Advertising – Online, Offshore (T.V.C’s, Newspapers, Billboards, Viral) 5. Marketing - Digital, Offshore 6. Concept Merchandising - In-house Merchandise, Corporate Gifting 7. IT Solutions - Web Development, SEO, SEM, Viral Videos 8. Maintenance and Support Services 9. Event Planning and Execution for promotion of th brand. 10. Participation in various property and lifestyle expo relevant to Isprava The Team Manager Web Designer Web Developer Copywriter Illustrator Market Analyst Digital Marketing Specialist Understanding of requirement 313s is an IT & Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small/medium sized businesses and giant corporations. We provide you with affordable pricing solutions for your Information Technology needs. Be it Web Development, Software Development or Branding, Marketing and Campaigning your company. Our Services are delivered in a professionally backed by the best work force and experts to devise a solution to your problems. Every aspect of your problem is analyzed and necessary market research is conducted. Consultancy to your company is offered which in turn becomes a medium for both your company and us to understand one in a professional manner along with needs and possible solutions. Application Generating interest among the investors We are an IT and Infrastructure corporation dedicated to give green technology and Branding solutions to all sizes of businesses and corporations. Branding Marketing and Campaigning Online and offshore Advertising Reach out to high rollers and heavy spenders Create awareness among masses Creating Brand Strategy Creating Marketing Plans Copy writing of all content for Isprava Planning and managing yearly and promotional event Creating a media plan for using the right platforms to advertise Proposed Solution Digital Marketing On Social Media Platfoms Blogging and updating groups and pages Video AD's for internet, TV, Cinema Theaters, Malls Audio commercials for radio and trains Creating a brand hype by planning grand events with celebrity performance and appearance. About Three 13 Solutions Generating awareness and curiosity among masses with digital marketing and social media Boosting sales and inquiries for the villa and rate of conversion Our Understanding of Isprava as a brand Isparva is a notable real estate firm Builders of Luxury villas Focused on Design and construction Aim to create the most sophisticated properties Currently focused on Goa Develop an interest and awareness about Isprava and their work Showcasing the beautiful architecture and interior of Isprava Targeting high roller and heavy Spenders Achieving Sales targets

Sarah's Record Book

Transcript: 6 years in Food & Nutrition Highlights: Was taking the banana bread recipe and switching it up.I disliked the texture of Crisco, so I researched substitutes for Crisco and found that applesauce and flax meal can replace the Crisco. When I made it with the substitutes the banana bread was moist and perfect! -17 years old -Junior in High School -6 years in 4-H -Attend 11 meetings out of 12 meetings Improvement I grew this year by trying different projects in the foods and nutrition. Every year I take un-frosted cupcakes and that’s like the only recipe I try, but this year I decided to try new recipes and new techniques. For Food Revue I made a ham and spinach pastry. I have never worked with a pastry before in 4-h. I made a spinach berry smoothie and its purple color blended into the place mat. I learned at Food Revue how to present your food in a professional and stylish way. Coral Stick Jewelry Photos -June: saw idea on Pinterest -.5hours -Early July brought materials -$6.00 -July: painted feathers, attached burlap and found picture frame -5 hours Plaque disc you're applying for: Cultural Arts County project awards you're applying for: Cultural Arts Project Award and Food and Nutrition Project Award 4 projects -April: picked out recipes for Foods Revue -1 hour -April: bought food -$16.00 Folding Book Club Booth To improve I can make more complex recipes and by doing this I will challenge myself. Also this will help me learn more skills on cooking and baking. Another thing I can improve on is making recipes throughout the year and not last minutes scrabbling to find a recipe. This will help me perfect a recipe with time. I extremely grew this year with my projects. I am proud of myself that I challenged myself with harder projects. I learned this year how to take wood and attach them together. Also re-purposing objects like feathers, barn wood and coral. Sarah's Record Book Low-light: Was I wanted to go more crafts and projects but I ran out of time. I wish I started earlier on my projects so I could have done more. I hope this will help me learn to start earlier next year. 4-H Year Dunn County Record Book Growth & Skills Low-Lights: Was every fruit muffin recipe I tried they either tasted awful or the recipe just flopped. The fair was getting close so I just picked the pina colada muffins to take. I hope I take fruit muffins next year and actually find a recipe that tastes good. -June: started to pick out recipes - 1 hour -June-July: practiced recipes -5 hours -July: bought ingredients -$20 -July: made recipes for final time - 5 hours Food for the Fair For next year, I want to start earlier on my projects. I know that I am graduating this up coming year, so hopefully I will get most of the projects done before the end of the school year. I want to do this because this next summer I want to hang out with friends and family and not stress about fair projects. -Banana Bread -Pina Colada Muffins -Lemon Unfrosted Cupcakes -Apple Pecan Bundt Cake -June: found tutorials on folding book - 1 hour -Early July bought a hard cover book -$5.00 -Early July folded book to create a "S" -6 hours Painted Feathers Food & Nutrition Refection Cultural Arts Project Summary Folded Book Art Work String Art Coral Stick Jewelry Display Cultural Arts Reflection Sarah Parsons Ideal 4-H Club Food Projects Highlight: Was taking a photo of a craft and without instruction, I can recreate it. For the string art and the painted feathers I had no tutorials or instructions. I was impressed by myself that I could do that. -June: finding ideas for jewelry pieces -1 hour -July: bought materials -$60.00 -July: made jewelry pieces and displayed them -8 hours -June: found idea for a string art project -1 hour -Early July made barn wood background -1.5 hours -July: bought materials (Nails & String) -$16.00 -July: made template, nailed nails and stringed it -6 hours Disc and Awards Cultural Arts Reflection It has been an amazing year! Painted Feathers Photos Food Photos Improvement 6 years in Cultural Arts 4 projects Food & Nutrition Project Summary 4-H Participation 2014-2015 String Art Photos Food & Nutrition Reflection Food Revue Growth and Skills

