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LinkedIn Marketing

Transcript: Promote your company and find top talent to work for you Have a marketing plan Don't be afraid to use your personal profile Listen to connections and followers Utilize other social media platforms to share LinkedIn content Who can you reach ? According to LinkedIn, there membership consists of over 347M Professionals According to TechCrunch (a news website dedicated to IT), LinkedIn has roughly 187 million unique visitors per month and those numbers are likely to grow. LinkedIn offers the following tools to help leverage connections In-mails (e-mails that can only be sent though LinkedIn) Groups LinkedIn Pulse References Why market on LinkedIn? Tips LinkedIn Marketing Build your Company Brand Leverage Connections Offer expert advise about your products or services Link to your company website, blog and other social media sites Publish relevant content Incorporate important keywords on company profile "How to Market your Business on Linkedin" from LinkedIn for Dummies: "8 Ways to Better Market Yourself on Linkedin in 2015: "Why Market on Linkedin": Encourage your employees to connect to each other an follow your business Connect with other professionals in your field Research perspective clients Build Connections

Linkedin Presentation

Transcript: PERFORMANCE What about Performance? We all start out on the same line, right?... So, why some will cross the finish line first?.. Is it all about natural skills? gifts? luck?...a secret weapon? Well, let`s say that results are a combination... a combination of what? Ability + Knowledge + Resources (igua) Performance They all are positive relations... The more able, the higher results; The more knowledge, the higher results The more resources, the higher results So, a critical thing here is how we look at ability and knowledge.... Are they modifiable or not? So, elasticity of ability and knowledge is a critical... Performance management is about making ability and knowledge positive-elastic resources Please, do you have an easier definition! Sure! Positive-elastic resources implies leading people to make them capable to become self-designers of effective strategies that increase... their level of ability their level of knowledge So, for the case of organizations, the real question is... How to train people that are able to increase their own levels of ability and knowledge?... Some advicers would tell you that simply by hiring them!... Well, that`s a solution...but a very expensive one! An alternative? Well, I can offer one... Organizations can train their own people to become "elastic"! By providing tools that make them feel control over their environment Changing the way they think, act and feel To become real believers that they can change their current level of ability and knowledge And, how can we do that? The critical thing is inside people Learning environment determine the learning strategies on individuals. Some learning strategies can fit better certain challenges than others, and... right learning strategies boost performance! Words influence the way we think Practice increase how skillful we are.. Mastering key activities increase our self-perception of competence Goals get our action focused on.. Reaching goals impact positively our self-confidence What do I specialize in? How does self-efficacy work? Explanation of the model Self-efficacy Language Being good at "that process" can positively impact how knowledge you have and how able you are to use it effectively A more realistic performance model looks like.. And more important, what can our organization do to boost self-efficacy? Some learning strategies produce better results Life is learning Learning environment That process Model of performance Additionally, goals make our mind gets focused on, and allow us experience the feeling of mastery Goal System The objective: make them believe that they can change their current ability and knowledge Self-efficacy can be boosted using several tools.. For so doing, we can apply social science methods and economic evaluation Success is a process and what really matters is how good we are at "that process" In conclusion, self-efficacy is about changing the way we think about ourselves and about our group Peformance is an optimal combination of.. Mastering key actions Any job involves essential activities to be mastered Self-efficacy Language is a powerful tool for transformational leadership Language The way we express about ourselves and our group says much Performance Mastery key activities Ability + Knowledge + Resources = Performance Who am I? Self-efficacy Inside ... Resources Knowledge CONTROL-ELASTICITY-LEARNING But, what self-efficacy is? Learning strategies They all are positive relations... When we face challenges, what we know and how "naturally" good we are at are not enough... PERFORMANCE Goal structure Mastering those actions boost how confident we are individually and collectively Ability Conclusion For businesses, it`s essential to measure the impact of any action in terms of performance and financial output Well-structured goal systems can make the most out of us before new and demanding challenges

