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Lunch and Learn Presentation

Transcript: Myths & Facts Let the person talk about their feelings In this 3 hour session you'll learn to: Move beyond common tendencies to miss, dismiss, or avoid suicide Identify people who have thoughts of suicide Start the conversation Education & Training Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Workshops Suicide Alertness for Everyone Stay calm and listen Reach out Talking with someone who may be at risk for suicide reduces the risk they may attempt suicide. Hilary Sirman, Impact & Engagement Director UPCOMING DATES Best Practices Asking someone if they are suicidal will cause them to think about suicide. We work to increase awareness and reduce stigma through education. DAILY NEWSPAPER Connect the person to your local crisis line Suicide and self-injury cost $2.4 billion per year safeTALK Research Suicide has minimal economic impact. In this 2 day session you'll learn to: Discuss suicide with a person at risk in a direct manner 3:1 ratio ? Take all threats of suicide seriously 500+ Albertans Thank you! Online resources The economy affects the rate of suicide. Register online 75% Males aged 40-65 have the highest number of suicides. Teenagers are the most common age group to die by suicide. January 18-19, 2017 February 8-9, 2017 March 1-2, 2017 March 21- 22, 2017 Ask directly, "Are you thinking of suicide?" If they say yes: Male suicide rates are historically higher in Canada. Suicide deaths You can help! Suicide Awareness List the types of resources available to a person at risk of suicide What can you do? For every 1% increase in unemployment, there is a 0.79% increase in the suicide rate. More men die by suicide than women. Identify risk alerts and develop a safe plan related to them ASIST est. 1981 Apply the Tell, Ask, Listen, and KeepSafe method Educate yourself. Know the signs UPCOMING DATES February 13, 2017 April 6, 2017 Hilary Sirman Impact & Engagement Director @cspyyc centreforsuicideprevention

Lunch & Learn Presentation:

Transcript: Construction and Manufacturing Tolerances. All dimensions are subject to conventional industry tolerances except where the requirement is stated as a range with specific minimum and maximum end points. Conventional industry tolerances recognized by this provision include those for field conditions and those that may be a necessary consequence of a particular manufacturing process. Recognized tolerances are not intended to apply to design work. Where the requirement states a specified range, the range provides an adequate tolerance and therefore no tolerance outside of the range at either end point is permitted. Where a requirement is a minimum or a maximum dimension that does not have two specific minimum and maximum end points, it would be good practice to specify a dimension less than the required maximum (or more than the required minimum) by the amount of the expected field or manufacturing tolerance and not to state any tolerance in conjunction with the specified dimension. Compliance Dates Vertical Grab Bar Chapter 121 § 121.003. DISCRIMINATION PROHIBITED. (a) Persons with disabilities have the same right as the able-bodied to the full use and enjoyment of any public facility in the state. (d) The discrimination prohibited by this section includes a refusal to allow a person with a disability to use or be admitted to any public facility, a ruse or subterfuge calculated to prevent or discourage a person with a disability from using or being admitted to a public facility, and a failure to: (1) comply with Article 9102, Revised Statutes; (2) make reasonable accommodations in policies, practices, and procedures; or (3) provide auxiliary aids and services necessary to allow the full use and enjoyment of the public facility. "Public facilities" includes a street, highway, sidewalk, walkway, common carrier, airplane, motor vehicle, railroad train, motor bus, streetcar, boat, or any other public conveyance or mode of transportation; a hotel, motel, or other place of lodging; a public building maintained by any unit or subdivision of government; a building to which the general public is invited; a college dormitory or other educational facility; a restaurant or other place where food is offered for sale to the public; and any other place of public accommodation, amusement, convenience, or resort to which the general public or any classification of persons from the general public is regularly, normally, or customarily invited. Where more than one parking facility is provided on a site, the number of accessible spaces provided on the site shall be calculated according to the number of spaces required for each parking facility. Van spaces: 1 per 6 accessible spaces. Space size options. Parking spaces shall be permitted to be located in different parking facilities if substantially equivalent or greater accessibility is provided in terms of distance from an accessible entrance or entrances, parking fee, and user convenience. Factors that could affect "user convenience" include, but are not limited to, protection from the weather, security, lighting, and comparative maintenance of the alternative parking site. Where a total of four or fewer parking spaces, including accessible parking spaces, are provided on a site, identification of accessible parking spaces shall not be required. Access aisles are permitted on either side of the parking space except for angled van parking spaces which must have access aisles located on the passenger side of the parking spaces. Referenced Codes Work Areas Grab Bars Federal Standards At least 50% of single user toilet rooms clustered at one location serving same users Toilet Room Clearances Overlapping Clearances Toe Clearance Understanding the 2012 Texas Accessibility Standards Side Grab Bar Nothing in these requirements prevents the use of designs, products, or technologies as alternatives to those prescribed, provided they result in substantially equivalent or greater accessibility and usability. The responsibility for demonstrating equivalent facilitation in the event of a challenge rests with the covered entity. For purposes of ensuring compliance with requirements of Texas Government Code, Chapter 469 all determinations of equivalent facilitation are made by the Department in accordance with the variance procedures contained in Chapter 68, Texas Administrative Code. Clearances at Grab Bar In new construction, LULA’s are permitted in buildings exempt from elevator requirements, and as an alternative to a platform lift. In new construction, platform lifts are permitted for the following spaces: Performance Areas and Speakers' Platforms Wheelchair Spaces Incidental Spaces (not public use and occupied by five or fewer persons). Judicial Spaces. (Jury boxes; judges' benches, etc.) Existing Site Constraints Guest Rooms and Residential Dwelling Units Amusement Rides Play Areas Team or Player Seating Boating Facilities & Fishing Piers Platform lifts are permitted as a component of an