presentation record

Transcript: Present by : SHAHDATUL AZIHA KAMARUDZAMAN 2017393103 OF ELECTRONIC RECORD LIFE CYCLE 1.CREATION AND STORAGE Creation One of the biggest challenges for any electronic management system is to document the origination of new records in a logical and consistent manner for future use, retrieval and storage. What constitutes a record is established by the organization's policy manual which is written with federal and state statutes in mind. If correctly identified at the beginning of the life cycle, a record is easily accessible until the record's usefulness expires and it is destroyed. Depending on the organization, some records are created automatically by the system when certain data is entered into the computer. Other systems require an individual to create a record manually. 2.DISTRIBUTION AND USE Use Once a record is created electronically, it is normally distributed and used as an information tool for business or governmental purposes. For this reason, records are stored in a repository for easy access. While active, most records are warehoused, but accessed through a database with identifying information that labels the record. MAINTENANCE 3.MAINTENANCE 1. MOVING FILES AND FOLDERS - FILES AND FOLDERS CAN BE MOVES FROM ONE FOLDER TO ANOTHER AS PART OF MANAGING ELECTRONIC RECORD MOVING FILES AND FOLDER 2. COPYING FILES AND FOLDER - THE COPY COMMAND IN PROGRAM SUCH AS WINDOWS EXPLORER IS USED TO CREATE DUPLICATE OF A FILE OR A FOLDER. THE COPY MAY HAVE A DIFFERENT NAME THAT THE ORIGINAL FILE OR FOLDER OR IT MAY HAVE THE SAME IF IT IS STORED IN A DIFFERENT FOLDER. COPYING FILES AND FOLDERS 3. BACKING UP AND RESTORING DATA - BACK UP IS A COPY OF ELECTRONIC FILES OR FOLDER AS PRECAUTION, AGAINST THE LOSS DAMAGE OF THE ORIGINAL DATA. BACKING UP AND RESTORING DATA DISPOSITION 4.DISPOSITION 1. DATA MIGRATION - USED TO COPY ELECTRONIC FOLDERS AND FILES ONTO NEW MEDIA AS IT BECOMES AVAILABLE. DATA MIGRATION 2. DELETING FILES - WHEN ELECTRONIC RECORD REACH THE END OF THEIR RETENTION PERIOD, THE INFORMATION CAN BE DELETED. DELETING FILES THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION :)