Marketing Presentation - Template

Transcript: 1. Business Strategy - Formulation, Implementation, Management 2. Corporate Branding - Company Identity, Logos, Corporate House Style, Collateral, Trademark and Patent Registration 3. Market Research – Online Research, Data Collection and Field Work Services 4. Advertising – Online, Offshore (T.V.C’s, Newspapers, Billboards, Viral) 5. Marketing - Digital, Offshore 6. Concept Merchandising - In-house Merchandise, Corporate Gifting 7. IT Solutions - Web Development, SEO, SEM, Viral Videos 8. Maintenance and Support Services 9. Event Planning and Execution for promotion of th brand. 10. Participation in various property and lifestyle expo relevant to Isprava The Team Manager Web Designer Web Developer Copywriter Illustrator Market Analyst Digital Marketing Specialist Understanding of requirement 313s is an IT & Infrastructure corporation dedicated to provide green technology solutions to small/medium sized businesses and giant corporations. We provide you with affordable pricing solutions for your Information Technology needs. Be it Web Development, Software Development or Branding, Marketing and Campaigning your company. Our Services are delivered in a professionally backed by the best work force and experts to devise a solution to your problems. Every aspect of your problem is analyzed and necessary market research is conducted. Consultancy to your company is offered which in turn becomes a medium for both your company and us to understand one in a professional manner along with needs and possible solutions. Application Generating interest among the investors We are an IT and Infrastructure corporation dedicated to give green technology and Branding solutions to all sizes of businesses and corporations. Branding Marketing and Campaigning Online and offshore Advertising Reach out to high rollers and heavy spenders Create awareness among masses Creating Brand Strategy Creating Marketing Plans Copy writing of all content for Isprava Planning and managing yearly and promotional event Creating a media plan for using the right platforms to advertise Proposed Solution Digital Marketing On Social Media Platfoms Blogging and updating groups and pages Video AD's for internet, TV, Cinema Theaters, Malls Audio commercials for radio and trains Creating a brand hype by planning grand events with celebrity performance and appearance. About Three 13 Solutions Generating awareness and curiosity among masses with digital marketing and social media Boosting sales and inquiries for the villa and rate of conversion Our Understanding of Isprava as a brand Isparva is a notable real estate firm Builders of Luxury villas Focused on Design and construction Aim to create the most sophisticated properties Currently focused on Goa Develop an interest and awareness about Isprava and their work Showcasing the beautiful architecture and interior of Isprava Targeting high roller and heavy Spenders Achieving Sales targets

LinkedIn Marketing

Transcript: Benefits of Utilizing a LinkedIn Group Page Enhance brand Increase communication Connect alumni and students List management Existing user base What's our next step? Our Mission: We want to be the best and first-choice career site for students and for firms seeking to recruit from the APU family. Our services allow students to explore career avenues and corporate cultures, accelerate their search, and sharpen their job hunting skills. The Old System Moving Forward A Two-Pronged Approach Employers Our New Focus: Bimonthly engagement posted to the discussion board on the group page for Azusa Pacific University Alumni Association Types of discussions to post: Advice Opinions & Stories Feedback Monthly posts featuring an article from the month’s marketing plan Post events that relate to alumni as needed Connecting alumni to employers with care and consideration* APU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (As of October 3, 2014) Groups vs. Profiles Individuals can have profiles to become LinkedIn members. Members can use their individual profiles to be part of a group. The Office of Career Services has a profile as if it is a person. The Employer Relations Intern and Marketing Intern, under the advisement of the Office of Career Services’ Marketing and Outreach Coordinator, would be the main facilitators. The Azusa Pacific Alumni Association is a group, which the Office of Career Services is a member of and has administrative access. Groups foster a virtual community and have the ability to host discussions for members to dialogue. Change LinkedIn Group name Invite Employers Reach out to APU academic departments Over 3,000 members 45% of members are located in the Greater Los Angeles Area The largest group of members (26%) are categorized as “Entry-Level Seniority” Invite employers and recruiters who currently utilize the APU Career Network to join our group. A simple LinkedIn search yields over 950,000 job posting results. We would like to be able to connect our students with these opportunities. We cannot expect large companies or recruiters to come to us, we have to reach out to them. Shifting The Group Dynamic Alumni and Current Student Outreach LinkedIn Marketing

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