Lunch and Learn Presentation

Transcript: The Road Ahead Integrating Technology Intro Technology is a helpful tool to use in the classroom. Learn ideas to Manage Technology in the classroom How to use technology in a one computer classroom How to use technology in a multi-computer classroom as well as tablets and other devices. Benefits of using technology Tools and resources that are avaliable. Intro Purpose Purpose Lessons sometimes can be redundunt to students, and engagement goes down. Technology is a tool that can be used to help with engagement and participation. It is important that students are engaged and participating, its how they learn the material. Integrating technology is a great way to promote those since technology is such a huge aspect now. Managing Technology Managing Technology At the beginning of the year or when you start to use technology create clear expectations. Review expectations for a couple days until they know and understand them. Provide examples of what you expect from them when using the technology. Have known consequences, no surprises. Hold them to the expectations. One Computer One Computer Though you might want more than one computer, you can use technology with just one. Use tools that can be used on your SMART board if you have one. Use tools on a normal board, for whole class. Tools for example, kahoot, jeopardy, quizlet, mathlearningcenter. These are all whole group tools you can use with just one computer. Multi-computer Classroom Multi-computers Students can have independent time on computers More interactive Hands-on Better for bigger classrooms More resources will be able to be used Higher participation Higher engagement Other Devices Devices that could be used as well: Tablets Ipads SMART Board SMART TV SMART Pens Good for intervention Independent work Portable Other Devices Benefits Benefits Engaging Promotes Participation Can create a healthy debate with some resources Educational Exciting Diverse Flexible Made to fit any type of classroom All inclusive for all types and levels of learners Resources Resources Kahoot Gimkit Quizlet Mathplayground ABCYA Starfall Prodigy Zearn Cool Math Games Get Epic Galileo Smarty Ants National Geographic Jeopardy Labs Testmoz SymbalooEDU Voice Thread Readworks The Math Learning Center When to use in the Classroom When to use Intervention Whole group Independent practice Assessment At least once a day Not too excessively. For Review Projects References References Ciulla, D. (1990, September 6). Readworks. Johnson, M. (n.d.). Jeopardy Labs. Josh, J. (2017, October). Gimkit. SXSWedu. (2013, March). Kahoot. Sharma, S. (2012). Zearn. Lumen Learning. (2023). 10 Benefits & Uses for Technology in the Classroom. References References Bell, A. G. (1888). National Geographic. Coolmath LLC. (1997). Cool Math Games. Grayer, J. (2022). Galileo. Hisiao, J., & Smith, S. (2005, December). Voice Thread. Johnson, M. (n.d.). TestMoz. King, C. (2002). Math Playground. References References Markosian, S., & Donahue, K. (2013). GetEpic. Schutz, S. (2002, August 27). Starfall. Sutherland, A. (2005). Quizlet. The Math Learning Center. (1976). The Math Learning Center Apps. Versvik, M., Brand, J., & Brooker, J. (2012). Kahoot! Wood, M. (2008). Smarty Ants. References