Record Book - Inventory

Transcript: Book value - acquisition cost minus depreciation (what it costs to buy - value of item over time Stipulations: -Must own at least a portion of the item -Must be agricultural related -Must have a monetary value -Must possess the item EITHER on Jan. 1 or Dec. 31 What is inventory? These are items that will be used over one year. 1.) Candidate's investment in non-depreciable (raised) draft, pleasure, or breeding livestock & poultry. Examples: 1. Raised replacement heifers 2. Raised show horses Current/Operating cont.: Items that are generally consumed in one year or could be converted to cash within one year. 1.) Candidate's investment in harvested and growing crops. -Includes: crops, crops being held for livestock feed or sale at a later date, crops that have not been harvested or perennials, which maintain a field value. What is an example of this? Record Keeping 4.) Candidate's investment in depreciable land improvements, buildings, & fences. 5.) Candidate's investment in land. Non-Current/Capital There are certain times of the year we must record what we have: January 1st (Beginning Inventory) December 31st (Ending Inventory) NO other dates matter. Is it possible to have something on January 1st, but not December 31st or vice versa? Items to be counted: Dates to record inventory: Current/Operating: 4.) Candidates investment in raised market livestock and poultry. -Includes: all home livestock and poultry that you intend to sell. What is an example of this? Systematic written records of items that are used in operation of your SAE. 2.) Candidates investment in feed, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, supplies, prepaid expenses, & other current assets. -Includes: consumable items of livestock feed and veterinary supplies, crop supplies, pesticides, prepaid expenses, & other consumable supplies. What is an example of this? 3.) Candidates investment in merchandise, crops, and livestock, purchased for resale. -Includes: all inventory items that has been purchased for the purpose of reselling at a later date. What is an example of this? 2.) Candidate's investment in depreciable (purchased) draft, pleasure, or breeding livestock. -Includes: All purchased draft, pleasure, or breeding livestock. 3.) Candidate's investment in machinery, equipment, tools, and fixtures. (Listed as remaining book value.) Inventory

Record Book

Transcript: 4-H members 4th-12th grade can can be considered for an award They are: Bronze Silver Gold Emerald Each level has more criteria required to receive it You can get up to 3 awards each year You can move up to the next award level in the same year if you meet the criteria! You're Done! These forms will be written for each of the projects you took to fair, including both static and livestock projects. This will be the first thing the judge sees! Keep everything in one place. Use a large folder or envelope, box or desk drawer as a place to store your 4-H record book and helpful related information such as newsletters, letters and pictures. Keep a diary or journal of your 4-H activities. Some people like to write these on a calendar. Marshall County WELCOMES you! A 4-H'er should do an animal record specific to the animal(s) they showed at fair...lets take a look at the forms. Project Areas 4-H'ers and Clover Kids both need to fill these out Where do I get my forms? Clover Kids These are for 4-Hers (4th grade and Above) Learn how to communicate and summarize The Road to Completed Record Book Animal Project Sheets.... All Clover Kids will fill this goal sheet (instead of the Project Area forms) for every project taken to fair Learn How to set goals and to evaluate how you did Our Extension website will have have what you need! Contains: 1. A current photo of yourself 2. Your name 3. 4-H year 4. The age you were when you started the 4-H year 5. The grade you were in for that 4-H year 6. Your club How to Stay Organized How to write a "SMART" goal... Example: I will learn how to quilt 2 different patterns before fair so I can make quilts for my local church. S = Specific M = Measurable A = Attainable R = Relevant T = Time-Bound Learn responsibility by completing a task I have my what? How to organize your record book Tell us what you did during the year Why Should I Do A Record Book? Evaluate Information that will help you in the future with resumes and application forms Clover Kid Record Books are ordered the same way with forms. Summary Page These forms are also what Clover Kids fill out to take to static judging day to get judged for their projects Learn the skills of record keeping and organization to use now AND in the future Project Area cont. Face Page

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