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Deborah Mailman

Transcript: Rush Mental Offspring Mabo The Sapphires Bran Nue Dae Two Twisted Stupid Stupid Men Lucky Miles Playschool References Film and TV star Deborah Mailman wins NAIDOC person of the year award . (2009). Retrieved September 5, 2012, from Deborah Mailman. (2012). Retrieved September 5, 2012, from iMbD: New media jobs for Indigenous Australians. (2012, August 23). Retrieved September 5, 2012, from arts hub keeping you informed: Australia's Indigenous Arts. (n.d.). Retrieved September 5, 2012, from Deborah Mailman, Actor. (n.d.). Retrieved September 5, 2012, from Share Our Pride: Play School (AU). (n.d.). Retrieved September 5, 2012, from ShareTV: Screen Australia Encourages young Indigenous Australians to forget about who they are and do what they want to do; to follow their dreams. Has led the way for future actors and actresses in the film industry = Screen Australia Before she became an actress, was undecided on the career path she would take Graduated form the Queensland University of Technology; she majored in drama Started out performing in theatre (Sydney Theatre Company) Her first production was a Midsummer Night's Dream Other productions include The Small Poppies and The Seven Stages of Grieving First Aboriginal Actress to win an AFI award (Best Actress Award) Play School Deborah's Achievements Born on the 14/07/72 in Mount Isa Was a shy girl growing up Father (Wally): rodeo champion Mother (Jane): Maori One of five children in the family Deborah's Early Life Contributions... Named NAIDOC’s Person of the Year in 2003. Logie for Most Outstanding Actress & Australian Film Institutes Best Actress Award for Radiance in 1998. Most Outstanding Actress in A Drama Series twice (in 2002 and 2004) for The Secret Life of Us. Inside Film Award for Ralph. Overcoming her childhood obesity Achieving the acting career she has now Deborah's Career Indigenous Actress Deborah Mailman Extra.... Is currently married with two children; Matthew Coonan (husband), Oliver & Henry Continues to feature in many movies and television series, whether it be a supporting or lead role Mailman stilllives in Queensland Mailman was accepted into three University's, one of which was in Toowoomba, and chose QUT in Brisbane even though it was the furthest from home

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