Lunch and Learn Presentation

Transcript: Hanging Gardens of Babylon GROWTH MEDIA STORMWATER CATCHMENT 18 Ibs/SF Beattie, David, Ph.D, Berghage, Robert, Ph.D. 2004. Understanding the Importance of Growing Media: Green Roof Media Characteristics – The Basics. Pennsylvania State University. German standard since 1980's 95% of all green roofs integrates with Leak Detection System more customization greater stormwater holding flexible plant pallet creates homogenous ecosystem better root expansion varying depths lateral water migration 35 Ibs/SF La Crosse, WI 4.7 in Hurricane Katrina - New Orleans HG Analysis: Reinforced Polyethylene Liners Key Tenants FULLY VEGETATED SEDUM TRAY We understand that projects pile up and time is a valuable thing... Medium -80-100% is mineral -Expanded slate, clay, or shale, perlite, scoria, or other volcanic materials -0-20% organic matter plus small quantities of a starter or a slow release fertilizer -Leaf Compost and/or bark Maintenance Plans & Total System Warranties NATIVE PRAIRIE Every Site is Unique Every Roof is Unique Every Owner is Unique Determining when a project is a candidate for a vegetated roof Beattie, David, Ph.D, Berghage, Robert, Ph.D. 2004. Understanding the Importance of Growing Media: Green Roof Media Characteristics – The Basics. Pennsylvania State University. Who: Tray vs Monolithic STORMWATER INFILTRATION 10,800 gallons / storm event Media Composition RECYCLED IRRIGATION GARDEN EFVM Media Characteristics Medium ST. LOUIS FOOD ROOF FARM LUCKY APARTMENTS VALUE ENGINEERING Low Consulting Germany has long set the standard for green infrastructure innovation and practice. Established FLL standards in 1990's About 10-15% of all newly built roofs are greened every year Porous pavements and water reuse are growing faster in Germany than any other Westernized Countries in the World. STORMWATER HARVESTING Organic Matter Beattie, David, Ph.D, Berghage, Robert, Ph.D. 2004. Understanding the Importance of Growing Media: Green Roof Media Characteristics – The Basics. Pennsylvania State University. ON GRADE SYSTEMS GROWTH MEDIA SEMI INTENSIVE SYSTEMS -Adds some water holding capacity for plant establishment -Adds some cation exchange capacity (CEC). -Caution must be taken if composted materials are used -Type of compost -Herbicide free -Limited quantities for life cycle considerations -Fines -Once a green roof is established, the percentage of organic matter should stabilize at 2-5% of the total roof medium volume based on healthy plant growth and normal biomass turnover. Sales Assistant Germany Emerges as a Leader in Green Infrastructure Technology 1 in product procurement emerging technology GWC Demonstration Roof Milwaukee Art Museum 900 BC Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the worlds first recorded instance of on site stormwater management Practical solution to battling the elements. Green roofs have historically provided a functional utility in protecting a building and its occupants. 1.5 in Black Pearl FULLY VEGETATED SEDUM TILE used for small, logistically difficult locations ideal when a crane is not possible irrigation does not integrate efficiently Educational Outreach 28 Ibs/SF AIA & ASLA Continuing Education topic specific webinars building science series conference presentations STANDARD BLUE ROOF -Slope -Slope is a significant factor which correlates the big three. -There are a variety of products on the market to accommodate a sloped green roof, but if the intent is to mitigate stormwater on site, a sloped roof may not be viable. -Design integration, with sloped roofs, design integration with specific product knowledge is paramount within the design phase (for new construction). Specific attention must be given to the edging and peak details to account for slope stabilization. This will be discussed further in the products section. Grant and Incentive Programs -National -Consent Decree Overview -State -State Drinking Water Revolving Funds -Local -Sewerage District Incentives -NGO / Non-profit endeavors 28 Ibs/SF Early Green Infrastructure Mike Curry Green Infrastructure - CSO GROWTH MEDIA -Related to the mineral content -Methods for reducing weight, e.g. Perlite and Styrofoam -Erosion considerations -Existing vs. New Construction -Snow load requirements and swap potentials -Innovative Practices Liquid Applied Specifications Hot Rubberized Asphalt Cold Applied Reinforced Rubber Instant Setting Liquid Rubber Membrane Thermoplastic Specifications EVA TPO PVC Hardscaping Specifications Vegetated Growing Media Specifications North America $11/SF Beattie, David, Ph.D, Berghage, Robert, Ph.D. 2004. Understanding the Importance of Growing Media: Green Roof Media Characteristics – The Basics. Pennsylvania State University. Singapore Green Building Council launched in 2009 Landform reduces weight Ultra light 5.8 PSI Compressive Resistance 3.20 per 1" thickness Lightweight 10.2 PSI Compressive Resistance 3.60 per 1" thickness Semi- Intensive 16.0 PSI Compressive Resistance 3.80 per 1" thickness Intensive 19.6 PSI

