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Transcript: What is Halloween? and What do people do on Halloween? Origins of Halloween Why we (as Ahmadi Muslims) should avoid celebrating halloween? What is Shirk? Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural things? What is Halloween? Celebrated on the night of October 31st Traditional activities include: Trick-or-treating Carving jack-o-lanterns Costume parties Visiting "haunted houses" Origin of Halloween celebration of the end of the harvest season Samhain was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and prepare for winter The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, the boundaries between living and the dead overlapped and the deceased would come back to cause havoc such as sickness or damaged crops Masks and costumes were worn in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or appease them. Why we should avoid celebrating Halloween? Halloween is a harmful innovation among Christians which takes one closer to shirk. The Bible forbids witches, satanic practices etc. but Halloween is generally regarded as fun. Hudhur said it should always be remembered that any ‘fun’ that is based on shirk or any harmful way is to be avoided. We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Faith Matters These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” These practices makes children do wrong things in the name of “fun” Agenda Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 ... small Conclusion Even a hint of shirk is unacceptable to God What is Shirk? Associate anyone in the name, action, or worship of Allah constitutes shirk Condition of Baiat number 6 says that we “shall refrain from following ______________ Ahmadi muslims do not believe in ghosts and other supernatural things (witches, goblins...) Do Muslims believe in ghosts and supernatural being? Heaven is a better reward than the candy get from you get from trick or treat QUESTIONS? “Badness attracts and leads man to adopt it with intensity, while forgetting traditions and beliefs. Some Ahmadis, considering such matters trivial, also get inclined in this way, resulting in very bad consequences” Shirk causes man to sink morally and spiritually. Belief in Divine Unity is a seed out of which grows all virtues, and lack of which lies at the root of all sins Halloween and what do people do on halloween? What other holidays do we not celebrate? Originated from the ancient celtic festival known as Samhain It is extremely wrong to believe in things that are supernatural even if it is for fun We must give up on worldly traditions like these to follow the right path Halloween is a tradition when many people celebrate it with extravagant parties, elaborate costumes and spending more $$$ Hudhur’s Friday Sermon October 29th 2010 Why should Ahmadi Muslims avoid celebrating Halloween? Bringing of dead spirits is WRONG and it goes against what we believe as Muslims

Mario Presentation

Transcript: 2019 Business Plan Mario Negrete About Me Mario Family My Wife,Kelsey Met in College Kindergarten Teacher From Carthage, Texas Friends Family/Friends Fun Fun Sales Goals Pipeline Goals Sales Goal $2,500,000.00 Pipeline Goal Pipeline Goal : 12 Million IESOS Current Pipeline: 14 Million Focused Accounts Market Strategy Commercial Tenant Improvements, Ground Up Construction and Multi-Residential Clients Current Clients End Users: SpaceX EVA Airways Chipotle Altai Capital The Irvine Company Sourceability Honey Developers: The Irvine Company Messori Development Johnson Development Associates Construction Managers: CBRE OC/LA RiverRock Properties WatchDog PM The Irvine Company General Contractors: Howard Building Ram Construction Turelk DBAC Environmental Contracting Corporation GCX Interiors Properties WatchDog PM The Irvine Company Architects: HLW HOK ASD SKY WareMalcomb LPA Gensler Consultants: BCER RAS PlanNet Business Plan Business Plan Attend Networking Events Industry Specific Events/Organizations Bisnow Corenet Naiop Cold Calling Collaborate with Strategic Partners Build Relationships with Clients 2019/2020 Whats Working Whats Not working & Cold Calls Building Relationships with CM’s Registering projects with manufacturers/ distribution Industry Events Following up Being Present within the community Partnering with Vendors Marketing Material Second Half of 2019 Sucess in 2020 Build relationships with manufacturers Continue to find creative ways of following up Go in to clients offices to share IES Story Lunch & learns Share IES story with all vendors that touch TIC Large companies with ongoing work Build strong real relationships Market IES throughout LA/OC

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