Lunch & Learn Presentation

Transcript: First Time Home Buyer Lunch & Learn OUR SPONSORS Our Sponsors Hope Dent, Movement Mortgage Hope Dent, Movement Mortgage Chris Pruitt, Integrity Home Inspections, LLC Chris Pruitt, Integrity Home Inspections, LLC Tracy Pryor, Choice Home Warranty Tracy Pryor, Choice Home Warranty About Bailey Who are you working with? Wichita Native - Martinson Street Haysville Graduate Married Foster Parent and Mom Sales Background ALC Member President's Club in 2017 and 2018- 2.5 million 2018 Woman of the Year Candidate - $10,000+ raised! The Home Buying Process THE HOME BUYING PROCESS THE MARKET Salesperson UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET VS Consultant Buyer's Market UNDERSTANDING THE MARKET VS Seller's Market Average list price to sales price ratio is . Listing inventory is from this same time last year. When inventory is demand goes . When demand goes prices go . MARKET CONDITION & INVENTORY 100.05% down .5% down up up up PRE-APPROVAL PRE-APPROVAL you the buyer. Turns you into a buyer. Saves you . Gives you in a multiple offer situation. Gives you . Benefits cash money leverage confidence BUYER AGENCY BENEFITS OF BUYER AGENCY % of my clients choose buyer agency. Average list price to sales price is . My average is . Since my main focus is buyers, I'm able to see over homes per month. Buyer Instant Notification I can answer you in a instead of a . 100 100.05% 99.7% 100 paragraph sentence MLS/ INTERNET How do I get paid? All of my fees are paid by . All brokers have access to the same . The biggest difference in brokers is the with which they can get you the information. MLS/ INTERNET the seller information speed FSBO Call me . Why? For Sale By Owners will pay my commission. Attorney or . Attorneys charge by the . FOR SALE BY OWNERS first Real Estate Agent hour BUILDERS Builder pays all of my fees. Open House Guest Pass. Use this and on site sales person will call not . Benefit to you is . On site sales person represents the . OPEN HOUSES / NEW BUILDS me you representation seller SHOPPING The average buyer looks at homes before finding the right one. The most important key to finding the right home quickly is your . SHOPPING FOR YOUR HOME five feedback CONTRACT Go through the entire contract so that when you find the right home you can and ensure that we get the home you want. This is a standard form that is approved by the Real Estate Commission. PURCHASE CONTRACT move quickly EARNEST MONEY This is a check you write with the offer. It will be cashed when your offer is accepted. Earnest money amount will usually be either . EARNEST MONEY $500 or $1000 INSPECTIONS Inspection is for items only. We have a list of inspectors that we recommend. You do not have to be licensed to be a home inspector. INSPECTING YOUR NEW HOME major APPRAISAL Cost paid by buyer is on average. Best part - When do I pay? APPRAISING YOUR NEW HOME $400.00 You won't overpay! Lender meeting LOAN APPROVAL This means you now have: LOAN APPROVAL Full Loan Commitment & A Reason To Celebrate! CLOSING All of your time and efforts have paid off. Bring a cashier's check to closing for the down payment and closing costs. Bring your driver's license or official photo ID. CLOSING- TAKING TITLE Best Price Fewest Hassles Time Frame You Desire Goals Goals $ Full time agent $ Customer appreciation functions $ Discounts on carpet, appliances, tile, and more $ Convenience of one stop shopping $ Keller Mortgage ADDED VALUE Added Value FREE! Q&A Questions

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